Scandal By Any Other Name

The Eye of the Beholder

To a dictator scandals are an unintended consequence and only a minor distraction from business as usual. The fact that his subjects see his heavy handed ruling as minor or even major indiscretions gives him legitimacy; there are two sides to every event not just him against the country. A demagogue lets his subjects argue and bicker among themselves but never abandons his agenda; never. While they defend or revile him he continues to tighten his grip on the economy, challenge the Bill of Rights methodically and strengthen his advantages politically and militarily. His henchmen are well rewarded for the heat they absorb in his defense. Few are ever sacrificed and often they are merely moved strategically, with pay, leaving investigators to question replacements and temporary workers for misdeeds of their predecessors. Underlings who might be witnesses or uncooperative are transferred, intimidated, discredited or gagged. You need a complicit attorney General to do all that and that’s why Eric Holder will lie to our face until the bitter end.

Our attention span is taxed to the max, inundated with outright anti constitutional acts or irregular activities that test our patience, challenge credibility and stretch our resources to investigate beyond human endurance. But ask yourself if anything that has been brought into question during Obama’s rein has been resolved or explained satisfactorily. Dare I mention his birth certificate fiasco? Do we know why his SS# was issued in a state he never lived in? Are we satisfied that his handling of the Exxon oil spill made no sense? Do we have a rational explanation for taking drilling rights from American interests and giving them to foreign interests along with financing? Wasn’t he held in contempt of court  for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf? How many auto dealerships were shuttered on the basis of political affiliation in the GM/Chrysler takeover? What does abrogate bankruptcy laws matter? Where is the outrage of government transferring bondholders’ interests to Unions in the first brazen act of confiscation since FDR’s gold grab? Did the Federal Reserve bail out European banks surreptitiously with billions of freshly printed Benji’s? Why is the Canadian Pipeline not a reality? How much do we pay a consumer to buy a Chevy Volt? Did GE really buy all the VOLT production in 2011? How many failed or failing “green” companies did we finance on their way to oblivion? Did you laugh with Barak when he admitted that shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready? Shall we discuss campaign finance laws and the sources of Barak’s war chest? What are the consequences for violating the War Powers Act? With the stroke of a poison pen how many Palestinian refugees with ties to Hamas are living in America on our dime? Who invented the crotch salute? When Obama said our wounded veterans should pay their own medical expenses because they were volunteers was that a headline? Did we ask for a demonstration when he claimed he liked to shoot skeet and a congresswoman challenged him to a shoot out? Was his father a veteran of the second world war or not? How can a president take an oath to uphold the Constitution he declared to be problematical after he declared we were 4 days away from total transformation and fundamental change? Who sits in a pew for twenty years without hearing a sermon? Whose grandmother doesn’t know where her grandchild was born?

Now ask yourself; What would behoove the IRS to posture itself as an anti-conservative, pro-administration agency of henchmen? Does it occur to anyone that all government agencies were created to exert influence over the private sector without Congressional approval? There are around 100 government agencies and to the degree they can influence behavior for liberal  agendas, that’s what they do. They were created by FDR to be the slippery slope of transition from a Constitutional Republic to a society gradually accepting the propositions of socialism; incremental intrusion of the American dream of self government.

What part of the Benghazi utter refusal to defend our property and personnel is really a mystery? Wouldn’t a guiltless Clinton have beheaded her entire staff, hung them out to dry and made examples of those who allowed innocent men to die and America’s sovereignty put into question? A president would have fired his Secretary of State and encouraged prosecution immediately upon the news of the tragedy. We don’t have a president. We don’t have an Attorney General. We don’t have now and didn’t have a Secretary of State. The dupe we call Vice President is just that; a dupe, a dope and a disgrace. The top positions of government are held by operatives.

Could it be more clear that a judge-shopping expedition to suspend the Constitution was an exercise in undue government intrusion either on the application to the court or in the audacity to lie to a Congressional committee? Hugo Chavez would have died laughing.

Are these then the scandals of the day or is the entire existence and agenda of this administration the scandal America has not come to grips with?  The scandal I fear is the latter. Every issue of importance has been an exercise in domination, punishment and socio/economic engineering with an overt takeover of one branch of government, the presidency. We have the founders to thank for the order of authority our system of government has adopted that interferes with any attempt to amass total control to one arm of government. This cabal has taken one of three branches of government, is contemplating the takeover of the Judiciary and attempts to nullify Congress with ridicule and accusations of ineffectiveness.  They appear to be succeeding because of the sheer audacity of bold assumption of powers not assigned to them and that mere fact will contribute to their undoing in the long run. Effectively this cabal is a failure but we the people have yet to excoriate and depose the interlopers and sadly do not show a predisposition to take back the presidency and reestablish the democracy; not enough of us at any rate.

It is time for the governors to take back their authority. It is time for the people to demand true representation of their interests. This country could work fairly well if the governors nullify the presidency and for the time being at least operate independently with an aim to restore the three party system. Some states seem to have adopted that strategy and they defy the performance of liberal states on every fiscal measurement.

In the long run more drastic measures are called for. Within our system the will or the need to control our currency is not understood or doesn’t exist. The states cannot on their own eliminate the powerful corrupt Federal Reserve unless they secede from the union altogether and resume the great American experiment along original constitutional parameters; no experiments with liberal ideas, no Federal Reserve and no departure from a free market economy…and no wondering why a president doesn’t remove perceived or real liabilities and replace them with competent servants of the people.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many.


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