Ready or Not Here I Procrastinate

Stop the world! I want off!!

Only Congress shall declare war for the United States unless war is declared against us…maybe. Then all Congress has to do is pony up the moolah. Now that’s a job they are eminently qualified for.

When a Muslim shouts Allah Akbar in the process of gunning down as many American servicemen as possible and we coin the phrase “workplace violence”; when that murderer is a card carrying follower of the Qur’an and he is read “his” rights even as the Commander in Sheik cautions Americans “not to jump to conclusions”…When the Muslim murderer is a Major in our military and grows a Muslim beard immediately after he’s detained and refuses to shave for “religious reasons”…When the judge says she won’t hold it against him despite military regulations which prohibit facial hair and then he’s promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel, hirsute and proud; when the dead and wounded American Military victims are not qualified for Purple Hearts, normal military honors for their sacrifice, it is time to call it a day. By that I mean to end the status quo and take matters into our own hands. Three years and counting; his victims are still dead and he is still drawing down a government paycheck…our government.

Our response to terror attacks is tepid and inconsequential, which in itself is a national disgrace. The reason for this approach to terrorist activity is not a national disgrace, it is proof positive that the occupant in the White House is giving aid and comfort to our enemies and providing cover for their anonymity whenever possible. Military tribunals are reserved for Privates who go AWOL to be with their sweethearts. Usama was reluctantly killed and then given a Muslim burial at sea with all the trimmings and pictures are withheld out of respect. Our shame is that despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary we will not admit we are in a religious war with a ruthless political terrorist organization.

I will be the first to call the terrorist who bombed the Boston Marathon every epithet I have in my vocabulary and I join my fellow Americans who are outraged and grieve for the dead and wounded. But let’s face it. The perpetrator of this vile act is waging war. His job is to kill as many Americans as possible and cause us as much grief and fear as he can. I don’t respect him for doing his job but I can rationalize his purpose. We are their enemy. They have an incredible advantage over us. America has not yet acknowledged that we are at war or even who the enemy is and their repeated deadly attacks are still treated as unrelated indpependent, coincidental events. We are asked to believe that the wars in the Middle East and the various factions that we confront in different theaters are independent of one another and loosely related, if at all, to our “homegrown” variety Jihadist. Nothing could be further from the truth but we are inured to lies and taught to wait until all the evidence is in before we rush to judgement. Baloney; if I jump to the wrong conclusion tough nuggies. If I respond to the wrong enemy for the wrong reason I’m still ahead of the game. They have cleverly infiltrated our borders and have operatives living among us in plain view, waiting for orders to expose their true identities by slitting our throats wantonly and indiscriminately. Our borders welcome all who seek to enter surreptitiously in plain view and by now at least we should stop denying that Muslims may not have developed a taste for Mexican food but they like the way they travel. They can even wave to American Border Patrol guards as they make their way around bramble and tumble weed. It might even be fun to wave an AK47 in the air and let a few rounds fly and watch our border patrol run and hide as they take their first furtive steps on our sovereign (not) soil. After all…their chief operative is masquerading as President of the United States. If you were a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, or any of the dozen or so spin off organizations sworn to Jihad, sworn to our annihilation, wouldn’t that give you courage and confidence to walk on over and wait for further instructions? Not even a life size picture of Janet Napolitano would discourage these Jihadists and that would scare the bejeebers out of me and most red blooded american men. Oh yeah I get it. It scares me because she’s on our side. (Wink-wink)

The enemy among us, worldwide for all intents and purposes, by any other name, is the Muslim Brotherhood. After every terrorist attack on our soil Barak the Sheik makes the same speech, in the same dull monotone voice…we will track down the criminals and they will pay and do not jump to conclusions…the word “terror” is not in the script. Words that indicate anything but an act of war or terrorism are carefully crafted to keep us in suspense. Our bravado elicits scorn when our actions don’t match our rhetoric. P.S. The enemy within is one Barak Hussein Obama. I can’t tell you much more about him but he is the duly elected (not) president of the United States of America formerly known as Barry Soetero.

The solution to our problems is simple. Stop chasing will o’ the wisps. If you do find an unblemished apple in a bushel of rotten apples I assure you it will not taste good. Consider an organized, unified secession. All the rotten apples are left to wither and disintegrate where they fell. A new orchard is planted and the caretakers love trees, apples and fresh air. We will never forget to spray or find we are too busy to tend to the crop. The apples will belong to the pickers and growers and they will assign perimeter guards who will also monitor maintenance. The new Republic will have learned the lessons of Plato and Washington and her citizens will stay informed and involved.

Expect more violence. Nothing is being done to discourage it. (Ricin anyone?) Our enemies are not only bold and undeterred but their activity coordinates with the constant assault by this administration on our economy, religions, national heritage, patriotism and moral compass. We the target are being softened in preparation for the main assault. When they come for our guns the end is in sight…and make no mistake they have come for our guns from every angle and point of view in their arsenal and they are not done by a long shot. (No pun intended). Hold fast. Give up our Right to Bear Arms and kiss the Republic goodbye along with your concept of free will and self determination. Have faith in the things that made us great…and return to those principles, if not nationally, then in your hearts and minds. As long as we are armed their is hope and a likelihood of success. Demand that obama be removed and that America respond to threats and acts of war swiftly, deftly and forcefully; or secede and start anew.

God Bless America, our founders and our founding documents. May they light our way for eternity.



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