Never Underestimate America

 The American Constitutional Republic cannot function effectively or expect to have indefinite longevity if the engine that drives the system is challenged every four years. Our forefathers created a system that is designed to prosper from the sweat equity and innovations of entrepreneurs; capitalism, an exchange of goods and services according to demand and the ability to pay. This system is not compatible with any form of socialism but because of our freedom and the one glaring flaw in our structure, socialists soon realized that the most effective way to intervene in a society fueled by self determination was through incremental political wizardry. Head-on confrontation cannot compete with the ideals and opportunities of free enterprise and limited government so a process of slow erosion began that presented and installed their programs without the prerequisite of disclosing their intent or desired results.

Our downfall can be attributed to politicians learning the art of politics and meeting the definition of effectiveness by compromise. They point proudly to their “accomplishments” achieved by “masterful negotiation” when each success they claim is actually a victory to liberals, democrats or socialists by any other name. While they publicly decry the outcome of negotiating with republicans, in private they rejoice over victory. Theirs is a game of incremental politics and it has become a constant in our political process for over 100 years. We have too few politicians who stand on principle and are willing to take the heat for doing so. The “leaders” in Congress will quickly label them as incalcitrant ideologues and trouble makers and make every effort to marginalize them or if possible eliminate them from public office. Allen West is a perfect case in point.

Liberal programs dilute our free market economy and eventually democrats find ways to blame their failures on Conservatives and other Republicans. The housing debacle is one example. Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Maxine Waters were the democrat leaders who set the stage for the housing implosion and were the first to blame it on President Bush and the Republican Party.

The anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty is upon us and we still can’t acknowledge that it is the single most responsible factor for a steady 40 year increase in American poverty.

The Census Bureau reports that poverty in America has spiked to a level not seen since the beginning of the “War on Poverty,” with almost one in six Americans living below the poverty line at the beginning of Barack Obama’s second term. To say the war on poverty failed does a disservice to our intelligence. The war on poverty created dependency and dependency creates poverty. There never was a war on poverty. In truth we spent billions of dollars to institutionalize poverty as a mainstay in the American socialist incursion.

Over a 50 year period the Securities and Exchange Commission is predominantly responsible for the removal of the infrastructure that supported entrepreneurship and created the most hostile equity environment for new business in the world. 90% of Americans are not even aware of the purge but without it socialism would still not have its tentacles this far into our economic/political system.

Today the democrat party is openly defying our Constitution, Bill of Rights and moral certitude, and they do so with confidence that Americans are ready for total transformation and the rejection of our traditional American heritage. They are wrong. Americans are accepting the lies and bifurcation but refuse to acknowledge that the policies held forth as fair and just are the antithesis of moral values, the degradation of our military preparedness and sovereignty, fiscal responsibility and religious freedom. They are learning. Obama is in a race with time and destiny. It is a very dangerous game he is playing. He must establish total control of our population and seat of power before he is exposed as the purposeful enemy that seeks to overthrow our government and establish his rules and regulations as the law of the land.

The transformation of 100 years endurance has been accelerated by a factor of at least 100 with Barak in power. The democrats have abandoned the politics of incremental change and are openly pressing for the end game. They cheat in elections, lie to the American people and to each other and are obsessed with what appears to be an easy victory within reach. In their minds all that remains to complete the takeover is to disarm the population by misinformation and emotional blackmail or by force if necessary.

Like all master plans concocted by mad men theirs has a flaw or two. The harder they try to take our guns or turn them into bludgeons with no live ammunition, the more Americans get to see what is really going on. In resisting the efforts to disarm America we are beginning to realize that perhaps our faith is more important to us than we realized. Certain states are letting their concerns be known in the most convincing manner possible; by secession. In our effort to fight back I pray that conservatives take control or create new media that will blast us with daily headlines no American can avoid that tells the truth of the extent of peril our nation is in. I would hope for a unified and organized secession to avoid as much bloodshed as possible. But blood will flow and this cabal will learn the rage, wrath and determination of the American people who are the true descendants or heirs of the American Revolution. The spirit of America goes much deeper than a poor economy or a treasonous government. The people will prevail as information trickles down and awareness trickles up. Beware Barak and all you traitors in high office and corrupt media; the day of reckoning is coming. We will not be disarmed and the message is being learned from sea to sea. Our weapons are ours to defend against enemies foreign and domestic and twice as strong against a foreigner posing as one of us.


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