We Must Not Run and Hide

I’ve been in a few tight spots in my life. What I’ve learned is most effective when you’re being pursued is not to run but to face the problem. Better still you can turn the tables and become the pursuer, if only for a few yards but no fight is won on defense.

The Muslin Brotherhood fears Israel more than any other nation or people on earth and Egypt’s Morsi and Iran’s Ahmadinejad openly express their hatred and cowardly intentions to wipe Israel off the map with no rejection from the duplicitous United Nations, including the U.S. They are on the offensive despite the fact that we all know they will not attack Israel for fear of an embarrassing retaliation unless they first possess overwhelming military power, Atomic Bombs and every nation in the Middle East behind them. It is at once a complement to Israel’s past military prowess and a disgraceful display of unimaginable cowardice and human depravity. It also exhibits the gnawing, internalized fear of a Godless society toward a Society that holds Religion and religious principles at the core of their existence. Perhaps they know that Allah is no match for Jehovah.

Here’s an ironic twist that boggles the mind but speaks volumes on the Israeli commitment to the tenets of their religion. Iran is going nuclear with the stated intent to use their bomb, as advertised, to destroy Israel. However, Israel already has nuclear capability and could conceivably turn Iran into a glass desert before Sundown on any given Friday and spend the rest of Shabbos giving thanks to the Almighty for the tzimmes on the stove all day before the big event. Israel and the U.S., (principally due to U.S. influence) deal with their inferiors hat in hand, encouraging the little guy to be the heavy in the relationship. The U.S. shows no inclination to condemn Iran or stop the advance of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East. To the contrary, Obama’s significant aid has been key in the unprecedented gains the Muslim Brotherhood has achieved since Obama’s rise to power.

The best way to defeat the Nation of Islam’s Muslim Brotherhood is to build the nation of Israel, reconfirm our Judea Christian heritage here in America and end this political double speak called

correctness once and for all. When you stop to think about it the Muslim Brotherhood was kept in check successfully and for good reason by the dictators Obama deposed. It follows that without our interference they would still be waving their swords in the air, dining on camel humps and recruiting self immolating Jihadists to strike fear in the hearts of infidels, as it were.

The world was a safer place when America was respected out of fear. If you understand the liberal anathema toward Conservative ideals you realize that our loss of prestige internationally is directly related to America’s expansion of liberal policies. As the 800 lb gorilla in the room the U.S. was the gentlest, most benevolent and generous nation in history. We took no territory, asked for no reparations and treated those we defeated with dignity and respect. We don’t have the same gravitas as a self deprecating, entitlement prone, foe accommodating, rudderless community of political confuscation.

Obama is sending tanks and planes to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptians and Kerry’s first project as Secretary of State is to help Egypt qualify for a massive loan from the International Monetary Fund. Don’t let the rhetoric fool you. Kerry will use stern language and give strict parameters for fiscal responsibility so that we can report to the international community that the reforms were successfully administered and the loan should be granted. That’s what it’s about. Kerry is in good company; he can lie with the best Koran inspired Muslims out there. At the same time Barak will visit his old friend Netanyahu and Benjamin will let Obama enter and leave through the front door and the world will see that we are indeed looking out for our friend and ally, Israel. Jews will tell us we have misjudged Barak. See the dagger planted firmly between Israel’s shoulder blades as the Middle East goes nuclear, builds its armies and prepares to carry out the anti Semitic death threats, once described as empty.

On the home front Obama has no quarrel with the Muslim exception from Obama Care based on their Religious beliefs. But this supposed Christian has no respect, compassion or consideration for Catholic dogma concerning contraception and the sanctity of life. There will be no exception granted to the Catholic Church or any of its entities on religious, constitutional or moral grounds unless they actually can move Heaven and Earth on command. In other words the exemption from Obama Care for Muslims is based on Sharia Law…which in this instance allows Sharia law to trump American Law….Seems we used to have a Constitution around here somewhere.

Perhaps I’m grasping for straws but I believe more public figures are willing to opine that perhaps Obama has no intention of changing the direction of the country by way of leadership or the experience of his failed policies. Some finally go so far as to say that his ideology means more to him than concerns for American fiscal stability. I sense that a concern for their careers might understandably stop them short of questioning Obama’s loyalty but the connection is inevitable. I have no such concerns and hold that his demeanor but more importantly his speeches, policies. Edicts and what little we know about his life lead me to conclude that he sides with foreign interests. “When push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” Push came to shove, shove came to heave ho and sure enough Barak is true to his word. Fiscal cliffs, natural disasters, manmade disasters, bailouts and sequestration are merely events that further the degradation of our social and political infrastructure, contributing to the total transformation he is committed to ideologically and politically, aggressively and unremittingly.

Let us connect the last dot as one and realize that the restoration of America begins with the realization that the destruction is intentional and Obama is a successful interloper not a failed president.

Demand that Obama be removed by any and every means available to us. End the revolution before it begins by reversing our plight from victim to pursuer.

God bless America,



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