To Be or Not to Be…That is the Question

The only problem is you have to have been to know if you want to continue to be…or not. We are a democratic Constitutional Republic and this rare form of government by the people is in dire jeopardy. Is this government of the people, by the people and for the people worth keeping?

Are you old enough to remember the Alamo? Me neither. The Americans of that era were carving out a society in territory that had few laws that could be enforced. Our Constitution was barely 50 years old and Texas was annexed only about a year and the most memorable battle in our nation’s history was fought against an overwhelming Mexican force. Santa Ana declared himself Emperor and had visions of building an Empire. Only a few short years earlier America fought for Independence from English rule and we were in no mood to become subjects of again.

Are you old enough to remember the First World War? Me neither.  Ask three people and you’ll get five reasons for the war but one thing is certain; American GI’s fought because they believed in freedom and the Kaiser didn’t.

Americans have a proud heritage of defending freedom on our soil and in distant lands. We are now facing the most dangerous threat to our liberty since the American Revolution, against an enemy so cunning and clever that most Americans are unaware of who the enemy is and what he has in store for us. The government we have will not concede that we are at war, despite that we have suffered the loss of life and property wantonly for many years. Only the savagery of 9/11 raised our ire enough to strike back; not against the enemy behind the attacks but against the perpetrators. We continue to kill the warriors but stop short of naming and attacking the war monger; The Muslim Brotherhood which has spawned more progeny than the old lady in a shoe declared Jihad, a barbaric religious device for a political purpose. We are careful not to offend the most offensive entity on the face of the earth and they are quick to tell us when they are offended; whenever we are close to exposing or describing them accurately.

If you are not aware that America is in transition perhaps you don’t deserve to live here or have a voice in our government. An informed electorate is our only defense against an autocratic takeover and it requires some effort to be informed and aware of our circumstances. In the last two elections millions of Americans voted for a candidate who told us in no uncertain terms that the hand of government should have precedence over the voice of the people. You don’t have to vote to live in such a society, you can move. Seek out misery and oppressive government, abandon what you have here and go there. When you arrive penniless let me know how welcome you are and how you lifted yourself by your boot straps and realized your full potential. You will soon discover that that joyous experience is almost exclusively American.

People who don’t understand what makes America unique and how today’s decisions will affect future generations should not be permitted to vote in our elections. The crossroad we find ourselves in today may be likened more to a cross hair because we have been targeted for demolition and there are forces at work that have as their primary goal in life the extinction of America as we know it; and Americans are making it possible. Those people who invariably vote for their own narrow selfish interests are seldom aware of the ramifications of voting carelessly. It is careless to vote without having the concern to maintain our form of government prescient and sacred above all other considerations, come what may.

The restoration of America will require the greater percentage of Americans to rely on their own initiative and sweat equity to get by. Once that was the dream of immigrants who sought us out and were willing to sacrifice all for a chance to live and work among us. Today it is far more difficult only because we have ceded the things that made us great to politicians who never understood that vision and felt obliged to feed and pamper rather than encourage self determination. It is a long haul to get back to the days of free markets, entrepreneurship and dignified employment. The road back starts like all journeys with one step forward. We must all recognize that the erratic, radical behavior of this government is not George Bush’s fault; it is not a president trying his best to fix a broken country. It is typical behavior of an autocratic mind with a mission to conquer a people. Barak is not our friend, the Muslim Brotherhood is not a benign organization and there are no coincidences in life. The results we witness are typical in a society that is in the grips of a regime that intends to rule rather than govern.

In America that is easier said than done when the electorate is aware and informed. Be informed; Barak is leading us down the thorny path of Socialism to greet us with Fascism. Islamic Fascism is likely in play but none of that matters if we rise up in protest before it is too late. Wake up and protect our destiny. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are in the cross hairs of these radicals and they intend to trample on our Judea Christian heritage to achieve their goal. No one takes an oath to uphold the Constitution who has stated that it is has the order of authority reversed. That oath, when taken, was not the first lie we were given, but it is the most revealing.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause. End the revolution before it begins.


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