The Fat Lady Will Not Sing God Bless America

It is no coincidence that Barak waited until the Republicans (RINO’s) came up with a plan for immigration before he would make his plan known. Charlie Brown lives in the hearts of all Republicans who still think they can negotiate and compromise with an ideologue. Now the Four Horsemen

(in Rubio, McCain, Graham and Flake’s dreams) plan with a “path to citizenship” is characterized as prejudicial and draconian and Barak heroically says leave things as they are, except legalize illegality, open borders are egalistic (my word for fair and balanced), and can’t we all just get along…and the gallery cheers ring out…ole! Ole! Kudos to Mike Lee on this one who had the good sense to walk away with his integrity in tact. The Dems have two Nancy’s; one takes the football and the other runs with it. #1 Nancy, who voted against “the fence”, incites aliens by telling them that enforcement of existing immigration laws is un American. Ole. “Incite to riot” used to be against the law.

Nancy, “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” Pelosi, claims that despite what you hear on Fox, spending is not out of control. Of course it isn’t. Controlled spending in dem-speak is when the Democrats control what is spent. Barak has already tried, on more than one occasion, to have unlimited borrowing power without oversight. He’s not a dictator; not until he doesn’t have to ask.

You ask is confiscation next.

Confiscation is taking place as we speak as far as our assets are concerned. Artificially low interest rates force people living on savings to use principal to pay bills and live. That is a form of confiscation. Social Security has been confiscated with the simple change of its name. It is now Government Entitlement; the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet, but why change the name if you don’t have a plan? IRA’s are already under consideration as a method of taking the value from holders and paying out at a later date ala Social Security. Nothing sinister going on, just transformation as usual.

Now to the heart of the matter.
Any form of gun control is encroachment; encroachment is infringement. The initial step is to make certain guns and ammo unavailable, expand back ground checks and oh yeah, registration; what’s that all about? But the ultimate goal is to remove our guns. It cannot be done without confiscation, my freedom loving, delusional experts in compromise. “Voluntary” surrender has consequences if not accepted. No Socialist program can exist for long without confiscation and this administration has engaged in the practice at a much earlier stage than other dictatorships. Once the ground work is set confiscation without compunction will happen at the speed of sound with lightning bolts punctuating the end of a Constitutional Republic. 

 Bottom line?
If we don’t stop gnawing at the edges the facts will escape us. The last act before total transformation is disarmament. After we are unarmed confiscation is far less dangerous to the enemy in the White House. The line in the sand is drawn. Lord knows there are hundreds of arrows coming at us but if we want to survive this cabal know that as long as we have our guns there are limits, not acceptable limits, but limits nonetheless, beyond which this dictator-in-waiting cannot go. Islamic Fascism is the end game…called by any other name, after transformation what did you think we would have?

While we have the ability to choose I hope we choose liberty and the restoration of a functioning Constitutional Republic. Without guns the choice we must make can be suicidal.

Our options?
1) An organized, planned secession of like-minded states is the least violent option with the greatest chance of success. It may be the equivalent of driving into a tree to prevent going over a cliff but we may have waited too long to stop the transformation from the Republic we love to the government of whim at the hands of an ideological despot.

2) Wait until the fat lady sings.

What is at stake?

Benjamin Franklin cautioned us in answer to “what have you given us?” …”a Republic if you can keep it.” It boils down to guns. If we give up or compromise on the Second Amendment Mr. Franklin will say his greatest fears are realized.

Into the sink hole of Fascism will go the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obama will have reversed the order of authority he said troubled him when he came to power. Self determination will come down to whether we choose to obey or disobey and the religion of choice will be offended if we proceed with the free exercise option we take for granted in this America. And by the way…the Right to Assemble has already been abridged by government goons multiple times.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause. We have many. End the revolution before it begins; disarm Obama not me.

God bless America.



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