Koran Okays Christian Coptic Killing; (and then some.)

The Muslim Brotherhood celebrates 95 years of peaceful coexistence by offering extra virgins for Coptic heads.

If your hat is on the floor and your head is still in it check with your local Muslim Sharia enforcer. You may have forgotten to convert.

Hany Tawardros and Amgad Konds lived in Buena Vista, New Jersey. They are not household names and likely never will be; and unless you hail from South Jersey you may never have heard of Buena Vista either. Muslims like our sleepy little towns where they can blend in and sort of become part of the pastoral country side…Burkas, beards and brutality notwithstanding.

Hany and Amgad just aren’t newsworthy. Victims of a brutal murder in accordance with a sadistic ritual of a vicious, violent religious sect, they were unceremoniously beheaded, their hands severed from their arms and their dismembered body parts buried in separate graves; to cause some consternation and confusion in the afterlife, I assume. Both victims were Coptic Christians, mortal enemies of the Islamic Faith, the religion of peace. Hey media moguls, cat got your tongue?

Yusuf Ibrahim, the Muslim who carried out the sentence is in custody. He will not become famous for this brutal act either because he is a Muslim and its just not Kosher…sorry, I mean politically correct to bring Muslim exploits up in public discourse these days. Soon it won’t be permitted in private conversations either, but that’s another story. In the eyes of the Muslims he did nothing wrong anyway. As a matter of fact he may even get an extra virgin or two if he tops this heroic feat by blowing himself up in a crowded subway after the evening call to prayers, one fine evening. That would be rush hour in New York.

No doubt he will be represented by a Muslim lawyer who will try his damnedest to have a New Jersey Court take Sharia Law into account, when the trial we will hear next to nothing about, takes place. I would go out on a limb here and suggest that Yusif didn’t quite assimilate…A little further out on the same limb and I dare say that if Yusif had his way we’d all be chasing Islamichabod Crane in the moonlight unless we agree that Islam is a religion of peace and convert.

These were not simple beheadings either. Normally the beheadee would be forced to kneel, hands secured behind his back and beheaded with a little pomp and ceremony. Unfortunately Yusif had to shoot these hapless Coptics before he could slice and dice with any degree of Sharia dignity.

So here’s one dilemma we face. Do we prosecute the outlaw gun that did the killing and let Yusif go back to his prayer rug or was it the blade that did the dastardly deed? Can we please outlaw all Islamic weapons of mass beheading and be-handing? I checked with the Koran and all I come up with is we’re all dead meat unless we convert, submit, pay a fine or pass go.

Now Barak, who is not a Muslim, admonishes us not to jump to conclusions when these things happen. As it turns out the last time we almost made the mistake of blaming Islam when all it was, was, work place violence. Yusif is probably a victim of overzealous religious fervor, induced by radical right wing infidels. Play it down for Allah’s sake.

Best way to resolve the infidel problem is to send tanks, planes and bags of money to Egypt and help Syria work through their family scuffles as best we can. Pay no mind to work place violence or infidel inspired beheadings. Get those homeless Hamas Palestinians off the hot sand and bring them here for tolerance training. Learn to speak Arabic. Muslims love Rosetta stoned.

The religion of peace is reaching out for us. Listen for the sweetest sound on earth and have a good Ramadan. When its over we’ll all break bread on the White House lawn and kiss our Republic goodbye. Allah Akbar my friends. Visit a Mosque near you soon. Soon there will be a Mosque near you. The Commander in Sheik has spoken.

Remember, Islam wasn’t built in a day.


P.S. If you shake hands with one of these Neanderthals make sure its the one he eats with.


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