I Know You’re Awake. Now Do Something

The promise that America held out to all who sought to live here was the ability to achieve one’s highest potential with no penalty for failure other than the inconveniences it creates. That promise could be made in good faith because our founding documents hold that freedom, self determination and free will are innate, inalienable and endowed by our creator…with government the creation of the electorate. We could choose to achieve our potential by the sweat of our brow and brawn or the ability to capitalize on ideas and inventions and we were free to acknowledge and give thanks for these gifts in the churches of our choosing. Before long we became a nation of 300,000,000 strong as people from the four corners of the earth sought better lives for themselves and their progeny. They shared one common denominator; the determination to prosper or fail of their own volition. So there is no penalty for failure…but here’s the rub; under obama’s socialist vision there’s a penalty for success. And if things go according his plan there is a reward for failure…So the new immigrants he sponsors no longer share the dream our parents realized…for they have no such lofty ambitions. The unwitting generosity of the American taxpayer is all the success they crave and nothing more is expected of them.

The conditions that gave man free reign over his potential are set forth in the law of the land, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, which promulgates the Judea Christian hypothesis that government serves the people and is limited to very specific responsibilities. It goes so far as to say that any authority not specifically assigned to the federal government must remain the domain of the States. It encourages and relies on productivity. Our founders upheld that the Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom (self determination) is God given and innate. Common sense laws limit our freedom so that it is not used to demean or harm each other. They warned repeatedly that entitlements are addictive and would be our undoing unless we were careful to resist the pitfalls of redistribution. As a Constitutional Republic we did quite well for 240 years, give or take. We did well because the founders chose to make this place on earth a haven to all people who would pursue those rights peaceably while in pursuit of financial security. In the final analysis the founders had no choice but to trust the people to maintain the Republic, warning us that it would be challenged frequently. Their worst fears were that it would slowly and methodically be dismantled from within by a constant, pervasive and systematic application of incremental politics. They who treasured freedom above all worldly goods, their sacred honor and even their own lives, believed and prayed we would follow in their tradition…and they misjudged us and their worst fears are realized. They underestimated our ability to recognize the forces of evil, even when they were toiling in our political process and appealing to us directly for authority not constitutionally mandated. They could not fathom an electorate that would reward ignorance and greed with reelection and permanence, creating lifetime politicians who prosper from the burdens they place on the electorate. We enjoyed our freedoms so well that we never noticed the tear-stained face on the Lady in the Harbor as our representatives busily created mountains of laws, the most onerous of which they would exempt themselves from. We even exalted presidents and Senators who replaced individual initiative with Federal aid and when we prided ourselves for our generosity and good will toward our fellow man we extended entitlements to every social misfit, under achieving, welfare loving, system abuser on the Continent, with English not a prerequisite for anything in our incentive robbing, tax funded grab bag. Government broke out of the constricting guidelines of the Constitution like a runaway locomotive and never looked back. And we Americans conveniently divided ourselves into two camps; pro government and anti government and incessantly argue to this day and moment over the relevance, the meaning and the value of the Constitution, electing Communists and Socialists who raise their hands and swear to defend and protect the documents they undermine and their philosophy cannot abide. We call  the parties that dominate our political scene Democrats and Republicans regardless of their records which belie their promises; in fact Progressive Left and Progressive Right, programmed to arrive at the same destination along different routes. Our choice at election time has really been, too often, will we take the Express train or the local to ruination. If you bought a ticket to Peace and Prosperity with stops along the way in places like the City of Fiscal Responsibility, Religious Freedom and Free Will, check the conductor of the train…at the moment his name is Barak Obama; he has no experience as a conductor, has no desire to take you to your stated destination and will use the time en route to convince you that you would rather go wherever he’s taking you and that won’t be revealed until you get there. Do you yet realize that we are on a mysterious train hurtling toward a destination our forefathers and ancestors risked their lives and gave their lives to get away from?

We’ve been asleep at the switch for most of our 240 years and followed none of the prerequisite maintenance procedures to maintain a functioning constitutional Republic and we are shocked to learn that the nation has been transformed; at least we should be. The Constitution could be our saving grace. It is completely within our power to stop the train we are on or switch tracks. All we have to do is stop feeding the engine long enough to fire the conductor. The outcome of this struggle depends on our individual concept of man’s true destiny and our communal belief in America’s heritage. Are we truly gifted with self determination and free will and willing to die for that Judea Christian credo? We may be put to that test sooner than you think. Are you ready to put party ties aside and commit to the restoration of this nation as it was intended? It will take Americans who love America and love all Americans enough to demand that foreigners step aside…if you haven’t assimilated by now you never will. Go home at least until we mend our ways. When our government is consigned to its original role in our lives you may not want to come back but if you do and you can put your shoulder behind the cart and not your backside in it, we will welcome you once more.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Obama. No government agency should have weapons and ammunition other than to defend us and we must demand that they relinquish every hollow point they unconstitutionally have stockpiled. Do not give up your weapons or concede to any reassessment of the Second Amendment at your peril. On the contrary, acquire as many weapons as you can as though you will be called upon to defend your home and property and the lives of your
loved ones from a tyrannical government; for that is precisely why the Second Amendment exists and the only way to reduce the possibility that we will need our weapons for that purpose. That was Thomas Jefferson’s justification for the Second Amendment. A bipartisan agreement to ignore the Constitution is not acceptable just because it is bipartisan; all the more reason to suspect their motives.

The sooner we realize the spot we’re in the sooner we will address the real issues and save the arguments over side issues until someone somehow starts the process of reducing government to its proper Constitutional role and size. Secession from this union is one way of achieving that goal but I am not unaware of the immense obstacles to that option; but it is an option and one that I find more appealing every day… A trip of a million miles starts with the first step. That first step is recognizing what must be done. The second step is to invest whole hearted in the sacrifice that will be demanded of us with or without our consent.

I am focused to preserve, defend and restore this nation as the functioning Constitutional Republic it was intended for. By world standards America has been the custodian of the dignity of man in man’s darkest hours. Today that posture is challenged by a cabal that would transform us from the Republic with entrepreneurship and
Capitalism that was the most generous and charitable nation in history into a model of mediocrity that will relinquish all influence and leadership to a very small clique who seek world domination. The threat is multi faceted. The Muslim Brotherhood feigns indignation that our Judea Christian Laws do not account for Islamic exceptions and barbaric contradictions. They accuse us of intolerance while their uninvited intrusion on our society calls for our annihilation and our government gives them aid and comfort to our consternation. Politically our middle class is under attack and will be forced to surrender any hope of financial security or further opportunity for traditional success and politicians exempt themselves from onerous laws and reward themselves with privileges gained by voting against our greater interest. The cabal has taken full advantage of our weaknesses and uses them against us with skill and deadly accuracy.
The prophesies are upon us yet we speak of fairness and restoration,  oblivious to the predictions and warnings of our fateful end through the ages. Read the Constitution; the answers lie therein and it is within our power to correct our mistakes, reaffirm our dedication to a Higher Power, acknowledge God’s role in our existence and banish false
Gods and ideology from our shores.

For now we are in a fight for our lives, caught in the vice-like grip of a rogue administration that seeks to transform us and must dismantle our fiscal house, diminish expectations and reduce us to a common denominator with bankrupt countries that have already succumbed to the failed policies of Socialist math, and rob us of our identity and righteous heritage in the process. With lowered expectations and the insinuation that our faith in God has not provided for us, we will be susceptible to the government that holds our destiny in its hands. That government presents itself as the champion of the poor and underprivileged…and will increase their numbers to insure its grip on our future. All knowledge, rewards and punishment will flow from the final arbiter of need vs contribution. The order of authority will have been reversed as predicted.

Not one change that has come our way or is coming our way has been for the better. Under Barak America is entering a dark age, an age of government intervention and invention; invention, as in lies. When you are lied to you are not being served, you are being manipulated. No good can come of that. I begged for the electorate to take action against this regime four years ago and warned that as they became more entrenched our task to undo the damage done would become increasingly difficult. It is many times more difficult today but ever so worth it.

Perhaps it is God’s plan to not revive us until we have felt the pangs of depression and deprivation so well that we will be more grateful for our redemption when it happens. And it will happen when there is a consensus among us that our comfort zones are no longer comfortable and the rebellion is more desirable than Fascist rule.

Sometimes life is like a mirage. You have to look at from different angles to see it clearly and then it fades from sight. Do something about our country if not for yourself then for the children who go to school each day and are taught a different tune than we learned. They are being indoctrinated and may never know what we failed to pass on to them; but we know. Do something.

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