God’s Secret War

We’ve discussed “total transformation” a lot more than “fundamental change” even though Obama introduced that phrase in one breath. They are part and parcel of his fundamental objective, if you will.

There is a distinction however and it’s very important for us to interpret Obama’s clever words meant for us to hear but not process. Know full well however, that Obama was confident that his audience did not grasp his message and would attach their own interpretation to justify their idolatry. We are still learning the language of deceit
as a strategy something Obama is quite adept at and Americans unaccustomed to. We have our home grown variety of liars but they are amateurs when compared to prevarication taught as a religious tactic, which all Jihadists must master to survive.

Total transformation, it is becoming more evident, is the change from one concept of government to another; totally foreign and unrecognizable from its origins.

Fundamental change indicates that our original premise and source of our convictions will be erased and replaced by an imposed ideology and acceptance of unfamiliar credo.

The transformation has proceeded pretty much as planned with a few pockets of resistance remaining. Although the largest percentage of Americans are newly reliant on government subsidy in one form or another, grass roots organizations continue to urge Americans to recall and cling to the original promise in the Constitution; a people’s government. Hence the Obama determination to discredit and mis-characterise organizations like Fox News and the Tea Party and people like Sarah Palin and Rush limbo continues relentlessly. It is the Tea Party that is racist, prone to violence and radical and the protest groups that destroy property, rape, pillage and hold up
profane signs are the grass roots salt of the earth, showing normal contempt for capitalists and society’s inequities.

Fundamental Change is more complicated and psychologically challenging. Our belief system must be brought into question. Our tenets of civilization and responsibility must be subjected to doubt and reexamined. Our Judea Christian heritage must be muted and concealed and an alternate theology given latitude to enable it to dominate our consciousness in the name of tolerance and expand their presence despite the need to cloud and misrepresent their philosophy and agenda. I refer to the Muslim Brotherhood; never mentioned aloud by this administration which refers only to Islam as a religion of peace. There is no peace in the Muslim Brotherhood modus operandi, no love and no religion in a civilized sense.

How many Americans gave any thought at all to Islam before Barak began his campaign of praise and admiration? We needed to be told that Islam was a major contributor to our American heritage, to the world of science and math, civilization and the milk of human knowledge and kindness. The sweetest sound on earth according to our Christian president, is the Muslim call to evening prayers. I might have guessed
church bells on Sunday morning or a mother’s lullaby at her baby’s crib or the sound of the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah. But no, it is the Muslim call to evening prayer, hands down, ask the 300,000,000 American Christians, Jews and Atheists who didn’t know they did that.

You can’t bring about fundamental change without amnesia. Christians especially are being oppressed and singled out for any outward signs of reverence. There is another plan for Jews and the Muslims make no bones about it; annihilation. FBI training manuals have been purged of all reference to Muslim Terrorism. Chaplains are being persecuted, Christian religious icons are forcibly removed, public displays of Christian Faith, no matter how insignificant are now considered proselytizing and offenders threatened with prosecution while the pentagon is advertising for Muslim Chaplains. Many Universities are hiring Muslim Chaplains in record numbers since Obama made college funding a government business. A religious war is in the offing and the administration, true to Obama’s word, sides with Islam.

Jews have been slaughtered before and the faith has never faltered. Christians have been defiled and murdered and Christianity is alive and well. The insane mission of the Muslim Brotherhood will never achieve their purported mission to convert or kill all infidels and survive as the only religion on earth. It is a political ploy to use Islamic Fascism to enforce the fundamental changes necessary to reduce the United States to submission, abandon our premise of God-given self determination and fall in line as the last wall of resistance to world domination by one group. It will not be the Muslim Brotherhood; they are merely a tool; the enforcers of abject obedience to a government
in lieu pious obedience to the Deity of our choosing…or did we forget that the Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization?

If we could not rally all Americans in the name of liberty and country is the realization that we are being desensitized and groomed to accept social injustice as a norm not jarring our sensibilities?

If anyone still believes that Barak aka Barry is a Christian you have my sympathy but not my patience. We are a nation created on Judea Christian principles and there is a movement afoot and cabal in our midst that seeks to dissuade us of our inherent belief in One God, the Creator. Muslims may anticipate death as a reprieve from the suffering
on earth rewarded with sexual favors if death is achieved for Jihad. Our God is just and benevolent and we are created in His image. If Muslims take that to be weakness I can assure them it is our strength.

Barak may succeed in destroying our Constitutional Republic but our faith in our God will not waiver or diminish. and we will rebuild or start over as God wills but we will not bend to false Gods, violence or threats of death. Our sword is mightier, believe me.

This religious war we are in must be fought like any other war. Kill the head and the body will fall. Barak holds the entire movement in the palm of his hand and supports much of it with our tax dollars or our printing press. They have rolled the dice for all the marbles. If they fail because we expose and reject them the Muslim Brotherhood and
the bankers that are using them will be set back to their origins. The Muslim Brotherhood somewhere in the 2nd Century and the bankers back to the drawing board.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his part in our fall from grace. Restore this nation as the mecca of Judea Christian philosophy and put Americans back to work as entrepreneurs and capitalists…not the Mecca of Islamic controversy dooming us to enslavement and mediocrity at the point of a blade…

Gods bless Americans,




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