Who Gives the Order to Defend Against the Government

Random thoughts a Conservative mind can’t control.

So Kerry has finally expressed appreciation for what America means to him. ” In America you have the right to be stupid if you want to be.” I couldn’t have said it better John. You are now our official stupid poster boy.

What bothers me about sequestration is the decision to call it sequestration. Did they intend it to be taken as the noun or the verb? The verb puts it more in the category of another cover up…As a noun it greatly misstates the event. After all it is a reduction in increased spending which is not a reduction at all. They should have called it obfuscation. Where might it be felt most? In our military preparedness and that’s been an Obama target and the true reason it was proposed by Obama.

It seems to me that more and more citizens agree that Obama is ruining the country. Will they ever agree as to the reason? “He’s not dumb but he does dumb things” makes no sense. “He is ideologically committed to redistribution”. Nah. Redistribution is a tool not an ideology. “He’s a Christian and therefore tolerant of all others”. Really? Not. Religion aside he is the least tolerant person ever to hold office. “He is committed to the decline of the United States on behalf of foreign interests”. Why not? You can’t accept that radical idea but you can’t tell me what he would do differently if I’m wrong. So far he’s done the most good, as President of the United States, for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and has promoted or defended Muslim terror and terrorists in America consistently.

Try to erase everything you think you know or have been told by the media, Obama and wounded Congresswomen. Focus on the Second Amendment alone and ask yourself if it has anything to do with hunting. Now ask yourself who will protect you from the stated purpose of the Second Amendment if we give our guns to a government that wants them so badly they can’t think straight. Uh-uh! Don’t change the subject! How badly does Obama want our guns?

Are you comfortable with a president who has as the new litmus test for high ranking military positions the question, “will you fire on American citizens if commanded to do so and if they refuse to lay down their weapons?”. No American President in our short history has felt the need to ask that question and on that basis alone he deserves our utmost suspicion.

Are you comfortable with a president who wants the right to use drones against American citizens? Stop with the excuses and reasons and answer the question. Are you or are you not?

Are you comfortable with a president who gave himself the right to have a private militia that he alone can command and deploy? Are you comfortable with the knowledge that FEMA is training that militia with our tax dollars, to the exclusion of their stated mission, as we speak? Oh and the first class was graduated less than a month ago….Comfy?

Does it give you a warm and cozy feeling to know that this administration wants to put wounded war veterans (mentally incompetent) on the National Instant Criminal Background Check roster? Did you forget that Barak suggested that since we have a volunteer Army they should pay for their own health care?

These are just a few uncommon initiatives that would likely need to be in place if a police state were in the offing. If we are being prepped to accept a police state when a president of the United States determines it is in our best interest, I would say that it is time for all Americans to drop their party affiliation and accept the role of patriot, first and foremeost. The need to defend the Republic against all enemies, domestic and foreign is a reality. The president has revealed through his policies, proposals, priorities, edicts and behavior that he will not honor the oath of office; the witnesses are dead. His preparations and precautions are designed to control the population, not defend the nation.

The Second Amendment clearly defines our role as Americans at this time in history. This president and his minions are determined to invalidate the Second Amendment. The purpose that would serve can only benefit a potential dictator.

Barak has not provided us with indisputable evidence of his origins and claims to academic achievement; we have his word and his record on that score is abysmal. He has not given us an accurate account of his prior associations and sources of his finances before he came to power and not even since he is in office. That which has been revealed has been unearthed without his consent or cooperation. We have an obligation to challenge his legitimacy. We have the further obligation to defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign. We are not absolved of those responsibilities if the enemy is not clearly defined but his work has a definite deleterious effect on all we hold dear. Now is the truly the time for change, my friends. Not the change that comes from total transformation but the change that induces us to take back our country and revisit our core values. That requires a change in our attitude and willing participation.

His most distinctive personal involvement in international diplomacy or relations is his disgraceful, unprecedented, abusive and disrespectful treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu our strongest ally and his secretive, unbecoming exchange with our oldest antagonist and non ally, Vladimir Putin. His bizarre behavior toward the Queen of England and Middle East Potentates leaves the question of his true loyalties unresolved, at least.

In a democratic, Constitutional Republic having a government of the people, by the people and for the people, when the enemy is in the White House, it is unclear where the call to serve the nation should begin. Let it begin then with me. We are called upon to serve our country and the call is no less than to save our country.

End the revolution before it begins. Let the citizens of this great nation declare Martial Law, not the Commander in Sheik. I stand with our forefathers and ask all who prefer liberty over tyranny, death over Fascist domination to speak out.

Demand that Obama be removed by any and every legal means available to us and not wait to see who the last man standing will be.

God Bless America.


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