Don’t Tread On Me

If we take our ignorance or our fears to the grave how have we served the Lord, our fellow man or our country?

Recently I have been a bit more vocal about the potential I feel for Americans to rebel. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking but I honestly feel that when the voice of the people is consistently ignored and events are staged to influence opinion, tolerance is uncalled for. I have never been accused of being a hawk and I certainly don’t condone or advocate for violence. I am also disinclined to let the threat of violence deter me from exposing injustice or cause me to abandon my principles, my property or my country. I believe whole heatedly in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the core values this country holds dear. To me the First and Second Amendments set the tone for the entire premise the Republic represents and the Amendments that follow.

Speech can be modified or tempered to meet the requirements of civility and that discussion has been tortured beyond my ken but I respect the rights of others who may seek clarification, though I doubt their motives. For myself the words are perfectly clear and unambiguous. As for the Second Amendment I have no such inclination. The Second Amendment is there to assure us that the first will not be abridged. It is the lynch pin that gives us, unlike any other citizenry in modern history, a strong deterrent to oppressive government and foreign intrusion. The unique properties of our Constitutional Republic make it imperative that we ourselves protect our system of self government or surely forfeit any claims to it. Protect; as in against any challenge or intruder, by force if necessary.

Our forefathers were convinced that the most likely source of challenge to this republic would be our own government. For this reason the founders sought to establish the Conservative, Judea Christian concept of self determination, which is the basis for government of, by and for the people, as irrevocable and implacable. Failing to achieve that security, they warned us of the challenges we would inevitably face if alternate ideas for government are permitted to vie for positions of power. Hence the alternate idea that people should be governed has been with us since Plymouth Rock and has on every occasion sought to supplant our founding documents with their ideas. The Second Amendment is provided to assure us that if the holder of contradictory ideas fails to hold sway in the democratic process they would be dissuaded from imposing themselves by force. That is why the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and critical to the survival of this nation as we know it, in the form first presented and not infringed. It is precisely why any government or person that seeks to amend, replace or reinterpret the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is either ignorant of our laws or opposes them. Such a person cannot come to us with honorable intentions or clean hands and must be dissuaded or conquered. That is the onus of responsibility placed on us by the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. No less is demanded of us whether born here or settled here to enjoy our liberty and we should not shrink from that responsibility any more than our forefathers shrank from the prospect of losing their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, to provide us with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have lavished in the benefits of self determination and opportunity never before afforded civilized people in modern history, at least.

My friends and fellow Americans; we have not kept our part of the bargain. We are presented with the text book version of our forefathers’ foresight and we waver with indecision and doubt. Is the man in the White House the Messiah or the devil incarnate? Are his lapses in judgement and questionable decisions the product of naivety or intentional willful acts of defiance to change America to a vision more to his liking? I plead with every American to ask themselves why it matters. Death by a thousand cuts or death by a single mortal blow; death from reckless behavior or from the cure that kills are, in a word, unacceptable. One act that will destroy this nation is no more agreeable than the thousands of draconian new laws and unsettling policies that will have the same result.

Which offense offends you? I can list hundreds of un-American, anti-American, counterproductive, fiscally suicidal, counter intuitive, dangerous and illogical acts we have been subjected to. None seem to have moved us to take the measures that are normally called for…recall, impeachment or arrest and trial. The audacity to impose total transformation is cause in itself for rejection if we are truly proud of this nation’s heritage. The consistent and willful determination to remove our guns should be the clincher. The fact that Americans are not “up in arms” is puzzling and disconcerting. The Second Amendment, once breached, ends our 250 year reign as a people self governed.

Do we need to be dragged off into the bushes to know that the dragger and the draggee are not going to come out of the bushes together?

Wake up and show some defiance! Show some spunk and demand that our Rights be restored and the usurper be removed for cause. We have many.

God bless America.




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