Remorse is an Emotion That Comes After the Fact


Two Generations From Now Americans Will Not Remember Today’s Struggle

It makes no difference whether we reject and repel this cabal or if we succumb to the changes being imposed and become the product of total transformation, whatever that is. For most of us, unless we make an effort to become informed, history covers our personal life span. That fact played a major role in making us vulnerable to changes far removed from our historical culture and core values, ethics and religious heritage. If you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it.

I was raised on hand-me-downs. I had an uncle who told me my belt went to Canarsie…must have been my oldest brother’s or my father’s. I even used a piece of clothesline on occasion to keep my knickers from falling down around my ankles. Another uncle cut cardboard insoles for my holy shoes to keep my feet from coming in contact with the pavement. Some of you may remember pulling the toes of your socks out and folding the tips under to keep your toes from peeping out.

One of my favorite toys was a mason jar with a screw cap. Tighten down, unscrew, fill the jar with marbles or dirt, tighten, unscrew, empty jar and repeat. That and a cardboard box or a kitchen chair turned upside down kept me occupied for hours on rainy days. My fantasy was flying around the neighborhood on a garbage pail cover and we would occasionally put chewing gum on the end of a stick and fish for pennies through a grate on the sidewalk outside the corner candy store. My oldest brother put a bicycle together from spare parts and 5 or 10 years later it was my pride and joy. My middle brother was more interested in schoolyard fights with anyone who made a crack about pasta fagioli, (better known as pasta fazool), the meaning of the word WOP, (without papers) or just for the exercise. We slept three in a bed and the tar roof outside our bedroom window was our patio on hot summer nights.

I grew up in Brooklyn, U.S.A., first generation, born in America of Italian immigrants. The most often asked question my Italian relatives would ask of me was “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I never thought much about it then but in retrospect that wasn’t such a popular question in Italy or anywhere else was it? That’s why people came to America in the first place. We didn’t have much money but my uncles and aunts and immigrants from all over the world came here so that their children could have that choice; and they could ask with a certain amount of conviction and pride, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” They were expressing the joy of self determination; the confidence of knowing that in America their children were free to achieve their highest potential or fail without undue punishment, free to try again. Only in America could the sons and daughters of immigrants aspire to grand achievement after growing up with holes in their pockets and socks and not be considered foolish.

While our parents scrimped and saved to provide a better life for us they knew their sacrifice would not be in vain; that the only thing standing between us and our dreams and the expectations of our parents were our own limitations. Only Americans had the gift of self determination acknowledged constitutionally to be innate and endowed to all men by the Creator. Only in America could a black kid from the wrong side of the tracks get in deep trouble with the law, serve time in prison and come out to be the most successful boxing promoter of all time and inscribe the words “only in America” on everything he owned; Don King.

So what purpose will total transformation serve? America is the most successful nation in history and our productivity and style inspired and enriched every nation we touched. We, the new kids on the block, in a sense, were called upon to save Europe, not once, but twice and the second time we defeated two enemies on opposite sides of the world, simultaneously; then we rebuilt their infrastructure and introduced them to a world of commerce and free markets and they emulated us and loved us for it…up to a point. And total transformation would do exactly what for us?

The fools who inserted their own interpretation for the meaning of total transformation or just didn’t find it convenient to hear Obama speak of it will soon learn that you don’t fix what ain’t broke. We are being transformed and in the process we are losing our rights and due process one chop at a time. In the end, unless we revolt, no American will have any influence over who sits in the White House and what type of government is imposed on us. Rest assured it will not be a functioning democracy, it will be not a free market society and it will not be one nation under God…at least not the God we believe in.

Was America drowning in capitalism, entrepreneurship and exceptionalism and dying from our enhanced standard of living? Was our literacy rate and living standard in a land of opportunity causing us to reach out for fundamental change and total transformation? Or were we too complacent and allowed a foreign entity to use our own liberal ideas of acceptance without discrimination to exert undue influence over our political system, infiltrate our institutions of higher learning and our school boards at every level, disembowel the media and overwhelm our infrastructure with demands for services and handouts. If Americans have been indoctrinated and dis informed generationally do we really believe they can be rehabilitated and reeducated to understand the advantages of living in a constitutional Republic driven by capitalism vs any other form of government yet devised by man? We can only hope and pray that as the Obama ideology is implemented the stark contrasts will be so evident that we stop the steam roller, see the error of our ways and restore this nation as a functioning constitutional republic before the consequences of socialism make way for an enduring Fascist regime.

We are trading freedom for tyranny because a few too many Americans do not understand what America stood for, for two hundred and fifty years, give or take a decade. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is on life support right now and the doctor in the house has been called…the doctor happens to be the people who failed to keep the patient healthy in the first place. So let’s hope that the doctor comes down with a sever case of buyers’ remorse, realises that this country is fundamentally strong and righteous and we have no business entertaining change for change’s sake.




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