Nor Shall He Diminish the Truth

Yesterday President Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha for his courageous leadership and uncommon valor during a daylong firefight in Afghanistan in 2009.

In Benghazi we refused to protect an Embassy that asked for military support for being exposed to increasing danger and when under attack and in need of rescue our leadership was woefully unresponsive and appeared unwilling to come to their rescue.

In Afghanistan we deployed a small unit to a location that was geographically indefensible, strategically unwarranted and logistically suicidal. When the inevitable attack came we sacrificed 8 brave soldiers and suffered 20 wounded, not counting PTSD…which the survivors would likely exhibit in light of their knowledge of the insanity and futility of their deployment.

Benghazi is the subject of a brazen, in your face cover up of such bold proportions that Americans are stunned at the audacity to lie glibly, change stories and obfuscate with no fear of consequence or concern of accountability at the highest levels of our agencies up to and including the president.

Combat Outpost Keating was even more appalling in the total disregard for the safety of American lives, the waste of American combat resources and the insensitivity of a command that puts our treasured boys in harm’s way for the wrong reasons. There was no cover up; there was a failure to report the incident and in hindsight the failure was intentional and with political purpose. Only individual heroism is responsible for preventing a demoralizing defeat and the loss of every American soldier in the camp. The malfeasance is systemic and we continue to display an unfortunate disregard for basic military deployment procedures. It is not what we teach our West Point cadets.

There exists in our new military command a propensity for unwarranted risk and poor judgement which goes without reprimand or consequences. Only the wanton loss of American lives stands as testimony to inept leadership. As an old Wall Streeter I understand the concept of risk vs reward full well and have come to believe that risk without adequate reward is a military strategy born of desperation or willful capitulation.

Tonight Obama will exploit the hero of the Keating Outpost to precede the rhetoric in the State of the Union Address. There will not be a trace of embarrassment or apology for putting this veteran in a situation that required an extraordinary act of heroism survival. The act of presenting the award will be celebrated as much as the deeds that earned it. The award is well deserved to be sure and the least we can do for this incredible display of valor and sacrifice beyond the call of duty. Obama, like any public figure who is intent on introducing socialism, is painfully aware that it will not go down without a spoonful of honey.

The policies that result in economic ruin wherever they are imposed and mire us in stagnation will be presented as the mastermind strategy to create wealth and stability to our crumbling economy.

The policies of gun control that see rising crime rates wherever they are imposed will be presented as the elixir to end violence in America.

The refusal to protect our borders or punish illegal entry into our country will be presented as the only solution to immigration abuse.

A government spending spree will be presented as the logical antidote for high unemployment and shrinking revenues.

Higher taxes on one segment of society will be presented as the mathematical solution to justify unsustainable social programs.

Reducing the size of our military presence in dangerous regions leaving the remaining forces less capable will be presented as a life saving measure and winning strategy.

A plea for unity will attempt to mask the politics of division.

The State of the Union is in disarray, dysfunction and disaster.

Our decline is in a free fall spiral but perhaps that is what it takes to raise our ire and awareness to see the stark contrast to what we were born to be and what we have become. Let us no longer tolerate the transformation that seeks to replace the Republic with a socialistic democracy. Have the courage to reclaim our rightful heritage.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause; we have many.

God bless America,



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