The Best Offense is a Good offense

Take my lunch before I defend myself to your detriment

If I was in the fight game and I lost 3 in a row I’d go back to the gym and work like the devil to figure out what I was doing wrong. When you’re on a losing streak you may tend to get too defensive and that inevitably leads to more losses. Most people know that you don’t win a fight, a game or an argument on defense. Somebody tell the Republicans.

The entire Republican strategy for political battle is based on defense. Not even Pavlov’s dog had such a predilection to flinching. The democrats have no need to mount a winning argument and that is as convenient as it gets since they do not have a winning argument. Their philosophy is flawed but their game plan is spot on. Republicans have winning arguments but they seem to be constrained by political correctness, the Marquis of Queensbury rules, the fear of being misquoted or disliked and groaning ignorance. There is also a terminal pecking order which could not exist if we didn’t have seniority in Congress. In other words term limits would end legacy politicians and some of the brightest new faces would hold sway. That is as it should be. We don’t intentionally elect people to Congress so they can represent us after they get some seniority—or grow some cojones.

On the issue of guns the Second Amendment is unambiguous, emphatic and not subject to interpretation. Statistics support the Founders’ wisdom with startling consistency. There are countless examples from across this nation and from every corner of the world that demonstrate indisputably that bad guys will have guns come what may and the only defense against bad guys with guns are good guys with guns. Of the top seven causes of death in America guns are seventh. No argument can deny that the first line of defense for human beings is an armed citizen. When seconds count the police are just minutes away…is that comforting?

Of course the basic purpose for protecting the Right to Bear Arms goes back to the principle of self government. It is incumbent upon a nation that has a self governing population to protect the Right to Bear Arms above all other priorities. By definition it is ultimately the people’s responsibility to prevent government from reversing the order of authority and to discourage all enemies domestic and foreign from invasion. What better argument can anyone want to counter efforts to infringe on gun ownership?

And that squelches the bickering over how much fire power a citizen should have. The answer is eternal; as much as he can carry.

The Republican Congress, for the most part, leaves those cogent arguments to their constituents while they find ways to appease the savage beast, tiptoe on the head of a pin rather than stand on ethical, lawful, moral and historical evidence that supports the constitutional prerogative…the people will be armed or the Republic will fall; period.

The democrats don’t need an airtight argument; the Republicans wake each day with a conciliatory plan sure to accommodate them more than frustrate them. Only we the people will be frustrated.

What part of “shall not be infringed” needs translation?

In Serbia where gun restrictions meet Obama’s acid test, if you answered your doorbell in one neighborhood yesterday illegal bullets from an illegal gun fired by a deranged visitor ended your curiosity. He didn’t know the gun was illegal.

Yesterday 14 students were stabbed at Texas Community College. Is that not a massacre? Will Barak shed a crocodile tear for the victims’ families? Will Joe Biden suggest that if a housewife is threatened by a knife wielding murderer she go out to her balcony and throw a few daggers into the night? Will Republicans agree that I should register my Swiss Army knife or pay a fine? When will we learn that compromise is what holds a marriage together not a nation.

End the revolution before it begins. Secede to succeed. Disarm Barak not me.



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