We Will Survive

Our desperate calls for the Pied Piper to come to our aid are unmet
due to some confusion in transmission. Peter Piper pipes up picking
peppers while rats run rampant raiding Republicans. We have a nest of
rats not peppers.

Kudos to Jay Sekelow for his persistent search for facts regarding the
IRS scandal. I hope he is successful in routing out the culprits and
placing blame where it belongs.

The White House claimed that the IRS problem was just a few low level
over zealous employees and the practices that targeted conservative
501c 4 groups has ended. Perhaps the practice is suspended for now or
the focus has been changed but the political goals will be pursued
relentlessly, rest assured. The initiatives to use the agency’s
unparalleled, biased powers of intimidation and invasion are embedded
in their DNA  and the practices are agency wide and pervasive; few
directives are needed to continue the reign of terror.

As with many other ills in our society they existed long before Barak
entered the scene but Obama accelerated and institutionalized what
used to be an incremental invasion of our system. Barak is a man in a
hurry. It took 50 maybe 75 years to lay the groundwork for socialism
and Obama’s job was to begin the conversion from socialism to fascism.

Here’s the difference. There was a full court press against
conservative organizations with 501c 4 and we will spend the next year
or two trying to discover who’s authority was abused in the process.
Perhaps heads will roll perhaps not. Barak is not inclined to punish
his puppets. He’s content in knowing that nothing will change as far
as who the IRS will harass and who they will protect. The short
explanation of the difference between the (3) and the (4) is that the
501 c 4 is predominantly a political exemption and 501 c 3 is a
religious or charitable private sector exemption.  No one has yet
discovered that there is a moratorium on 501c 3’s and no one seems to

The administration’s intent to reduce the effectiveness of
Conservative political organizations prior to and during the election
was successful and they are now content to argue who did what to whom
interminably. The fundamental change they were talking about is the
moratorium that stints private sector initiative and Judea Christian
causes. In other words Barak is playing us like a Stradivarius. We
resin the bow and he calls the tunes.

The Attorney General is Obama’s partner not a lowly appointee that can
be sacrificed to throw the dogs off the scent. Their degree of smug
confidence is matched only by the arrogance with which this team deals
with Congress, media or the voice of the people. “This calls for an
investigation. Eric look into your indiscretions and let me know if
you find any fault.” There are no whistle blowers in obama’s employ.
His top dogs are ideologues like himself or held in check by reward or
intimidation. “Janet, tell the people once more how safe our borders
are and what a great job your doing on immigration….”

Thank God for the Jay Sekelow’s of this world but Conservatives must
take another look at how we play the game. Political correctness is a
chicken bone in the throat of well meaning investigators and
politicians. “Would you say Obama lied?” “Well what I will say is the
the facts don’t jibe with his words.”

When we get around to speaking what is in our minds and hearts perhaps
we will begin to call the tunes. Barak is not a liar. He is an adept
spinner of facts to suit his agenda…there is a difference. The Koran
teaches and condones the latter.

When Socialism has served its purpose we will be introduced to Fascism
and as Fascism controls our thoughts and speech we will face the
reality of Islam as the Muslim Brotherhood defines it.

Please dear Lord let us hear from the governors of the states that
comprise this union. Let the governors speak out in a concise, unified
manner. This has gone far enough and the train to perdition is hereby
cancelled. Barak and his minions can be stopped if we the people stop
looking for a Pied Piper and do the job ourselves. Demand that Obama
be removed for cause; we have many. Remove and prosecute the whole
shebang.  It is a rats’ nest.


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