The Fight Begins When We Respond in Kind

Discard the distractions…

There are three items that should be foremost in our minds and hearts
at this pivotal moment in history. What we do about those things in the coming weeks and months will affect the lives of all Americans and
millions of people in the Middle East and Europe for the remainder of
our lives and for many generations to come, perhaps hundreds of years.
Our choices and courage will spark the renewal of Judea Christian
based government or we will enter a prolonged period of darkness,
enslavement and heresy, reminiscent of the dark ages and death and
pestilence will be our lot.

The forces of evil have invaded our society with such cunning and
deceit that their exposure is rejected with venom and hatred and truth
and awareness are reviled and held out to be the cause of suffering
and division.

1) Be warned and prepared. To do nothing at this critical time in
history is to accept a fate worse than death. Islam, the good and the
bad of it, will be our undoing. The Muslim brotherhood has condemned
the peaceful and loving followers of Islam to the same fate as all
infidels because only the corrupt and evil forces of Jihad can
prevail. The Muslim Brotherhood, in all of its guises is the enemy.

2) The two headed snake that prepares the way for Islam does so by
deceit, intimidation and corruption to a degree and with such guile
that even the cobra hesitates to lunge. Barak Obama has compromised
the Congress he pretends to be in league with to such an extent that
none dare to defy him even after they realize they have been sold a
bill of goods. Others of that ilk have bought into the philosophy of
benevolent, all caring government and are unable to see at this time
that the path they have chosen leads to their own destruction. Barak
obama is sided with Islam and is committed to our domination.

3) Only an armed electorate, aware of the plot underfoot, can
withstand the crushing weight of regulations, taxes, immorality and
injustice that have just begun to cascade down upon us. This is not a
battle for the weak of heart or timid souls. Without a firm unwavering
faith in our Judea Christian God this is a battle that will be lost.
Evil can only be defeated by its opposite energy. Still, the enemy
does not dare to enrage us until they have disarmed us; they are
outnumbered. The Rights we have hinge on the Second Amendment as
written. The dissolution or dilution of the Second Amendment has been
at the top of obama/holder’s agenda since day one.

Now is the time for men of good will and sound mind to come to the aid
of their country and fellow man and to call on their faith and belief
in God to give them the will and the strength to see this through. Our
enemy knows that without faith or a belief in a Higher Power we are
vulnerable and that is the reason so much capital has been spent to
discredit religion, people of faith and conservative values.

In our favor we have some salient points, important because if we are
true to our heritage we cannot lose. The enemy is a coward. He will
not confront us in the light of day. His work is done behind closed
doors while their chieftain smiles and reassures us that his
intentions are honorable, that he loves our God and that his methods
are what is called for in these troubled times; troubled times he has
brought about but will never take responsibility for. He knows that
troubled people seek leadership and will follow the one with the most
reassuring message who can best lay the blame for their problems on
those they already envy. Why do you think Obama fans the flames of
class warfare?

The enemy is a coward. He will not face us on a field of battle sword
in hand. His is a warfare of fighting in shadows, killing women and
children, beheading prisoners and torturing clergy and spiritual
leaders. His is a warfare of hatred and spite, lies and deceit. Theirs
is a war of attrition where life has no value and death of their own
rewarded while they believe that the death of an infidel condemns that
soul to everlasting ignominy.

This, my dear fellow Americans, is an enemy easily defeated and
discouraged, who fears overwhelming force and in the end, when
confronted with the choice between valor or retreat, will retreat and
cower. They will not confront us until and unless they can dominate us
and hold the power of life and death over us…and they hope to get
that advantage through the failed policies and methods of employing
evil as their master and their weapon of choice. They can be defeated
so readily that it is almost laughable…if only we understand and are
willing to use the power of faith to combat them on that level and the
power of the sword will then not fail us. If only we recognize what
they are up to and how they are plying their advantage, able to move
among us unmolested, thanks to Obama.

Wake up to the fact that if it is politically incorrect it is
tactically correct. We are being programmed to shun the language of
success and victory and accept the lie that we are at fault for our
own demise. Bullcrap. We are the citizens of the greatest nation on
earth and we are the most benevolent, kind and charitable nation on
earth. Believe in yourself and believe in America. This enemy will not
be defeated if we are waiting for him to surrender. If we clean our
house we can definitely clean their clock. If they are once convinced
that we are done with their lies and murder by taking the simple but
difficult steps needed to turn them away, they will fold their tents,
I promise you.

Demand that Obama be removed from office. He is guilty of aiding and
abetting the enemy and is more vulnerable than any president in the
history of America. Hold him accountable.

1) The Muslim Brotherhood is the enemy.
2) Barak Obama and his administration are their advance team.
3) Without the Second Amendment all our rights are at risk.

The Founders were willing to fight, sacrifice all and die if
necessary, for the dream we have been privileged to live. Should we
not be at least as ardent and dedicated to this Republic as the

The fight begins when we respond in kind.

God Bless America.


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