Politically Incorrect To a Fault

 Right now in America, nothing is more important than the Second Amendment to America. If it is infringed we become a nation vulnerable to the whims of foreign invaders and/or oppressive government, something Americans have not experienced yet, by the Grace of God. 

The importance given the issue by the Obama team is inordinate and unwarranted and has the potential to change our character and affect our security. There is no excuse for the fanfare and campaign tour with speeches that spew intentional misrepresentation of facts and motives. If Obama were telling the truth about his intentions all I can say is that actions speak louder than words. We could be thinking of ways to isolate or identify the mentally ill, disturbed with a propensity toward violence. We could examine the facts and encourage qualified, responsible gun ownership which is PROVEN TO REDUCE CRIME with guns. But Obama is intent on his political purpose to infringe on our rights; our safety is not his concern. Registration is an invasive inconvenience to law abiding citizens which provides government with a data base that can do nothing to prevent the mentally disturbed or people with jealous rage, temper tantrums or criminals, from spontaneous mayhem or planned executions; they are mad, jealous, angry or crime intent and do not obey the law, care about the law or announce their intentions. They will have guns if they have to steal them, import them or make them. Remember the “zip guns” of the ’50’s? Gun free zones are simply the playgrounds and job sites for the criminally insane. 

What Obama proposes for our own good is tantamount to locking up law abiding citizens and leaving the madmen free to do their madness. No argument studded with facts and historical accounts, no matter how blatant and accurate that demonstrates how guns save lives and reduce crimes in the hands of law abiding folks have any effect, because we are talking apples and he is talking bitter pills. To engage Obama in a discourse that he will respond to we must discuss his agenda with agreement and cooperation and we can’t very well do that, can we?

The sensible alternative would be to charge him with malfeasance with intent to defraud ( I could go on) and I understand that without the media to at least mention our dissatisfaction and claims it is the proverbial tree falling silently; Obama understands that as well. What I’m saying is basic; a biased media should not dissuade us and our frustration should not cause us to repeatedly point out the obvious, like children who continuously ask “why not?” Despite protestations to the contrary, the obvious is that Obama wants gun controls so stringent that water pistols would have to be registered and kept in a lock up. If Barak was assured that he could collect even 50 or 60% of the guns in America, FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, he would pay $1,000 dollars or more for each one. Why not? He has a printing press at his disposal and printing new money to pay with accomplishes another goal he obviously pursues…a weak dollar.

We continually treat Barak as though he is clueless and misguided when he is actually consistent and focused on an agenda that is inverse to his stated goals and our Constitutional heritage. It is plainly written in the Koran and in the Communist Manifesto; lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny. If his proposals are antithetical, then for God’s sake this “law professor” wants the results he’s getting or is intent on getting. When he tells us it is “time to do something about the killing in America” and proposes something that cannot achieve that mission, he knows it better than we do, obviously. Republicans will relent as usual and pass some seemingly innocuous law, having to do with registration or back ground checks or both, and claim victory. Obama will bemoan the fact that the Republicans are standing in the way of progress and never admit that a foot in the door is better than a stick in the eye; privately he will rejoice and then get on with expanding his advantage, over our objections. Incremental political strategy has finally worked for Marxist/Socialists (for the last 100 years) and until we find a way to expose and stop it the forces for liberal confuscation will wear it to death.

We mustn’t overlook the fact that Obama has been prodding around to see how much support he can garner and how much he can deprive us of, if violence becomes a sad reality between government and the people. 

There is no pretext of trying to address fiscal issues or any other issue we logically believe should be prioritized; Obama is content to focus on our gun rights for now and will accept any chink in our defense of the Second Amendment. Does it occur to anyone that his plan to Transform America may be stalled over the gun issue? Four years is a spec in a dust storm when you have dastardly deeds to perform.

We are ignoring the gathering clouds. Gov agencies are hoarding hollow point ammunition, top brass are asked if they would fire on American citizens, DOJ hints that it may be legal to use Drones against Americans, there are still Muslin training camps dotting the landscape, we’ve stopped asking where the Palestinian refugees are that Obama invited here, all expenses paid, Homeland (in-) Security is graduating classes of new militia and Obama is repeating that his gun initiatives don’t affect the Second Amendment every time he opens his mouth and he hasn’t shut it since the tragedy in Sandy Point gave him a platform for gun control. Me-thinks he protesteth too much; me know he lie-eth like a rug in the mud.

When government comes for your guns you bless the Second Amendment or perish in ignorance with a rock in one hand and a stick in the other…if we no longer have it.

End the revolution before it begins. Disarm Obama not me.

 God Bless us all.

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