Follow the Little White Ball

5 13 13 Folks, follow the little white ball

The most transparent administration in history is indeed most transparent…The frenzy to control the message, reshape opinion, hide evidence, silence detractors, punish contradiction, deflect criticism, manage the news, deny responsibility and defend the indefensible with Orwellian oratory is a constant Obamian protocol down to the most minute detail. Practiced with agonizing regularity it makes this administration (I prefer to think of them as the cabal) painfully transparent.

The big lie is endemic to Islamic training, synonymous with the Machiavellian end justifies the means. This is the philosophy of leadership that craves power for ideology’s sake and has volition to achieve by deceit that which free men and men of good will cannot knowingly accept. The Obama campaign initiative to bring fundamental change and total transformation to America is a Marxist/Communist endeavor which contradicts our Judea Christian heritage. The administration has followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Communist Manifesto for global government and any other ideological precept of deception to erode our American societal concepts of government of, by and for the people, religion and self determination. Although enemies of democracy have begun our transformation long before Barak was groomed for the job, under Barak the confrontation of two ideas is sharply delineated. He unabashedly follows the politics of division and class distinction and openly embraces anti and unconstitutional policies that punish success and reward dependency.

Government agencies, which serve fundamental autocratic principles and are intended to circumvent Congress and the will of the people, have been ruthlessly persecuting individuals, companies and industries that encourage or engage in free market capitalist enterprises and conservative political values. They enforce draconian policy instead of regulations in lockstep with Obama dictates. The Attorney General supports these activities and engages in radical left wing biasedselective enforcement and prosecution defiantly with not the slightest inclination to defend the Constitution, enforce our laws or protect usfrom enemies from within or from out of the country.

We must not languish in denial waiting for a sign or word from an undisputed leader to form a rebellion; there is no such leader on the horizon that isn’t beset by controversy, party politics and left wing stigmatization. It is our country and the onus of responsibility ultimately lies with the people according to the terms of the Constitutional Republic. What we have failed to do for two hundred years we must do two hundred year’s worth without further delay.

We have been changed in very fundamental ways. What made America great since our inception was our incredible capacity for production and wealth creation. You cannot redistribute wealth and claim to be making the economy stronger; it’s an oxymoron. Redistribution curtails productivity on both ends of the spectrum and that is the fundamental reason Socialism is a tactic and not a form of government. As a tactic it is used to increase dependency until the benefactor has ultimate power over choice and can gain or retain control over the masses. To a dictator the pen is mightier than the law. The laws of preceding governments and the laws of the God worshipped by the people are subject to government declarations and socialism inevitably succumbs to Communism, Marxism, Islamism or the ideology in the mind and heart of your new leader. You knew the math didn’t work but were hoping the scheme would last until you could free yourself…and that my friends is never. Not without bloody, mindless revolution.

What has changed us and prevents us from a true economic recovery is the hostile entrepreneurial environment created by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Without free market entrepreneurship new job creation is minimal and the middle class is stealth targeted.

What has changed us and prevents us from enjoying freedom of assembly, privacy and parental authority is a broad, liberal interpretation of free speech which in reality deprives us of free speech.

What has changed us and prevents us from protecting our sovereignty is the radical idea that a path to citizenship for illegal aliens is humane. Republicans are almost as guilty as Democrats of rationalizing a sure path to financial ruin for the nation.        

What has changed us is our own unwillingness to follow the precepts of good government as prescribed by our forefathers; basic laws of common sense and self preservation enshrined in our founding documents.

If you are confident that America simply made a poor choice in 2008 and we are paying a very steep price for our naivety you are gambling away your past, present and future on an opinion based on poor research; or none at all. I believe in taking our adversaries at their word and preparing to thwart their prediction…not my prediction or even the predictions of scholars and world class politicians who have earned their credibility over years of faithful reporting…The predictors of gloom and doom have been our avowed enemies, our friends and neighbors, ancient political giants and our forefathers. Stray from the known prescription for self government and we will meet the fate of other Republics, which through the ages were unable to protect the Republic from those who would vote themselves special privileges and gifts. We have strayed and broken every rule and caution handed down. Is it time to pay the piper? Has the time come to call the grand experiment a failure as Hilary Clinton had the audacity to claim on numerous occasions? Are we, after all is said and done, merely a house of cards ready to collapse at the first sign of a shaky hand at the helm or a gust of ill wind from proponents of failed policies? Hell no!

Ask yourself if one detractor, be he Democrat, liberal, socialist, Islamic Jihadist or communist, has proposed a better more successful path for a nation to follow? In the end the naysayers all seek power and are willing to sink our fortunes and end our glorious existence for their personal ideology as long as they hold the reins of office. Until I hear a rational proposal for better government and elevated life for the citizens of the world or just this great country, I will fight to depose Obama and discredit everyone of his cadre and apostles. They are charlatans of the worst order and ultimately must commit murder to realize their ambitions. They propose new results from old failed systems and they are mad.

America is the only unique system of government with a proven history of success on the planet; the only country in history that millions risked their lives to be part of. Our laws are based on the religious ideals of good conscience, respect for one another and personal responsibility. Americans believe that good conquers evil but we forget that we are destined to be the forces of good and therefore must be the instruments that conquer evil. There will be a functioning Constitutional republic on this continent, come what may. Our creator leaves the solution to us; restore the nation we founded believing in His Laws or begin anew asking for His forbearance and renewed blessing as we mend our ways. A nation founded on Judea Christian principles cannot survive if arrogance wins the day and replaces God’s laws with man’s greed. Restore our faith, assert our God given rights and realize our destiny.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Obama not me.

God bless Americans.

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