Oppression or Secession

5 1 13 Folks, Your comfort zone will be ruffled

A losing soccer team wants to kick the ball as much as the winning team but they are one step behind once too often or maybe for an entire game. In the end the losers are usually more tired than the winners.

In the urgency to deal with outrageous political activity the outraged (that would be us conservatives) even fail to take the field in America. Conservatism was the victim after a hard fought losing election in which Socialists staked a claim for transformation and Democrats embraced the politics of change, abandoning Constitutional precepts and yet claiming vigorously that they love America and are as patriotic as any American; in their minds I suppose that is so. Conservatives lack the passion and commitment to respond forcefully and the tenacity to pursue our objectives relentlessly. We lose cohesiveness in our effort to accept all who claim to be conservative at face value, only to find that when convenient or expedient they make exceptions. When they do so they hold themselves out as efficient politicians who know how to get things done but true conservatives see them as politically undependable. Our outrage often fades like daylight at 6 PM in the dead of winter with our attention diverted by so many un-American issues our heads are spinning like Linda Blair clones on a bad church day. We rail against Socialism and redistribution when the proponents are not socialists at all; they are Fascists, Communists and autocrats seeding the population with gifts and false hope, transforming as they go. If the cabal is following a divide and conquer strategy the divide part is graciously self inflicted by us and they have the added bonus that we don’t call them out for what they are. Only the Right can be politically incorrect as a chronic condition regularly diagnosed by liberals.

Compromise is the father if incremental socialism. McCain/Graham are the perfect foils for rabid ideologues that have undermined our society for generations. Other RINOs have their own threshold of liberal cooperation and in every case these departures from conservative principles provide the basis for division that prevents Conservatives from uniting to claim our rightful place in leadership of this country. It is the principle reason that although Conservatives have been the traditional majority in America their voice is often drowned out by a unified, lock step mentality on the left.

The driving force of conservatism is self determination which spawns entrepreneurship and the engine that drives a Republic is Capitalism. Without Capitalism socialism would have nothing to offer the masses. That is precisely why even in the Reddest communist countries there are people eking out a living in small shops and street vendors and big companies doing business internationally perhaps and paying the price their style of government extracts, always with the threat of nationalization or confiscation. You would be hard pressed to find a hardy middle class in any of those societies. In America, despite denials from the sitting oppressors, the middle class continues to be under attack by taxation, increased cost of living, low interest rates and high unemployment and government agencies imposing mountains of oppressive regulations on small businesses and affecting all segments of society. Entrepreneurship is the enemy of Socialism because it creates and distributes new wealth through free enterprise in direct competition to a regime that holds power by redistributing wealth. With the absence of entrepreneurship socialism appeals as the primary provider of human sustenance. Soon the competitive spark is extinguished, mediocrity is the norm and sacrifice becomes a virtue imposed by shrinking possibilities.

I’m beginning to notice a dangerous trend of acceptance in a matter of fact way among us. Commentators report on the economy and end with a post script; things will get worse before they get better. When discussing scandals that approach the level of treason, such as Ben Ghazi or election fraud, there is no expectation of punishment only the almost perfunctory quest for facts. When the subject of spending and waste is addressed there is no factual plan to end the practice, only the lament that it is destroying our economy for us and future generations. We are being inured to punitive tactics to establish dictatorial authority by default.

These conditions didn’t begin with Barak. The stage was set over many years of chipping away at our principles, the Constitution and our institutions until one day the decision was made that they could run a radical for president and he would be elected. Then the final stages of transformation would be introduced and the will of the people countermanded without resistance; perhaps griping, but no organized resistance. That’s where America is today. The cabal will ultimately impose Islamic Fascist rule and the greatest obstacle to one world government will have been transformed and fall in line.

Not so fast. There are things about America that don’t reveal themselves until they are needed. It is the American indomitable spirit…Barak and the cabal will never understand the American psyche. They also underestimated the states’ ability to retake powers that the Federal government was not specifically assigned. The posture of independent territories and individual countries that once comprised the colonies is still embedded in their DNA. The salvation of a Constitutional Republic on this continent is imperative. America must not meet the fate of other Republics through the centuries and the answer lies with the people and the governors of the states.

There are certain realities that we must consider if we are serious about restoring America. The incremental changes that gradually made us vulnerable to total transformation took place over more than 60 years. We have come to accept those changes as part of our American political landscape without realizing that they are a departure from the tenets of the Constitution.

I hear too many people who believe that once Obama is gone we can right the ship and America will enjoy growth and prosperity once more, some going so far as to say our best days are ahead of us and the new prosperity will be beyond our wildest imaginations. Is it only about money? IF we depose Obama and IF we replace him with a true conservative we will reignite the engine of prosperity. I wish it were that simple. It is simply untrue. That is not to say we would not be better off with Obama gone; we will probably be better off even if another Democrat replaces Barak, provided he is a traditional Democrat of the Truman or Kennedy school. But Democrat or Republican our future remains bleak unless we undertake the almost impossible task of undoing the years of socialist, communist, fascist or even Islamic changes we have undergone. No one politician, no matter how Conservative or altruistic, can realistically return the power to the states and shrink the Federal government to a manageable size. If you brought back Ronald Reagan or Thomas Jefferson and magically reformed the Supreme Court to its original purpose and won a majority in both houses do you really think we would have the Constitutional Republic restored in eight years? Sixteen? I don’t doubt it I am sure it cannot be accomplished via that route and we will never have that set up to try. You can’t bring back the dead and although the Republic isn’t dead it does need resuscitation.

If we place all our hopes on the next election and fail to take the precautions and measures we desperately must put in place before the election, how can we be assured of a conservative outcome? If most of the people who read this article aren’t outraged and certain that the last two elections were riddled with fraud how can we begin to eliminate fraud from the system? The number one requisite for a better country is to overhaul the election process and I have not heard anyone seriously address that problem, so I must assume it won’t happen. Only the administration is attempting to make changes and that should send our antennae vibrating with electricity and nervousness. Our democracy is a shambles; our votes do not likely affect the outcome.

The next obstacle we face, that few of us even see as a problem, is how to deal with the Federal Reserve. I won’t belabor the point but as long as the Federal Reserve prints our money and sets rates we will never be in control of our destiny. Take Ben Franklin’s word for it. Is anyone prepared to tackle that monster? It is not even up for discussion. “Audit the Fed” is a nice slogan but it is laughable.

We had 100 government agencies when Barak walked in. Franklin D. Roosevelt knew the value and proper use of government agencies too well. They subvert the political process, circumvent Congress and oppress the segment they regulate. They are the building blocks of communism. My book details the agenda and historical actions of the Securities and Exchange Commission…how Socialism was introduced by creating a hostile environment for entrepreneurship. It is not a best seller.

Socialism has had the desired effect on almost half our population and some acceptance by almost all Americans. The power base that insists on increasing dependency is well entrenched in our political, economic and social sphere. Barak promised transformation and change to a population that did not fully understand what would be sacrificed to effect those changes. We are not really willing to pay the price and I assure many are not ready to relinquish the inroads made over half a century of incremental political change. The Federal Reserve is not going away without a fight and in the purest sense they control the purse strings of resistance.

These are the real issues of the day. Until people are deprived of liberty they may not be willing to die for it. To restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic people/ideologies will clash. A new civil war will result in the killing and maiming of Americans in such horrific numbers that all of our wars combined will not approach the carnage. And we wait. When I asked an attorney who I believe is a fine American patriot what we should be doing now his answer was “prepare”; it came up short but without facing the realities and having time to discuss our options it was as good an answer as any.

My answer would have been different. Own a gun and learn how to use it. Gun necessity is the price we pay for the flaws in civilization. In a perfect world there would be no guns, no lies and no need for government…In the world as we know it government is a necessity but guns are required to keep government from becoming a deity.

Educate yourself and your family on history. Make it a short course but ongoing. Prepare to get out of your comfort zones voluntarily because when you are forced to respond you are at a severe disadvantage. Last but not least compare the possibility of civil war with the possibility of starting over again. In my opinion the least casualties we can sustain in the restoration would be by an organized, orderly secession. Not the secession of states one by one but the organized union of like minded states with one objective; to perpetuate a Constitutional Republic on this continent. Sign petitions, organize town meetings, involve your politicians, and demand that your governors hear you out. March if you must. Demonstrate our loyalty to our Judea Christian heritage. Pray. Pray in private, pray in public. Our Constitution drew its basis from Judea Christian lore so it is not possible to restore this nation without that acknowledgement.

Eventually we will make a choice or be removed from the process. We can choose oppression, restoration or secession. No one in his right mind would choose oppression unless he is the oppressor. But many choose oppression by doing nothing. If you choose not to be oppressed now is the time to make your voices heard. Waiting until the appropriate time is no longer an option. The exact time has passed. It was the time when subversive parties decided they could change America one law at a time and were willing to let the process take as long as it needed. We do not have that luxury.

We can be like the man who makes grand plans but learns that God has a plan that didn’t consider his input. Or we can choose the route that God already laid out for us by exercising the self determination only God provides.

End the revolution before it begins; remove Obama by any legal means available to us. Disarm Obama not me. He is either guilty as charged or mad as a hatter; either is grounds for removal.

God bless Americans.



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