Identify, Assess, Attack

I was going to apologize for jumping to conclusions but now I think Barak should apologize for asking me not to. Actually I never jump to conclusions; I arrive at logical conclusions quickly without political correctness or fear of offending to slow my deductive observations. A kick in the groin is all that’s usually required to get my attention and elicit a response in kind.

I don’t need permission from Barak or years of expert analysis to describe for you what my eyes, ears and heart have been telling me since 9/11 and embedded in my consciousness when Barak Obama went on the campaign trail. This is a religious war. The killers who have no regard for human life, ours or theirs, are motivated by a radical religious fervor and are being used for an evil political victory that intends to transfer control of this country to Islamic Fascists. What they hope to accomplish is customarily achieved through military force followed by invasion, which any contemporary enemy would rule out as suicidal, given America’s dominance and geographical advantages.
Students of history and America’s development have long been aware of our weaknesses and the powers that be determined long ago that America could best be brought down from within. Khrushchev banged his shoe on a desk and predicted our fall from grace over 50 years ago. Our forefathers gave us ample warning that we would come to this pass if we followed the pattern of Republics before us; and we did. We are a formidable military presence on the world scene and our system of independent states spreads over almost 4 million square miles of mountains, forests, plains and swamps making us an impossible logistical target.
How do fleas make the biggest dogs miserable and submissive and even die from infections and other side effects from their persistent attacks? Infestation.
Humor me. I have accused Barak Obama, ostensibly the president of the United States, of representing a foreign entity which groomed, financed and catapulted him into our political hierarchy with a meteoric rise from associating with known terrorists and subversives, to radical organizing, to an unremarkable, totally unproductive Senate stint, to substantial wealth and the presidency in less than 20 years, with the wealth accumulation occurring mostly in the years just prior to his presidency. Does that sound like the American dream to you? Remember; the American dream entails hard work, persistence and a well earned reward, not an anointment.
Correlate the rise of Islamic Muslims and increasing terrorism in Europe and an ominous increase in non assimilating Muslims in America with terrorist activity punctuating the administrations of each presidency since Jimmy Carter…and we never called it terrorism. It wasn’t until Barak ordered us not to call it terrorism that we realized the world is populated by terrorists like rats living in the sub cultures of every civilized nation connected by a common economic dependency. In 2008 I wrote an article in which I plainly stated that with Barak’s election we were invaded. Should I have said that we were infested with fleas?
Domestic terrorism is ramping up and we are feeling the pressure. The Communist/Fascist adage of not letting a good crisis go to waste is a theme carried through obama’s administration. The imperative to disarm America has been ongoing and largely unreported but please do not make the mistake of trivializing the truly massive effort that has been underway since the day Barak took office. Barak posed as a proponent of the Second Amendment despite the fact that most Americas saw through the charade. But after the Sandy Hook tragedy the pretext disappeared and a confident and cocky Barak went hammer and tong after the Second Amendment, so far resulting in a narrow, but temporary, 54-46 defeat. That narrow margin indicates how close we really are to being transformed. Does it make you ill at ease to have the President become angered and frustrated when the people stand up for their rights? Is that the reaction an American President would be expected to have? I think not. An American president, no matter what his personal opinion might be, is sworn to represent the will of the people, not fight it.
The president who had the audacity to tell us he sides with Islam while asking us to give him our vote; who established early on that our allies would be given short shrift and our enemies elevated to prominence, as he bowed to Middle East potentates and disrespected English Royalty has campaigned for increased debt, higher taxes and done nothing to stimulate the economy or preserve our sovereignty. While exhorting us not to jump to conclusions when Muslim Terrorists are afoot he has given every murdering terrorist the protection of our civil laws shielding them from military tribunals and almost certain swift retribution. How is he not a terrorist?
If we don’t retaliate against the Muslim Brotherhood no matter where the terrorist of the moment hails from we are doomed to die the death of a thousand paper cuts…or suffer the indignity of death from scratching a flea infestation that has been diagnosed as eczema. We have yet to assume the posture of a country at war. America knows how to rally against an enemy that threatens our liberty. We know how to put a face to the threat in conventional war probably better than any other nation in history. Why do we not grasp the concept that we have been infiltrated when the signs are omnipresent and the infiltrators operate brazenly? Must we ask why we are attacked? Isn’t it sufficient to know we have been attacked and precious American lives have been taken? With at least 29 known Muslim training camps in America why are we still asking where the terrorists are trained? Why do we assume they are all “radicalized” when it should be obvious to all by now that they are simply never assimilated? Blending in is not the same as assimilating and in an open, multicultural society like ours it is possible to blend in while standing out like a sore thumb. It is shear madness to think that in a society with escalating terrorism and a president who is more likely to sympathize with terrorists than with victims, to abide any suggestion that we will be safer without weapons. Are you crazy?
The war is about Islamic Fascism, the Enemy is the Muslim Brotherhood. Drastic measures are called for. Why do we have fully staffed and functional prisons with no occupants yet ensconced? Is that to be our destination if the we allow the Islamic movement to successfully overturn our Republic and turn it into an Islamic autocracy? While we still can let’s consider filling those prisons with Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists.  Demand that Obama be removed and his fate to be determined after we deal with illegal aliens, not necessarily of Mexican heritage, and Islamists who may be citizens but prove to have ties to terrorist organizations. If they are Hamas or al Qaeda, Palestinian…lock em up and let’s not learn to speak Arabic…call them what they are; Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Jihadists…that’s enough of a mouthful. This is America. We are at war. Identify the enemy, assess his capability and wipe him out.
This is a very complicated subject with many facets to be analyzed and threshed…but for God’s sake let’s begin by stating the obvious.
Now do you appreciate our right to bear arms? Think about it.
God Bless America
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