Conspiracy or Truth

I will attempt to bring some perspective to the conversation.

The real scandal that took place in America is that in 2008 we elected an unknown quantity to the highest office in the land. As if “unknown quantity” wasn’t enough, this candidate has reeking baggage of historical proportions that should have put him on a “watch list” for security purposes; and we tearfully elected him to the tune of coombahya, don’t confuse me with facts.

Scarcely more than six months into a second term (we don’t learn from our mistakes) we have a plethora of scandals stemming from abuse of power and dereliction of duty, running through the entire administration. The abject failure to defend the Constitution and protect us from enemies within and from outside our country the oath of office commands hasn’t yet risen to the level of proof. The out and out attack on our (problematic) Constitution and Bill of Rights, such as the health care bill and the urgency to take our Second Amendment from us, don’t quite reach that threshold either. By golly we are Americans and we demand real proof! Admission? How is that proof? After all we long ago established that the transparency king is a liar, right? If we didn’t know better we would think he was siding with the enemy but we always seem to know better. Aside from his telling us he would side with Islam, “when push comes to shove”, why should we question his motives?

We should be revisiting our election and the underlying ideology of the electee that makes these scandals symptomatic of the political practices of that ilk, as the primary focus of our angst. The election was a fraud but we willingly moved on and continue to discuss results rather than causes. When we finally demand to know some of the causes we ignore salient facts and statements anyway. Has anyone seen or heard from Leon Panetta lately? “You don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on,” Panetta said. “(We) felt we could not put forces at risk in that situation.” Really Leon? Do you think we have a standing army for some other reason? To my mind that answers the question we are asking but evidently that isn’t the answer we want. Is Hilary implicated? Right up to her lying eyes. Does the buck stop with Barak? Actually it goes right by him, courtesy of a lying bunch of media hypocrites and will circle fruitlessly until we lose interest and turn our attention to more pressing matters. Will OJ get a new trial? Did the broad that sliced, diced and shot her beloved when he failed to notice her new shoes cruel enough to warrant the death penalty? It seems these are the pressing matters of the day until Barak commands some air time to wax presidential and promise to see justice done. I wish he’d just tape that hogwash and play it in prime time every day and go play golf with Tiger or OJ. Don’t bet on the games; he’s already playing with our money.

Using government agencies to intimidate and refusing to protect our people and assets exposed to enemy attack has been the DNA of Barak and his entourage since day one, but we refused to admit it until the offenses became so egregious that we could no longer ignore the facts. Still we take an oblique view rather than an honest squared up confrontation. While he doesn’t quite get to the rescue for our troops he loses no time telling us not to jump to conclusions when Muslim Terrorists do their dirty work…perhaps it is Barak’s dirty work?

Suddenly we are outraged at the IRS’ behavior when they are the most feared agency in Obama’s quill, and it is not secret. The facts that exist right under the surface are obvious. The IRS has put a chill on all applications for tax exempt status. (501c 3). What was a fairly simple and straightforward procedure to qualify as a 501c 3 has become a government boondoggle. The IRS was around harassing people long before Barak introduced himself as their new master and it wasn’t until then that the 501c 3 practically became a dinosaur. Do you still want to know who authorized the illegal harassment of the Tea Party and any other Conservative funding group? Picture a cute little Terrier with a patch over one eye, head cocked, listening for his master’s voice. Get the picture? The Terrier would be the IRS, the EPA (eagerly awaiting orders to raid some unsuspecting, job creating, law abiding conservative entity), or put any three letters in the alphabet together and voila! You have a government agency waiting to be released from Barak’s bow, headed straight for our hearts.

Where once there was a conspiracy behind every tree you will now find Barak; lurking, inciting, dividing….transforming…gleefully taking from here to give there, fundamentally changing us in the image of his father, Bill Ayers, Imam ala Islam, soaking us with Socialism to drench us in Fascism.

Hold on to your religion and your guns; it drives Barak nuts.

God bless Americans.

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