I’ll Do Whatever it Takes

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

Have you ever said or thought “I’ll do whatever it takes” for a cause you cared about? These are not words that should be bandied about lightly. Most often these are words uttered when we know some sacrifice may be needed but we already know or think we know what will be required of us to benefit someone or something we care deeply about more likely ourselves..

The most sincere use of the term I know of is when our forefathers pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”. They meant it and then proceeded to act on their vows without delay or hesitation. They not only said “I’ll do whatever it takes” they meant “I will give my all and hold back nothing.” These were men of means who had substantial worldly goods at stake and far more; families, homes, prominence and wealth but they were also men of faith who knew that of the three items pledged, their worldly goods represented the least valuable commodity they pledged, their lives the second and by far the most coveted item pledged was their honor; yet they put their families at grave risk when they agreed to rebuke the Crown. They were men of their word who understood without reservation the depth of the cause they adopted. They were men of destiny who found themselves at a crossroads of history that may never again present so clearly a choice they would make to effect generations yet to come and they had no qualms. I know of no other commitment made by men of good faith for any other cause that stood the test of wills so well or would change the course of history so decisively after the sacrifice of Christ on the cross for mankind. With it they gave us “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and the right to be self governed forever more. They valued self determination and free will as a legacy for future generations so highly that they would sacrifice their very existence to secure that God given right for us. They first determined that these are indeed endowed by our creator which meant the path they must follow was, in a way, chosen for them.

“I’ll do whatever it takes” are powerful words, that when spoken in earnest, will test the bounds of loyalty and sacrifice and define our character and integrity; but are too often spoken to convince others we are more committed than we really are. It may be spoken to win undeserved admiration or to inspire similar devotion from others, but requires great courage when the stakes are high and the demand to keep your promise is in the present, immediate in nature.

It is inferred in the oath of office for the president of this great country when he is asked to defend the result of the immense, selfless sacrifice made by our founders; the Constitution of the United States. He is asked to do so by swearing an oath to God, in essence to do whatever it takes, to defend this nation against all enemies and to uphold our laws; and this president could not bring himself to do so. In my eyes and in my heart he is not only unqualified to hold office, he is unworthy of the honor. I would hold that opinion of any man who, having been elected to serve the people, has as a caveat no reference to a Higher Power to give him a moral purpose to keep his word, but he also comes to the ceremony having expressed his contradictions to our sacred founding documents. His only obligation then is to do the things he has told us are his basic intentions as the leader of the free world, the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces and the President of the constitutional Republic he was elected to lead; namely to change us fundamentally and to bring about total transformation.

Under our laws he was free to work for his views as hard and long as he saw fit as a private citizen, with no objection. To take the office that sways opinion and provides the agenda his administration will follow is, if he is indeed a citizen, an act of aggression, perhaps treason, against the United States. To complicate matters further there is an opinion held by many patriots that he was not elected without fraud. If that is the case, according to his opinions plainly stated, edicts, presidential decrees and the policies imposed by the laws he suborned, he is an enemy combatant or acting on behalf of a foreign power that is committed to our destruction. He is not, I promise you, naive or inexperienced.

This is what I see; I can only ask myself what such an enemy would do differently if Obama is merely an ideologue who believes his policies will benefit the majority of Americans in the long run. (He’s had four years to demonstrate the wisdom of his contradictory ideas.) Many Americans believe that to be the case and their stubborn refusal to at least admit that nothing Obama has fed us is working in our best interest is leading us all down the primrose path.

Now is the time for Americans who believe in the Constitution and the sovereignty of this nation to pledge to do whatever it takes to remove this cabal from our midst; to defy a government that would make us vulnerable and unsafe by disarming law abiding citizens in the name of making us a safer society. Our founders swore their lives, fortunes and sacred honor and then told us that when a government comes along intent on disarming us we must act to defend the nation. Please; if you can’t pledge to do whatever it takes at least have the presence of mind to reject any attempt to take our guns. They, when all else is tried and failed, in the hands of good men, will keep us free.

God bless America.




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