Do As I Say: Ignore What I Do

Terrorism is war not a criminal act

Syria crossed the “red line” and celebrated with a vintage magnum of mock champagne.  Bashar al Hassad is the new reigning hop-scotch champion, jumping red lines and chalk lines with the dexterity and agility of a ballet despot with a hot foot. Barak sticks to his game plan for political expediency unabashed. His is the obnoxious, demeaning adage of “do as I say; ignore what I do”.

I hear tell that America is tired of conflict, that we are “war weary” and disinclined to support another major conflict. We should be. We go to war with self imposed disadvantages that drain our resources, sacrifice our finest warriors and regularly fail to establish clear objectives. We commit our assets and then argue among ourselves over the protocol for declaring war and abide the disgraceful behavior of politicians who lie about their complicity, point accusatory fingers at each other and bemoan the loss of life for public sympathy. All this bickering leads to half hearted prosecution, second guessing and the loss of prestige on what once was called the “field of honor”. At one point we sunk so low as to blame our fighting men for the despicable behavior of our government and refusal to wage war to achieve unqualified victory.

Perhaps if we held our politicians accountable for their words and opinions and became a more informed electorate, our fortunes would change for the better. What has happened to America? Have we abandoned our principles to fight for just causes, end tyranny, free the oppressed and spread democracy? Our aristocracy in Washington no doubt has but I hold that the American people still believe we are an altruistic, true blue, compassionate, undefeatable nation; even while we are losing our country to a cabal still generally unrecognized but very much in power.

Isn’t it incongruous to respond to an act of war on our soil and claim we do not crave revenge? Why do we bother? Before we accept the premise that we are simply war weary why don’t we examine the facts? Would we be war weary if America wasn’t under attack from within? If we set a clear objective and had no qualms about the motive for committing our troops and the confidence that we would seek a speedy and decisive victory wouldn’t we resign ourselves to accept our lot? Wouldn’t we swell with national pride, join the war effort and do our patriotic duty? We did in WW 1 and 2, not so much in Korea and not at all in Vietnam. And now we have a [resident who suggested that our wounded veterans pay for their own medical expenses because they were volunteers and knew what they were getting into.

Are we really war weary or are we becoming confused and disillusioned? Shouldn’t we be more aware of the things that brought us to this nadir of development? I think the country is so divided that we can’t even agree on immigration policy, when that is the most fundamental tenet of sovereignty. How does a country wage war in the Middle East and not admit that Muslims from parts unknown are crossing into our country daily totally unchallenged? How do we wage war when the enemy is not only unidentified but we refuse to believe that the president provides comfort and cover to the most likely causes of our division and consternation? It cannot be coincidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has had a phenomenal rise in power and prestige since openly declaring their animus toward us and taking credit for terrorism on our assets wherever they are vulnerable. It cannot be coincidence that the rise in terrorism corresponds directly to Obama’s rise to prominence. Under obama we have drastically reduced our defenses where Islamic Muslims are concerned.

War weary? No my friends we should be weary of the lies and actions that dominate obama’s results and belie his words. The enemy would not be faring so well in the field if we ended the charade, identified the enemy as the Muslim Brotherhood, acknowledge that all of the terrorist organizations we are dealing with are committed to Jihad with the very same objectives and we may begin to turn the tide. If we were to behave like a country at war, protect our borders, remand our prisoners to military justice, round up non assimilating, undocumented Muslims, interrogate, incarcerate and deport appropriately, declare that America will not tolerate Sharia Law or Sharia endorsed crime, depose a President who will not enforce our laws or defend the Constitution, would prognosticators predict we are headed for Armageddon and terrorism is bound to increase in the months and years ahead? Barak, whether he is the Manchurian candidate or a dupe concentrated on policies that have the opposite effect we anticipate, must go. It no longer matters whether it is intentional, as I believe, or unfortunate. This administration admits to neither; they would have us believe that all is well, just a little slow coming around; or the fault of Republicans and the former administration. Get over it. We’ve been invaded, surrounded and deluded. I am horrified that we could have been invades and not unanimously reject the invader. It embarrasses me that America is not unanimous in calling for the removal of a regime that intends to do us harm, has inflicted perhaps irreparable harm and has told us in advance of his intentions. Total transformation is not a threat to take lightly.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Obama not me. Believe with your whole heart and mind that restoration doesn’t begin until realization sets in.

God bless Americans.

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