Terrorists in League With the Devil

What to do, what to do

So there has been a determination that the Boston killers acted alone. That’s a scary deduction. Whoever came to that conclusion needs to retrace their steps and I recommend a few sessions on the couch beforehand. What a dumb ass statement like that proves is that we haven’t learned a damn thing about Islam. Oops…make that radical Islam, we don’t want to offend. Of course if you are so easily offended you are likely to be one of the radicals, in which case I do so want to offend.

Back to simplistic terms for simple minds. Yes; they acted alone. No, they are not independent. An announcement of this nature is obviously planted to create an illogical scenario and the source of this misleading inanity doesn’t give a rat’s rear that we the people don’t believe it. It’s like a line from an old movie when the crook tells the cops, “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” It simply means the truth is too incriminating. A soldier in battle fires his rifle when he believes it will be effective. The military command placed him where he will have sufficient opportunities to contribute to the greater cause. He acts alone but not independently. So it is with all terrorists, domestic and foreign. They are not among us to ease our pain.

This is no different than claiming that al Qaeda or the Taliban, or any other Muslim off shoot acts alone. We are not at war with 50 different groups of Muslims. We are at war with the Muslim Brotherhood; they have 50 or 100 different branches. We are not assaulted by 50 different terrorists each with a different motive for killing us or the same motive arrived at by different incentives. They are all linked by a common ideology instilled in them by one controlling force; the Muslim Brotherhood. That is the same Muslim Brotherhood that sponsors, trains and incentivizes Muslim organizations in America and many other countries that work to have Sharia law recognized and enforced in conjunction with the civil laws of each country. Kill the head and the body falls. Focus on the Muslim Brotherhood. Go after their finances, their agents and any act of terror or political artifice that supports, promotes or condones Muslim initiatives that conflict with our traditions, mores, laws and ideals. Period. No more conundrums. When in doubt side with America, Americans and the rule of law; our law..

Barak has the audacity to lecture us on diversity and we are so weak willed that we accept his scolding like school kids with major inferiority complexes. We try to behave but are convinced that we just don’t measure up. Our nation was built on diversity. We are the epitome of diversity. There is no more diverse culture on the face of the earth and we have consistently credited our diversity for our unique accomplishments. We are not only diverse we are unbiased and tolerant. It is beyond morbidly stupid to believe that we might relinquish our championship of diversity belt if we single out a diverse group for being perverse. Let’s agree not to be lectured on diversity, morality, tolerance or anything else America has demonstrated to the world are our trademarks; least of all by a president who has demonstrated none of these qualities in his persona or in this administration.

Try this on for size. Based on his actions regarding enemy combatants, aid and comfort to our enemies, policies that would make us less safe in a dangerous world, statements that are contrary to every known statistic and experience in favor of gun control that contradict his own statements that purport to be pro Second Amendment, etc, etc, etc, the list is unending, Barak is either aiding and abetting the enemy, intentionally weakening our society fiscally, morally, militarily and civilly or he is not in control of his mental faculties. America has provisions in our Constitution for just such occasions.

Some resolutions would call for compassion; a good meal, a blindfold, a cigarette, a firing squad and a coup de gras for certainty and humanity. If there is a persistent belief and dogmatic insistence that order results from induced chaos a padded room and supervised sedation can be prescribed.

The enemy is the Muslim Brotherhood. They have declared war on us and therefore we are at war. Terrorism is their tactic, terrorists are their combatants. The facts that are slowly emerging do not comport with the reporting we are getting or the conclusions this administration would like us to achieve; ergo this administration must be removed by any and every legal option available, so that we can confront the enemy without political correctness, end the reign of terror and restore this nation as a functioning democratic, Constitutional Republic, diverse, proud of it and no longer stupid.



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