The Muslim Brotherhood at Home and Abroad

An “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” really is biblically effective. It is time we realize that something has come for our eyes, our teeth, our religion and our guns. When will it be our turn?

When you begin to hear politicians identify the root of our problems as the Muslim Brotherhood, that will signal the beginning of our return to sanity. Don’t hold your breath though; Obama has done all in his power to prevent that from happening and goes to extremes to keep that name out of the American lexicon; the media has been more than complicit. When you begin to hear politicians identify the root of world problems as the Muslim Brotherhood that will signal the beginning of a return to Judea Christian values and the rejection of hate speech and acts of violence for ideological ends; and we will not likely see that in our lifetimes. Obama has elevated their status from renegade political fringe to renegade political and military power forces.

If Obama is not a Muslim then the Muslim Brotherhood owes their most impressive advances in 1,000 years to a born again Christian. Just wondering; if we don’t positively know where Barak Hussein was born the first time do we know where he was born again? Oh yeah. In the Reverend White’s black supremacist church…or was that Barry Soetero who threw the bombastic referend under the bus once he got into the White House?
If you recall, when Obama first come to power we were cautioned not use the term “Muslim” or even “terrorist” or “Muslim terrorist”, God forbid, and terrorism itself was not a term to be bandied about liberally. We were also cautioned not to refer to Barry as Barak Hussein Obama…not until he clinched the presidency and announced that it was okay…sort of. I think it’s a matter of intonation and deference…if you say it with a chip on your shoulder or not. That is perfectly understandable, considering how sensitive Muslims are when it comes to feeling offended.
For the record. There is no militant group killing and blowing things up around the world and in American Embassies that is not directly or indirectly related to the Muslim Brotherhood…the scourge of mankind. The Muslim Brotherhood was incorporated in 1928 as a political organization committed to using the religion of Islam to force membership and loyalty but whose sole mission was and is to bring down Western Civilization, namely the United States and Israel, in the name of Islam and impose Sharia law in the whole wide world…Islamic Fascism. So please try not to bandy that about or before you know it everybody will know what’s going on.
We are arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt with fire power and air superiority that will make them the most formidable military power in the Middle East and half of Europe. Soon they will have the gumption and equipment to attack Israel, blame it on Israel and shed crocodile tears in case we shake a finger at them, even if it’s just for show. Their tears will be dabbed soon enough as the world condemns Israel for instigating and we remain mute. We do this in conjunction with providing the Muslim Brotherhood with control of territory and countries that have for many decades kept the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining political office or influence in their dictator led countries, once nearly allies.
We refuse to assist Syrian freedom fighters or condemn Assad for his proclivity to murder his own people mercilessly. Surely the Muslim Brotherhood will emerge as the winner here as well and Obama will reward the winner with gifts and high praise.
While we build the military presence of enemy and potential enemy states, we are weakening and depleting our own military response capability at home and abroad and engaging in reducing our own ordnance and military hardware, thanks to Barak H., who outflanks, outsmarts and outmaneuvers Republican law makers with predictable regularity.
We will never know the extent of the cover-up in Benghazi as long as the trail leads to the White House; again, we know it but dare not say it. John Kerry to the rescue. Oy vey! Is anyone keeping track of cover-ups? Quick pass me my abacus! Oops, too late where’s Hal 9000 when you need him?
Egypt’s freedom fighters rebel at the outcome of their revolution and commit to another civil war and our response is to provide the new Muslim Brotherhood leadership with unprecedented, overwhelming air power and tacit if not public approval of the new oppressive president who spits in our eye and condemns our allies with vile, almost incomprehensible hate speech. The Middle East body count since the vaunted Arab Spring does nothing to raise world denunciation or ours. The First Amendment lives in the sanctity of leadership; as if Barak isn’t guilty of uttering phrases and statements that no other president could get away with. The proletariat is bribed into silence but eventually murdered for making demands dictators will not tolerate…liberty is taken, never given; and never taken back without the blood and sacrifice of freedom fighters. Would that they knew it is far less violent or blood costly to defend and keep freedom if you are so blessed…
While we show indifference to the plight of millions of Middle East citizens seeking freedom from oppression with minimal weapons, in some cases sticks and stones, Obama is using every device in his arsenal to disarm the American electorate. He speaks of “comprehensive, common sense” reforms and boldly states that he supports the Second Amendment and does not “want” our guns; but supports the broadest ban on weapons of all classifications. Listen closely; those are the words only a dictator would choose…”I don’t want your guns”. He has even let it be known that he enjoys a little skeet shooting on occasion; see? Hes not anti gun after all! Marsha Blackburn challenged the Commander in Sheik will not be given the opportunity to compete; only because a Republican holding a rifle in close proximity is not something an Ideological Islamic Fascist is comfortable with.
Our fiscal affairs are in total disorder with spending, borrowing and printing currency offered as sure fire solutions to certain catastrophe and even promises a robust recovery of our economy will result. What will result, my friends, is the collapse of the dollar, hyper inflation and Marshal Law.
We point to the rising stock market as an indicator of economic improvement ignoring the underlying potential for collapse and most logical explanation for the bullish performance; a weak dollar, unreported inflation, the potential for higher inflation and earnings resulting from lowered overhead in expectation of higher taxes and healthcare costs.
Teenage unemployment is at 24% but liberals insist that minimum wage laws provide a decent wage to everyone. There is no availability of equity finance or an exit strategy for entrepreneurs and Dems and Republicans alike insist that small businesses will soon kick in to stimulate the economy. The infrastructure that created new jobs and a renewable middle class was surgically removed over 50 years or so, in preparation for today’s climate of Socialist acceptability. Duh! Read my book, Treason Among Us. There are no coincidences in politics.
We admit that there is news bias and allow liberal media to demonize any attempt to report facts on the ground; it’s that old kill the messenger syndrome. Gestapo type selective enforcement of imagined or minor infractions does not raise the specter of oppressive government; not much. The Second Amendment, again, is our only insurance against oppressive government and thanks in large part to media bias, armed invasions or intrusions, by EPA, IRS, FDA and FBI agents, of certain companies and individuals is under reported, not reported or reported inaccurately. Gibson Guitar struck a sour note with exotic wood lovers in our government and paid a steep price.

Promises not to tax are followed by broad based tax increases and silent taxes through increased fees and costs. The health care bill is totally exposed as providing the exact opposite market effect than originally claimed and no one talks about the draconian bills that were attached or the hundreds of political exemptions handed out to cronies and donors; even the Congress is exempt oddly enough. But few are listening. An informed electorate would go a long way to raising awareness but you can’t inform those who refuse to hear, see or even smell a rat.

We listen to presidential exhortations for cooperation and unity and refuse to attribute the opposite effect to Obama’s divisive political and social policies. Democrats march in lockstep, seemingly unaware or unconcerned that every vote they make toeing the party line changes our nation incrementally and results in a dramatic irreversible transfer of power from the people to the White House and ultimately their jobs may well become obsolete by autocracy. The Oath of Office has been revised to reflect the president’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof, just as his speeches have belied his false claim to Christianity and extolled the Islamic faith repeatedly. His defense of terrorists and refusal to refer to terrorism honestly, coupled with his financial, political and military support of the most outwardly hostile organization in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood, does not incite us to unite to reject any of the countless obscene acts of treachery.
The man who promised “total transformation and fundamental change” has momentum on his side but more important he has a party that has no compunction to support the most unconstitutional legislation and administration imperatives that attack our heritage on every level existence; religion, economy, social mores, education, patriotism, sovereignty, ecology, health, you name it. We are under attack and in no instance is this administration interested in our tradition of government, fiscal responsibility, international influence or moral turpitude.
If we will not raise our voices against an obvious pattern and persistent agenda that takes “total transformation” to foolishly unexpected anti American heights of betrayal, what hope is there for the next generation who will inherit our mess? If we haven’t inherited the will to defend our country from all invaders how will our children know that their true heritage was to be self governed and freedom to achieve? And when they seek a savior, as Europe did twice, who will come to their aid and secure their freedom as we did for all of Europe? If we won’t even take the time to look at the facts for our own sake and recognize the obvious movement underfoot is the destruction of our country, what are we condemning our children to?
It behooves every American to examine his/her conscience and analyze our motives for enabling the taking of our country without resistance. This battle for the destiny of America is far from over if only we unite and enter the fray. The Muslim Brotherhood has openly declared war on America. Islam has, as its stated objective, the conversion, enslavement or murder of all infidels. Iran openly states their hatred for us and we allow their president to walk freely among us and make speeches against us and our greatest ally, Israel, on our soil. A Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States voices her opinion that other nations should not follow the model of our Constitution when drafting their own. The current president has openly declared that his objectives are not consistent with our Constitution or traditional American ideals. Our lawmakers seek to enact laws that are blatantly unconstitutional. We observe election fraud and deny it affected the outcome of the election.
We the people remain passive and continue to praise this country for the blessings and glory of days gone by as though this decline is merely a bump in the road. I hear no mention or awareness that our best days are behind us unless we restore our courage and take action to reject the forces that are committed to our defeat. All of these people are at war or dedicated to our destruction and we are not supposed to object and don’t even react when our feeble objections are denied or go unreported. Political correctness determines our vocal opinions and we don’t even quote the man who said “we are not at war with Islam and never will be as long as I am President of the United States.”
His greatest fear and that of the Muslim Brotherhood is that our Judea Christian heritage will be restored, we will identify the true cause of our flagging society and take back our country with the help and blessing of our Lord and Savior and return to Constitutional precepts in earnest. Their greatest fear is my earnest prayer.
God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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  •  On February 14, 2013 at 4:44 am

    It’s hard to find experienced people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


  • Heriberto  On February 14, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Highly energetic blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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