I Am Armed So That You Are Not Dangerous

“90% of Americans want this legislation.”

No Barak. I’d say it’s closer to 100% of Americans who want our children to be safe. You are a bald faced liar and eventually 90% of us will agree on that.

The Bill you’ve convinced grieving parents will make our children safer is another bait and switch scenario you love so well. It may have failed but the 54 to 46 margin is not a victory for the Constitution. It is a sad testimony to the loss of respect and understanding of the nature of a Constitutional Republic and the inherent right and need for Americans to remain armed and vigilant. I’m not sure which is more despicable; deceiving heartbroken families when they are most vulnerable for political purposes or denying your unrelenting pathetic assault on the Second Amendment with true fascist ardor. The Bill, which was mercifully defeated by a narrow margin, would do nothing to make anyone safer…nothing in the Bill even attempts to address that unattainable goal through legislation. What the Bill does do is infringe…I said infringe…on the Right to Have and Bear Arms. In other words, for those who have difficulty with unvarnished facts, you lied to the families you duped into supporting your initiative and you lied to the American people when you said you are pro gun, pro Second Amendment and you don’t want to take our guns from us. That last gem is the most revealing of all. Under the Constitution the Right to Bear Arms is unconditional. It is very big of you to not want our guns and begging your pardon, you can’t have them anyway.

According to Thomas Jefferson the Second Amendment is not needed until someone comes for our guns; that someone, rest assured, has far more sinister motives than to simply want a gun free zone from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Some of us Barak, admittedly not 90% of us, but enough of us are aware that you have targeted the Second Amendment for extinction with all the influence and alternatives available to the Office you should not hold. Your Attorney General and you have exhausted every legal and illegal ploy to weaken or make the law ineffective and make it eminently more difficult for Americans who choose to own guns to do so uninhibited. I have to admit the United Nations angle for a Small Arms Treaty was even more creative than I gave you credit for and you are still pushing that insult to our intelligence as though the UN might have some appeal to us as some sort of higher authority. Could it be that you regard the United Nations as a higher authority?

So let me come clean for you, since it’s not in your DNA to speak without prevarication. My dear fellow Americans and families of children taken from us in gun related violence. There are meaningful steps that could be taken which would address our legitimate concerns for the safety and well being of our children. None of these precautions involve the banning of fire arms because rational people know with certainty that we are all safer when responsible citizens are armed and capable of defending their families, homes and property. Guns are only a problem to a potential dictator who feels threatened by an armed electorate.

When it was suggested that we have a test for mental stability, which is okay by me and most gun owners, this administration had the temerity to suggest that veterans be banned from owning weapons because they are likely to suffer from PTS; Post Traumatic Stress, to the uninitiated. If I have to draw pictures for you to realize the desperation in that outrageous idea as a bold, unmitigated attempt to ban gun ownership, I am sorry for you. You will sacrifice your true safety for the assumed safety promised by lies and innuendo and put the lives and well being of all Americans at risk because of your lack of understanding.

You’re right about one thing, Barak. We send the wrong people to Washington. We have a self defeating flaw in our chemistry that makes us want to believe…the bigger the lie the more we want to believe it. I’m sure you were well schooled in the art of lying and the weakness inherent in honest people to be a bit too gullible for their own good. Adolph Hitler (who incidentally admired the Muslim Brotherhood as you do), was a great proponent of lying for political gain; something dictators and wannabe dictators have in common. Tell me it’s not so.

As one who is concerned for the will of the people to be heard I’m sure you have ample explanations for these honorable statistics.

90% of all Americans want the facts on Benghazi.

92% of all Americans want to hear the unblemished truth about Fast and Furious.

87 1/2 % of all Americans want to know if the third birth certificate will pass the smell test.

85% of all Americans do not want Obama Care any more than they wanted Hilary Care.

96% of all Americans want to know if you consider them among the 2% of the wealthiest who are not paying their fair share. I have to recheck that statistic but I know it’s a lot…

88% of Americans want to know who ordered Usama’s remains to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, affording him a Muslim compliant burial at sea and instant martyrdom.

102% of all Americans are asking for the real reason you and Michele surrendered your law licenses.

95% 0f Americans want secure borders and the restoration of American sovereignty.

We have so many more questions but now let’s have a rare display of candidacy. As for the statistics cited above I have resorted to the same scientific process for these polls that Barak used to inform us that 90% of all Americans agree with him on gun control. I lied.

This attempt to enact illegal gun legislation is only the opening volley. There will be arm twisting, blackmail and bribery bandied about in the halls of justice and the bowels of government until we overthrow these infidels or they beat us into submission. We’re Americans…we don’t take kindly to lies, beatings or promises to do us in.

If you do not own a gun I strongly suggest that you get one, learn to use it and keep it handy. Teach your children to respect guns and eliminate their mystery and curiosity and you will have followed in the proud tradition of self reliant Americans…and can proudly boast that you played a major role in discouraging the takeover and dismantling of the greatest nation on earth from within.

The British didn’t get our guns because we were willing to use them. The Japanese didn’t invade because they feared a population with a “gun behind every blade of grass”. Barak won’t get our guns because some lessons are worth remembering.

God bless America. Disarm obama not me.



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