Treansformation is Totally Unacceptable

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

To make way for Socialism Capitalism had to be discredited and entrepreneurship now must survive in a hostile environment created by persecution, draconian regulations and selective enforcement. Free markets are given lip service when needed but government regulations, actions and policies belie the word “free”.  A Marxist mentality employs redundant messaging meant to maintain order or change our concepts subliminally but works incessantly to undermine the Republic from within, restricting our activities and freedoms while we sleep.

Antidisestablishmentarianism; the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church. It doesn’t exactly pertain to America or our current dilemma, but then again maybe it should. This administration is supplanting our traditional religions with a religion of its choosing; that’s where that big word comes in…antidisestablishmentarianism; we must strenuously object to a government that is attempting to establish Islam as the most visible and influential religion in America. The particular brand of Islam that is being superimposed on us is that which is practiced and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood; better identified as the religion of Jihad, which established proselytizing as the prerequisite function to convert all infidels. America is a nation established on Judea Christian doctrine and although our Constitution says nothing about separation of Church and state, the liberal Democrat Party has chosen to interpret the First Amendment to suit their agenda to change the way Americans worship or give thanks to God for our blessings and ask the Lord to bless our daily endeavors.

To make way for Islamism, this Marxist regime has been working overtime to remove our religious icons from public view and has begun the harassment and persecution of clergy and practitioners, notably in the military and in our schools; “institutions of higher learning”, or to be more accurate, opportunities for indoctrination. All references to God as we recognize Him are being expunged from our currency, our text books and public ceremonies and where possible public discourse. Universities that depend on students’ ability to finance the ever increasing cost of education are being induced to put Muslim Imams on staff and reduce or eliminate Christian or Jewish Chaplains. It is not difficult to get this cooperation where the majority of professors and administration have already been staffed by ultra liberals, Socialists and avowed communists.

Ironically the administration chooses to attack Christianity by enforcing a ban on proselytizing; the fundamental tactic in the Muslim call for Jihad. They must and will proselytize; we will be persecuted for it with no evidence. The powers that be now interpret any display of Christianity, whether by clergy or a lay person, a bible or crucifix or a prayerful word of comfort, as proselytizing. Not only is the First Amendment under full bore attack but this administration is attempting to establish a state religion in the process and we must protest. Democrats and liberals will be quick to admonish me for jumping to conclusions or making unsustainable accusations and I am quick to point out that my conclusions are justifiable, especially when their pattern is inimical. It is how capitalism and free markets have been discredited and isolated, how the Second Amendment has been infringed and continues under assault and follows the Communist or Marxist playbook for infiltrating a society. Total transformation is underway and intends to change our identity as a nation and a people. Barak has been anything but inconsistent in his policies and ideology. See this man for what he has proven to be, not what he purports to be and pretends to represent. Every word he utters has a purpose and supports an agenda foreign to our best interests.

To an Islamic Fascist our First Amendment is absurd. They believe that the State will dictate how we worship and which deity is acceptable. They believe that free speech is acceptable within the parameters the state provides. These are not positions that sit well with free people. They must be conditioned to accept the changes an autocracy must impose to hold power or to gain power in the first place. Remember, it was Obama who said the our Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematic documents in that they have the order of authority reversed…Hilary Clinton stated that the time has come for the people to be obeisant to government. There can be only one reason and one reason alone for a government to disarm the electorate. There is always a plan for population control and as a government imposes more and more restrictive regulations and imposes oppressive taxation it has reason to fear the people. It is that element of fear that holds the difference between freedom and slavery for America. Our Right to Bear Arms protects all other Rights. No one attempts to explain how we will be safer, as they claim, if we surrender our weapons, because it is an inane assertion. Only Obama’s private militia and other troops set against us will be safer.

Who are today’s democrats? Why do we have a political party that has evolved into a unified entity that contests the Constitution and our inherent doctrine while pretending to stand for every charitable or ecological principle extant? It is the biggest lie ever told, yet it continues to divide us as a nation. The war on poverty was set in motion by LBJ…You can view it as a failure, which it is, or a resounding success if you are trying to achieve expanded government and control liquidity. There isn’t a Democrat alive who can justify their positions without reinterpreting the Constitution. We have a Bill of Rights and believe that all mankind is endowed with self determination. Nowhere does it say that it is an American patriotic duty to challenge the founding documents of this country which I liken to yelling fire in a theater. The very document that affords us the freedom to challenge and speak our minds is the document the Democrats take issue with, yet rely on to do their muck raking and instill the failed policies of failing nations.

And now, lo and behold, we are confronted with an opportunist cabal that correctly appraised our weaknesses and set out to exploit our flaws to bring about total transformation; the remaking of America into a mirror image of mediocrity and unrest that the failed societies of Europe epitomise.

Here’s a cliche I should be embarrassed to use but sadly I am not. If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and scurries like a rat…it is a rat.  Barak has not changed his agenda or ideological loyalties that his meager records reveal as far back as they go. He is no different than the Boston Bombers from Chechnya; if you investigate who their friends are you will learn who they are and why they did what they did. Obama only consorted with terrorists, communists and subversive characters and these are his closest confidants to this day. Who is Barak Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero? He is the enemy of democracy, the enemy of Christianity and Judaism and the enemy in the White House. Barak is a Muslim who has done more to advance the causes of the Muslim Brotherhood in America and the Middle East in a little over four years than they have been able to accomplish for themselves since their incorporation in 1928.

My words are easily checked out. Any American who believes our children will inherit the same opportunities we were blessed with needs to check these facts for themselves. The America our forefathers envisioned never came to full fruition but the America they managed to provide us with stood us in good stead for over 200 years, despite the neglect and ignorance we bestowed on her. As a Republic we are now scraping along the bottom with our enemies nipping at our heals, already savoring the lusty taste of victory. Are they guilty of celebrating too soon? Absolutely, if only we believe what the tea leaves and our own eyes and ears are telling us.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his part in the cabal. Above all support the Second Amendment, the Right to have and bear arms as a sacred right. Survey the damage and vow to take whatever steps are necessary to make this nation safe from invaders and elements that seek to change us so they can rule us.

Demand that Barak be forced to step down immediately; you don’t give enemy combatants the rights afforded Americans under Miranda and you don’t impeach a president who can’t even prove he is eligible to hold the office. 

So help me God.

God bless Americans.


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