Occupy Me Not

Define OCCUPATION. 1) JOB 2) Invading force

A man with no occupation, (he was a community organizer with a law
degree) in order to devote his full time and attention to matters of
greater importance, like OCCUPATION, cashed in his ticket to practice
law. In a show of solidarity and togetherness his lovely bride chucked
her license too. They had bigger fish to fry and a law license can be
a liability when your new endeavors may likely require breaking the
law. Soon they would be rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.

To set the stage and to give the Soetero’s the props for their new
adventure, they needed a stately home, more in keeping with the status
in store for them. A condo simply won’t do. 5046 S Greenwood Ave.,
Chicago, Ill., is just stately enough. Perhaps a little more land to
keep out prying eyes will round out the package; enter Rezco and the
land grab of the century.

Barak’s books were best sellers like Hilary’s was…Hilary’s flew off
the shelves into the incinerator at the National Democrat Committee
and Barak’s may be in cyber space or bathroom reading for a Muslim
harem…but the money rolled in for both these mongrels. Michelle got
a great job she was so god at that she didn’t need to show up to
collect her graft and the Hospital couldn’t find anyone qualified
enough to replace her…job is still open…and the Soetero’s, (you
know them as the Obama’s) with a little help from their friends, are
well heeled and ready to step into the presidency of the United States
of America. “We can afford to do a little bit more to make sure we’re
not blowing up the deficit”,  the man who never had an occupation
likes to say. Easy come, easy go.

So you think the Walls of Jericho are tumbling? I think Joshua would
do well to hold off on the trumpet solo for a bit longer. You see, the
cabal that employs Barak Hussein Obama isn’t ready to throw in the
towel; not just yet. As a matter of fact, by their calculations,
things are going swimmingly well. Their man is under cover in plain
sight holding sway as President of the country they believe they
OCCUPY. A few scandals, a skirmish now and then, are no cause to break
the glass and sound the fire alarm. Barak shines in these moments.
This is what he was trained to do. He gets downright gleeful when
Americans suffer, and these little challenges like the IRS getting
caught doing his dirty work, Congressmen getting their nose out of
joint over Benghazi bring out the best in Barak. He waxes patriotic
like Kate Smith and every Sharia-compliant prevaricator bows down to
his mastery of deception and portrayal of innocence. It must have been
Barak who inspired the three monkeys or the three blind mice…Behead
an underling and throw his body to the Republican wolves to satisfy
their thirst for satisfaction. Promise the masses a piece of cake by
all that is Holy I didn’t see nuthin…but “we won’t rest until
justice is done” is an empty piece of rhetoric that has gone stale due
to a repetitive lack of sincerity. But accuse the accusers and
investigate the investigators is a tactic tried and true and Obama
never fails to follow Alinsky’s rules for radicals which together with
the writings of Marx and Lenin, the pronouncements of Khrushchev,
Hitler and Castro, amount to the ABC’s of occupation. Reward your
friends, punish your enemies and talk down to the masses; lie, lie,
lie, obfuscate, deny, accuse and every once in a while sacrifice a low
level employee who can take one for the chief.

Here’s the bad news for the cabal. Contrary to common belief America
is not controlled from the White House. It’s the states, stupid. All
the destruction and planning will come to naught because the states
have options and the people still have a say at the state level.

I feel as though I’m sitting on a volcano that is coming to life by
degrees; when it erupts these stale tactics and failed policies will
be seen for what they are; the ploys, tactics and tricks that
introduce fundamental change and total transformation.  If we allow
this charade to continue we will be ruled by an Islamic Fascist
ideologue and that is simply not in our DNA. The lies and deception
cannot be avoided by evil forces because their truth will not stand
the light of day.

Perhaps we are closer than ever to ending the denial on our part that
the cabal relies on to hold their advantage. The motives for
everything Obama are not political in the arena of politics we
know…they are political for the cabal and follow an entirely
different set of rules. As we become more aware the volcano becomes
ever more active. Barak’s days are numbered. The cabal will fail; in
its wake America will be left divided, nearly destitute and
rudderless. The forces at work may decide for us what our future
holds. We are not a nation that can limp along licking our wounds. We
are a nation that will not wallow in self pity and will eventually
follow the path our Judea Christian heritage demands of us.
Conservatives will regain the prestige the Constitution reserves for

Will we start over or restore the existing republic? Whatever the
cards have in store it can only succeed if we participate in the
process and restore our faith in God and country in earnest.

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