Whose Gauntlet is it?

How upset would you be if you hired a house sitter for a month and came home to find that the house sitter replaced your comfortable chairs and sofas with splintery, straight back wooden chairs and cold, hard benches, you’re heirloom furnishings that were handed down for thirty generations with cardboard boxes and the worst offense of all had iron bars installed on all your windows. Outraged, you might say that you live in a safe neighborhood with a very low crime rate historically and how dare he install bars on your windows and doors! How would you feel if the sitter admitted the bars were not to keep intruders out but to keep you in? In desperation you might go to the closet where you kept your old reliable shot gun but it too is gone. The sitter assures you he disposed of it for your own good and then helped himself to your savings account and your children’s piggy bank. Understandably you would be very upset, to say the least. So would every normal person and some would resort to violence to restore their home and property to its former state and resume the lifestyle they were accustomed to.

Here’s my conundrum.

To carry on the legacy and traditions of our nation we elect a president every four years and make him take an oath to do the job we hired him for.

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Now that’s a pretty straight forward job description and if every president started every day of his term with that as his number one priority and successfully executed the terms of the oath America would be the land of milk and honey we always thought it was.

We have strayed so far from our intended model that we became confused and disoriented. Instead of accepting the citizens’ responsibilities inherent in the Constitutional Republic that afforded us the highest standard of living in the history of the world, we chose to pass that responsibility on to politicians and eventually we sought a president who would right the ship for us. In other words we expect a president to competently herd feral cats. In our confusion we elected an unknown quantity, with no track record of achievement and unwilling to provide us with the barest credentials of his origins; and you said, “save us”. And we learn to late, to our dismay that it is he who cannot be herded and will not perform according to our expectations; he will transform us and the change will be felt in the gut and heart of every American whose understanding of our destiny is in direct opposition to everything Obama has imposed on us.

After solemnly taking the oath he pronounces with a straight face that the documents he swore to uphold are problematic and have the order of authority reversed…but he will work around that hindrance.

And you were not the least bit perturbed.

I wish that for every lie he has told one of our most treasured tea cups would shatter mysteriously. There would not be a Tea Set left standing in America and perhaps that would induce you to break out grandpa’s shot gun and go spoiling for a fight.

Despite protestations and assurances to the contrary Barak has initiated numerous assaults on the Second Amendment from his earliest days in office and has accelerated those efforts dramatically since the Sandy Hook school massacre, abandoning any pretext of concern for the Second Amendment or the infringement thereof. He has repeatedly and shamelessly used the murdered children and their families to cajole and shame us into voting for gun restrictions that will make every one of us less safe and less capable of defending our liberty from a tyrannical government…and there’s the rub. All this bereavement and sympathy for the children has become a device to prompt Americans to agree to an oxymoronic comparison…Save the children by putting them in danger; Fascist logic from an Islamic Fascist, imperial minded culprit, occupying our White House to bring down our country.

Perhaps we are getting wiser by degrees. Perhaps America’s sore spot is, even as Barak once intimated, our guns and our religion. I pray that is so. Barak is now on full court press to deprive us of both.

God bless America. Get your dander up. Take Barak to lunch at Lucretia Borgia’s and let his official food taster earn his keep. We need our guns and our ammo because when Barak let it be known that he intends to disarm us he met Thomas Jefferson’s criteria for having and owning them.

End the revolution before it begins. Disarm Obama not me.


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