Comes the Dawn

I’ll bet liberals hate to hear some of us Conservative older folks lament that “this isn’t the America I grew up in.” That’s a trite remark anyway because it would be more prescient to state that this isn’t the America we knew before Barak Obama, a few short years ago. Not by a long shot. Some liberals might think that it is improving but realistically no argument can hold up that tries to make that case. We are in the last stages of total transformation; all that remains so that the cabal can impose it’s ideology is the disarming.
Absent a media that would express our concerns it is still plainly evident that concerned Americans are no longer discussing politics or the economy; they are talking about survival and their numbers are growing exponentially. The social networks and Internet sites are clogged with patriots sounding the alarm and expressing their views on many topics but the underlying theme right now is growing fear of our government. Just a few short weeks or months ago Americans saw the economy as the number one issue with health care neck and neck and in descending order national security, terrorism, Afghanistan, immigration, border control and the issue of the day as things happen. Fuel prices go up and we grumble about that for a few days; they come down a smidgen and we breathe an idiotic sigh of relief…Americans have proved that we possess a very short attention span and an inexplicable tendency to accept outrageous conditions as the norm in short order.
Then something happened that changed the way we see our future unfolding. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School took the lives of 20 children and six adults and the nation was stunned. For a moment in time we were united in mourning our loss. The President said, “our hearts are broken” and I don’t doubt his sincerity in the solemnity of the moment. But in the blink of an eye the conversation turned to gun control with such anxiety and urgency that millions of Americans properly became concerned over his true motives. We got to see the gun loving Obama do a little skeet shooting but put his gun up permanently when Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn challenged him to a skeet shooting contest. We all knew that his previous statements claiming to be pro gun and in favor of the Second Amendment were hollow and insincere but when he saw the opportunity of a lifetime to get the American public on his side and make a bold move to disarm the nation he made millions of us revisit the Constitution and fear for our freedom and the conversion of our Constitutional Republic.
Democrats are tripping over each other to get in on the kill. Joe FIM (foot in mouth) Biden advised women to fire their shotguns into the night to scare away intruders, another idiot suggested women carry whistles and call 911…Feinstein updated her draconian Bill to include BB guns and sling shots and a chorus of liberals told us repeatedly that we don’t need to be armed as well as our gangsters. (Or Barak’s militia). Barak could not restrain himself from shamelessly politicizing the deaths of 20 children (we don’t mention the six adults because they are not sympathetic enough) to impose European style gun laws on the American people. He even revived the unconstitutional UN Small Arms Treaty hoping that we would not see through his duplicitous statements and allow a foreign entity to take the lead in his initiative. No stone will be left unturned in the massive attempt to accomplish the basic requirement for a budding dictatorship; disarm the populace. After 250 years of gun ownership Barak is concerned that we might lose one or break it and suffer a financial loss; he thinks we should insure our guns. Trial balloon after trial balloon rises above us but with the authority vested in him by we the fools he has purchased every hollow point bullet to be had, causing a shortage among law enforcement agencies around the country. His concern for the children is touching.
Mind you, not one proposed law will or can prevent criminals or madmen from possessing guns and using them in the commission of crimes, terrorism, murder or mayhem; not one. There isn’t even a serious attempt to improve our monitoring of the mentally challenged except for veterans who are receiving benefits for post traumatic stress issues; they might be dangerous. The sole purpose for a government to remove guns from the hands of citizens is a tyrannical intent to control the population and impose the will of a tyrant over the will of the people. Americans are finally coming to their senses and justly fear this government. Fear is a healthy emotion that when channelled properly helps us to accomplish great things. Our founding fathers knew fear when the British fleet appeared on the horizon with orders to disarm the colonies. They used that fear to conquer the best equipped, strongest military force of their day. We the people would be well advised to remember. or as the case may be, learn why we fought the American Revolution.
So lets all quake in our boots and disarm the people who intend to use their weapons to occupy and control us. Write your Congress and resolve with me to never relinquish our right to bear arms and to be ever vigilant in opposition to any infringement thereof.
Disarm Obama not me. Demand that Barak be removed, tried and punished. End the revolution before it begins.
God bless America,
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