It’s No Lie; Liberals Are Killing Us.

Of course I’m not at a loss for words…but I am perplexed that the words I and hundreds of others who have not lost our minds choose to caution our fellow citizens on the changes that are happening and where we are headed as a result have no effect on the Kool Ade imbibers on the left.

The disconnect is awesome. The unity among liberals to demonize the messengers at all costs makes me think that they are possessed by some sort of mass hypnosis. Our closest friends and relatives, who have never indicated a lack of confidence in our sanity, will turn on us like Linda Blair on Jason Miller, the moment we mention the Constitution and Barak in the same sentence.

What is disconcerting and perplexing is that the liberals I’m referring to will not accept the premise that our warnings are not in the least politically motivated. For my money if the Republican Party collapsed their tent and went the way of the Dodo bird I wouldn’t skip a beat or shed a salty drip as long as the two party system isn’t compromised in the process. It is true that if the same fate befell the Democrat Party I might go on a three day rip but that’s beside the point. What possesses any American to disregard half the country that has the same message and is screaming from roof tops? Our message is that the Republic is at risk and the transformation taking place will forever change our identity and cost us our freedom. Our charges are most often backed by irrefutable evidence, most often Obama’s words and deeds. The left counters facts with opinions and assigns motives to our concerns that would embarrass a nudist on a deserted island. Our democrat counterparts would rather risk the mortal consequences of their misplaced loyalty than give us the benefit of the doubt despite there being no consequences. The consequences we predict will alter the course of history, perhaps forever, and subject us and future generations to massive debt and government imposed mediocrity and restrictions. If we are right, the grand experiment of self government and self determination will be resuscitated and the Constitutional Republic will endure. If we are wrong the grand experiment of self government and self determination will not need resuscitation and the Republic will endure. If the supporters of this political intervention are wrong we all suffer the outcome. The mean spirited attitudes that prevail on the left will have no truck with cautions that come from the perceived enemy; Conservatives. Never-no-mind that Conservatives created the country and the values that liberals depend on to voice their objections to all things Conservative.

Liberals are promised a utopia in which fairness will prevail so long as government regulations determine what is fair. They could not accept that fairytale unless they believe that the rewards of industry should not go to the industrious. I have never seen or heard of a liberal who willingly gave the fruits of their labor so that government could buy the loyalty of slothful recipients and illegal aliens. So Margaret Thatcher was not exaggerating when she said that “the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” What she failed to tell us is that Socialism is the tool of despots used to divide a nation before they are subjected to a dictatorship.

I have no quarrel with liberal ideals when they are free of political motives. Altruism is at the core of Judea Christian doctrine. My experience has been that Conservatives take the act of giving as a personal responsibility and liberals tend to assign the responsibility to government and still feel the intellectual superiority that makes them obnoxious to begin with. When government is successful at convincing liberals that they it will end hunger, cure diseases, abort on demand, clean the environment, save spotted species of bugs, birds and bees, end violence, wars and prejudice just by making everyone pay their fair share, all reason goes out the window. Basic mathematical principles are subjugated to hatred for right wingers who don’t care a whit about the underprivileged and underrepresented underclass of all species on this fragile planet. Perhaps, just perhaps, therein lays the problem. When the lies are so seductive that liberals can’t resist do they all forget to ask “will you still love me in the morning?” Do all liberals believe that politicians who ring their doorbells with armfuls of other people’s money have free stuff conjured out of thin air?

If I caution a thirsty liberal to not drink the water I know he will at least think twice or try it on the cat. Any warning is taken with a degree of caution and when the warning comes from a friend or relative it is taken even more seriously. But tell a liberal our country is being looted and dismembered by charlatans or we are about to lose the Republic and we are immediately accused of fabrication, political bias, prejudice, scare tactics, you name it; anything but the patriotic concerns of fellow citizens.

Still I persevere and pray that one day soon all Americans will act to save this country from certain devastation. And when we have a reasonable restoration of what once was the cradle of democracy, liberty and justice they can go back to being the misguided democrats and republicans that allowed us to get into this mess in the first place; and pray we last another two hundred and fifty years. Amen.

Ever your mistrusted Conservative patriot,


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