And By The Way…If You Resist

So what part of “we’ve been invaded” don’t you understand? It isn’t easy to believe when we don’t have enemy troops riding around in armored vehicles with bull horns, telling us that nothing will change except the flag over the White House…and by the way, if you resist you will be executed.

In the invasion of 2008 the enemy took control of the White House, the Senate and the media but continues to weaken the country from within until the takeover is complete; so they can use the bull horn to order us around…and by the way, if you resist you will be executed.

Now this is all conjecture, it’s true, but it is conjecture hinged on one small detail; we still have those pesky guns. The Fascist regime that propped up Obama underestimated how truly attached Americans are to our guns and religion. Barak blurted out his frustration on that score once, if you recall and now he’s got the Catholic Church in a contraception headlock and a bunch of idiot body-guarded movies stars telling us we don’t really need guns…to say nothing of a retarded Vice President who claims he is advising his own wife to go out on the balcony and empty her two barreled shotgun into the night if she hears an intruder in the house! Evidently Joe hasn’t got the nerve to shoot her himself.

Just in case Americans refuse to obey the order to lay down arms Barak et al are stocking up on guns and ammo as fast as they can. They are positioning themselves to search our homes for AR 15’s and bazookas, checking with top brass to be sure they are ready, willing and able to fire on the public and letting us know ever so coyly, that drone attacks on Joe citizen are legal and therefore likely. Homeland Security is graduating militias as fast as they can, Muslims are strategically situated and trained to report for duty ASAP, there are dozens of empty jails, manned and stocked, ready to warehouse many thousands of “visitors”, coffins neatly stacked as far as the eye can see and the transition will take place with almost half of America cheering the end of capitalism, with food stamps pasted on their foreheads and free cell phones up their backsides to celebrate.

Here’s a reality check for Barak. When you run out of other people’s money the printing presses grind to a halt at around the same time. Allah Akbar.

If they got our guns in the first term they wouldn’t have had to cheat to win the second election. Obama is not likely to forgive us for making the transformation so difficult. If we saw the writing on the wall in 2008 and cried uncle they could have hopped in a few armored vehicles and bull horned their order loud and clear. “We have the guns, you have your pride, kiss bye bye to your buns; Obama lied, the Republic died”.

Still things are going well for the invaders. They are tickled pink over the amount of cold cash and hot weapons they delivered to the Muslim Brotherhood here and abroad, the countries they delivered and the cooperation they get from the traitors they have in high places, so that cover ups work no matter how transparent the schemes get. Americans seem to thrive on lies; which proves that the Koran is the Good Book.

Occupation is not necessarily the only way to tell when you’ve lost the war. Sometimes it’s just a change at the top. The new president may have an accent or speak a foreign language more fluently than English, say perhaps Arabic. Did you know that Barak speaks fluent Arabic? He’s also fluent in English, except when he’s using an Islamic term; you can hear how those words roll off his lips even if we don’t understand them. Didn’t notice? That’s strange…perhaps you haven’t noticed that Barak has presided over Iftar 4 years running. Surely you’re familiar with Iftar, the end of Ramadan? Obama hasn’t been able to shake the cigarette habit because he is the world’s premier practitioner of the Tobacco Resuscitation Machine. He will blow smoke up your arse all day long because he’s concerned that we are drowning in his line of bull crap and he’s convinced it makes us feel good; the lies that is.

Have you noticed that when Barak informed us that Islam has a rich history of contribution to American heritage or he rolled off the technological contributions Islam contributed, like the invention of Mathematics, his voice assumes a softer, wistful, reverent tone? He gets that way whenever he’s lying for his ideological campaign. Lying is a religious experience for the most devout Muslims.

We’re investigating the cover ups. How many cover ups would that be? The really good cover ups are still unknown to us; that’s only logical…that’s why they’re called cover ups. I have a feeling that the scandals we are privy to are the ones they want us to know about. The cabal knows exactly how to handle investigations and when investigations meet stone walls the Keystone Kops are made to look like conspiracy theorists with answers but no real questions. Loyalty and suspicion are transferred and soon shift from the accuser to the accused as the Hilary’s, Petreus’ and Holder’s lie with impunity (and immunity) and get to sit on the Tobacco Resuscitation Machine while we the people are fed a litany of their patriotic contributions and dubious accomplishments. No lie is outrageous and there is no hesitation to tell us our own eyes and ears deceive us. They also know that we lose heart in these things and wander off muttering to ourselves in frustration; the attention span of the American public being as fickle and without focus as it seems…

We are standing at the edge of a cliff in a stiff wind; gravel coming loose beneath our feet and we think we’re standing on principles. These animals (the cabal) have no principles and that puts us at a disadvantage that makes this a one sided battle, for now.  The blood on our opponent is ours. This is what modern warfare and insidious occupation feels like. Americans who realize the meaning of total transformation and fundamental change see the amazing deterioration of our infrastructure, military readiness, political system, economic uncertainty and religion bashing for what it is…the symptoms of a country occupied by forces intent on our total domination. We are appalled at the numbers of Americans who have apparently capitulated and are heavily committed in aiding and abetting the enemy; some with full knowledge and consent and many more foolishly unwitting.

In this modern age of instant communication and electronic messaging it is amazing that the enemy from within continues to control the message and the tone of the media. The messages of warning and calls to rally Americans to defend the country are muted successfully by a fully complicit and traitorous media. At some point, unless we turn the tide soon, messages like this one will be blocked and the messengers found guilty before trial; then perhaps tried in a mock court of law to set an example to those who still believe free speech is protected by the right to bear arms. I will always believe that to be the case because I am positive of one thing. Regardless of what happens to the Constitution in relation to our daily lives, the Rights enumerated are endowed on all men by our Creator and laws men may make or break can have no lasting effect on the gift of self determination.

The fight to save America and restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic has not begun in earnest and the will of free men to exercise their God given freedoms cannot be smothered for long.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that a president who gives aid and comfort to our enemies and follows only the failed policies of crumbling societies be removed from office. God blessed America and it is our faithful responsibility to use the blessing He gave us to save the Republic. My fellow Americans; do not go along for the ride. Object to the transformation and change we did not bargain for and reject all efforts to disarm us and to further impoverish us. Write, march, call, do whatever is in your power to let it be known that the United States and the Republic for which it stands will endure and prosper again.

Who was it that said “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”? Just a movie, but when life imitates art perhaps we will hear the hue and cry of Americans across this land repeat that refrain… and then act as one.

God bless America,



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