Fool’s Gold

We are following a blind man on a unicycle that depicts a beautiful sunrise while we’re standing in the rain on a dark and dreary wintry night. We are blessed with sight but refuse to open our eyes to reality; so we follow.

America is a shiny locomotive with a mighty steam engine sitting on a side rail. All we have to do is shovel a little coal to stoke the fire but we refuse. “Do not mine coal, it is dirty and I will bankrupt coal companies to better our economy and our environment” echoes the blind man on an unsteady unicycle. The engine that drives our economy sits sadly idle.

This man on a unicycle is a visitor from the dark side telling us who have only to open our eyes to see, that we mustn’t open our eyes in fairness to those who cannot see. He has come to lead us to the light where we will have prosperity and equality, fair and balanced, that we were too selfish and drunk with power to embrace in our old ways. This blind man can only lead those who will not see but since we accept his rules of conduct we will not open our eyes; we will be transformed and our enemies will love us and our friends will admire us and we will be generous to all who condemn the greedy bankers.

With his sightless eyes wide open he sees only darkness before him but tells us he sees rays of light and rainbows upon rainbows and will lead us to mounds of gold at each rainbow’s end, this blind man on a unicycle, going in circles, ever closer to the edge of the earth; if only we forsake our false God and hand our guns to his disciples.

Nor does he hear the voices of the people, a sound so grating and distracting that this blind man who will not hear us prefers we not speak and teaches us a new politically correct and fitting vocabulary sure not to offend our enemies lest they punish us. He hears only the most beautiful sound on earth, the Muslim call to evening prayers. We know they pray for our demise but we will not speak it; they do not pray to our God; their God urges the death and dismemberment for minor offenses and death to all infidels; our God is a Master of peace and brotherly love and tells us to achieve our highest potential in his image…on his unicycle the blind man who does not hear preaches division and revenge…hear not see not and I will lead you to a better place.

We are inured to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil; the sightless man we follow blindly teaches us that patriots who speak out against his wisdom are evil; it would be evil to see the lines of unemployed and hopeless citizens when he sees loyal followers being cared for by a benevolent government; it is evil to find fault with the change we have not yet learned to appreciate fully. If we smell the acrid odor of burning flesh at the gates of hell we will be told it is the attar of roses we will come to love. The visitor from the dark side has a way with words; nothing is as it seems. Failure is resounding success in the making…more failure will result in greater rewards.

Well my fellow Americans, if we refuse to open our eyes or hear what is being said is it no wonder that we follow a blind man on a unicycle. Even with our eyes shut tightly do we see a warrior on a golden Chariot when he will not condescend to show us who he really is, where he really came from and what he really has in store for us? What form of insanity has befallen us that we fully expect to regain our former greatness by diminishing our productivity, that we will not lose our freedom if we surrender our guns, that we will pay our debts by spending and win our wars by disarming?

Our founding fathers managed with great pondering to distill Judea Christian teachings, the experience of great civilizations before us and the wisdom of philosophers and prophets into a simple document an eighth grader can read and understand in a few minutes, and gave us a blueprint for an orderly and just society of laws based on Judea Christian principles. It establishes the equality of man and the ideal of self government in plain language.

In four years this administration with ambitions of autocratic rule, has provided us with more new laws in four years than would take a Magna Cum Laude college graduate with a PhD in English years to read and a lifetime to comprehend. The Health Care Bill alone is two thousand pages and filled with contradictions, vagaries and unrelated additions. From an administration that turns its back on court rulings they don’t agree with we are asked to walk a chalk line to avoid breaking laws we have no idea exist. The blind man on a unicycle is a mirage. We are following an ideological despot determined to use the powers of our presidency and our seat of government to bring us to our knees under socialism so that one day we will be ruled by Islamic Fascism.

Let me be your leader. I am everyman. I am the Minute Man standing by my plow with a long gun by my side. I will grow your crops or smite your enemies…but cannot stand by and allow my plow to got to rust and my rifle to fall to the ground. I am you. We are looking for a leader to show us the way out of this morass and the leader is you; it is me and every American patriot who will take the few minutes to read our Constitution and Bill of Rights and respect and honor the Creator who made us in His image, and the wisdom of the founders who trusted us with this rare gift of self determination; not to be governed but to be civilized and protective of the gift we have.

We were not born to follow. We are Americans and we will lead. Our government is empowered by us and that is our heritage and our profound responsibility. Last night you heard a soap salesman describe beautiful rainbows and glorious sunrises if only we follow him to the gates of hell to be committed to the flames of damnation. With eyes close and ears cupped we are trading the greatest nation on earth for the vision of one man for his personal gain and the elevation of evil over our Judea Christian heritage.

Open your eyes to the real world. Listen to what is really being said. Smell the attar of roses not the stench of defeat. Remove the threat of transformation. Since when will Americans not rise up to defend our flag?



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