It’s a Matter For The Constitution

The plot thickens

No American should need a prepared text to speak to fellow Americans after a vile attack at an iconic public event involving the loss of fellow citizens, family members and neighbors. Every official except the dog catcher took a turn at the microphone, from the Governor to the mayor, to FBI and local law enforcement. Not one had a prepared speech. Not one referred to notes unless they had to repeat a name they did not want to get wrong.

George Bush was never more eloquent or sincere than when he stood atop a pile of WTC rubble with his arm around a first responder and shared his grief with the American people from his heart at ground zero.

Barak gave us perfunctory lip service, entirely read from a prepared text which included his concerns with no regard for ours. His concerns are that we not “jump to conclusions”…He’s super concerned about our jumps having admonished us just the day before to be careful about that……and that we respect our diversity or some such defensive belly rot. If you took comfort in his words you are indeed a dedicated obama believer. If anyone is interested I have list saved that recounts some of Barak’s lies during in first term, and not the entire first term at that, but it is far too extensive to include here. I’m just saying; for those of you who are indeed dedicated dedicatees of the dedicated devotee of demagoguery and defiler of democratic American defenses, how many bridges do you own? His name was Barry Soetero until he became a politician…or is that a lie too? Or is that when he was indoctrinated?

Why do I use the word defensive to describe the gist of his words? Because if your sympathies are with the enemy and you are caught with your pants down destroying lives, property and morale and don’t want to accept blame, you would ask us to “not jump to conclusions” and to remember we are a diverse society…meaning the Muslims among us represent diversity and not terrorism…did he mention terrorism? The American Muslims among us who are proud Americans don’t need cover or protection; not from me, you or Barak. They side with other Americans who reject Jihad and terrorism.

From the moment they discovered this mutant, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, wallowing in the bilge of a small boat, the conversation turned to whether or not he would be treated as an enemy combatant or whether or not we will read him his rights. This confusion is natural in view of the Barak/Holder attempts to circumvent traditional lawful procedures when dealing with threats to America’s safety and those who have inflicted death and mayhem in acts of aggression on American assets.

We discuss the concept of justice and citizenship vis a vis our options to best serve our purposes as though in every case we must rearrange facts and events in an effort to satisfy all parties. Sometimes frustration is so overwhelming that the air I breathe feels like solid waste. Obama has his own agenda. It does not comport with our laws or reasonable expectations of our military or civilian command. All I ask is that especially while we have to deal with an administration that will not comply with our laws, we as Americans remember the Constitution and decide for ourselves whether the proper course of action is taken in these matters and then hold this administration accountable.

Our understanding of proper protocol would have been much easier if the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had lived instead of Dzhokhar (pronounced Joker), since Tamerlin was not a citizen. If America had a real president the ideal situation for security purposes would be that both lived to be questioned…water boarded and sleep deprived, (it’s war you know) until we learned everything there is to know about their motives, connections and plots unrealized. As it is I’m glad at least one is dead and although I have little confidence that the Constitution will provide the guiding formula to deal with this terrorist, perhaps it will work out inadvertently to suit Obama’s purposes.

Lindsay Graham, who has not been on my “A” list for many reasons, has redeemed himself to some extent. Finally he used the words Islam, terrorists and war in the same sentence; something most politicians are loathe to do or don’t yet have the cognition that we are at war with Islam. Perhaps it is too much to ask but the next logical step is to say what many of us have already said and many more are thinking. Barak, who said he will side with Islam, always did.

How we wage war, defend our borders, treat our enemies and respect our Constitution says all that needs to be said about us as a nation. Right now we have a failing grade in all these areas. The American people are beginning to realize that the fish that rots from the head down is the symbol of our deteriorating country. It may be symbolic but it is a matter of life and death for us that we chop off the head. Barak’s words are all we need to condemn him as un-American and indulging in behavior unbecoming an American President. Could it be that he meant what he said? “The Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematic documents that have the order of Authority reversed”. “When push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” If my words are provocative and I’m just an ordinary citizen, how do we characterize the words of the Commander in Chief? HIs words inspire my angst, his deeds raise my ire.

If you see it differently let me add this. America has a Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is the heart and soul of this nation. We are a Constitutional Republic and all that entails. It means that the citizens of this nation are self governed, endowed with free will and self determination as distilled and handed from Judea Christian doctrine and all who oppose the Conservative values we thrive on are off base; not us.

I will not cede my God given attitude or constitutionally provided rights to any usurper.

“A democracy demands an informed electorate”. That was Thomas Jefferson’s admonition to us. Had we listened I dare say we would not have a president with two names, two birth certificates and multiple loyalties, none of which seem to be to our country or religious heritage. It is never too late to start anew. Demand that Bark be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Barak not me.



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