Skinning a Cat My Way

A More Perfect Union

Benjamin Franklin was 81 years old when he responded to a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates agreed to with a terse but insightful, “a Republic if you can keep it”.

At 81 I hope you will allow me to expound on that most important phrase, perhaps the one synopsis of the Constitutional Convention that best foretold our future as a new nation.

It saddens me to think that if a Constitutional Convention were brought to order today we would run the risk of dismantling the Constitution all together. It is even more disheartening to realize that those who would discard the greatest blueprint for democracy ever devised, would do so in favor of an alternate form of government, tested at least hundreds of times, always with the same dismal record of failure; as against a form of government tested rarely over centuries yet proven to be the most successful formula for government in known history. Each time a Republic is born great benefits inure to the citizens until the system is eroded by the same forces for shared wealth that seek to “transform” America today. The “new” world order they propose is older than the idea of central government itself and its proponents have the same ultimate goal in mind that corrupts all governments; dictatorship or any of its equal concepts.

What we learn from this is that civilizations through the centuries are basically the same; Romans, Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, Islam, what have you. We are all suckers for something for nothing routines and are willing to abandon logic and simple math in our never ending quest for wealth with no labor. We are all descendants of the very first Linus born at the dawn of civilization. There will always be a Nancy who knows us all too well and predicts with unerring consistency how we will respond to a ball teed up and unobstructed…except for Nancy. We take the bait.

Socialism is not sustainable even in a village of 100 natives. Eventually a leader emerges and redistributes the harvest or the game fairly but cannot resist rewarding his supporters with a bit more fairness than others. Demagogues are aware of these lessons of human nature and have learned that the prospect of slavery does not sit well with humans and invariably resorts to lies, propaganda and bifurcation to lure his future subjects to his side. When they are convinced that their future is secure and do his bidding willingly the trap is sprung. Fascism takes back what socialism freely distributed.

The short sighted and the selfish traitors who attend the dictator-in-waiting’s every whim hope only to remain in favor with the new order, even at the sacrifice of their fellow countrymen and their dreams. When abject failure becomes the order of the day those who put their faith in false hope demand the impossible from their government; “make the math work and give me my loaf of bread” precedes the violence and bloodshed born of frustration and disappointment.

So at 81 years of age I beseech my fellow citizens to “keep the Republic”. The scenario I describe above is taking place in America as we speak. We have taken the bait and are willing to do anything to get that loaf of bread we did not earn and cannot pay for. Half of us are urging the demagogue at the helm to take from the haves to meet our demands, oblivious to the mathematical improbabilities implied. Some of those who will “pay their fair share” until they bleed would rather pay the piper than upset the cart and therein lies the Shakespearean rub.  We are losing our Republic to greed, neglect and anathema, government induced to be sure, just like the old Romans, Greeks and Egyptians before us.

Here’s the dichotomy I create. The Left, lured by redistributive promises that would inure to their benefit, would sacrifice the Republic for their own narrow self interests. The rest of us, improperly and unjustly portrayed at the Right, are not following the prescribed procedures required of us to “keep” the Republic, as posed by Benjamin Franklin. Barak the demagogue proposes “total transformation” and “fundamental change”…the end of the republic as we knew it. I, on the other hand propose something similar but opposite in effect.

The total transformation and fundamental change I pray for would make the majority of our citizens informed and involved; exactly what the Republic called for but we failed to provide. I suggest that an organized and unified secession from this union by a coalition of like minded, Constitutionally aware group of states, would provide the platform to give self government an opportunity to shed the mistakes of the past and start fresh without the spectre of an unconstitutional Federal Reserve bleeding our resources and undermining our economy of self determined people; minimizing the loss of life and fresh blood it will cost to “take this country back”.


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