Know the Culture of Tyranny

Let the chips fall where they may. Call me a heartless old SOB but I
will not deny what my eyes see, my ears hear and my heart tells me. I
have a brain too but this is a no brainer.

I watched the mother of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan wail and moan for the cameras to the point of hysteria gone viral. I listened to her tale of
woe, how America took her children and how we set them up and I
expected her to shred her clothes in anguish. Why am I not moved? What
was missing? Water works, that’s what. No tears; just accusations,
recriminations and denials…and pitched, incessant Jihadist bawling.

This woman followed the Communist playbook which the Muslims have
perfected to an art. Obama started the chorus with his tiring don’t
jump to conclusions and professorial lecture about diversity, as
expected. Uncle Rus was quick to distance himself from his flesh and
blood, Daddy said his kid was a saint, at least one pal ran for the
border and mommy dearest, wanted for shoplifting, denied everything we
already knew without batting an eye and laid the blame on us. Like a
champion trained for the day of the fight Dzhokar, no water boarding
needed, offered up his big bro as the instigator; the brains of the
operation. Ma Barker would be proud. A family that Jihads together
slays together.

How many American mothers have lost their sons and daughters to these
and other heartless terrorist bastards. They cried rivers of tears and
broke our hearts. Their husbands cried with them, unabashed, unashamed
and inconsolable. An Islamic-taught Jihadist doesn’t cry. There is no
untimely end in their ideology. Death, when followed by the murder of
infidels, elevates these pigs to martyrdom and they’re never too young
to partake of the virgins and goats that await them in the hereafter.
Perhaps tears of joy, but no sad songs for Tamerlan.

The pattern is too pat; too familiar and too transparent. They don’t
deviate from the script no matter how incongruous, insincere or
unlikely their rantings. America is the problem. Americans are cruel,
ugly, aggressive, greedy and contemptuous. We jump to conclusions too,
always blaming the innocent Muslims for the harm we bring on ourselves
and of course, we deserve what we get. Our own president has told us
many times we are too —Oh wait…we don’t have a president…We have
a Lecturer in Chief who is sworn to our transformation.

Does it occur to you as it has to me that a president who says “when
push comes to shove I will side with Islam” already does…because he
is one of them. Think about it. Muslims don’t adopt infidels unless
they become slaves. Barak is not a slave. The enemy within will
dissipate our assets, destroy our good name, weaken our military,
devalue our money, defend all things Islamic and hope to be the first
dictator on this continent.

I hope some of what I am saying resonates. Unless we understand the
culture of this enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, we will never be able
to defend ourselves much less go on the offensive;’ which we must if
we are truly going to restore this nation. Secession comes to mind
whenever I say that so anyone that’s interested in how that’s
accomplished, let’s talk.

For now let’s get the ball rolling by demanding the removal of a cabal
from our midst. Barak is either aiding the enemy or he’s loony as a
jay bird. Either condition is grounds for removal.

Hold into your guns, we may need them.

God Bless America,

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