How Will History Judge Us

Never in my recollection have I heard the mention of rebellion, revolution, secession and other terms that speak to the exasperation of human endurance over concerns that the country has been transformed without the consent, approval or cooperation of the electorate.
Admittedly…no, proudly, I have been a proponent of any and all of these options as a last ditch solution to the events that portend the dissolution of the Republic, the end of American exceptionalism and the elevation of Islam above our Judea Christian heritage. Surveying the damage done to our infrastructure, the many variances from the written words of our Constitution and our concessions to social programs administered at the federal level, it will take drastic measures to restore the principles originally incorporated in the founding of this nation. These principles are tried and true and no other government design has done more to raise the awareness of men to their true potential. It is the concept of self government and self determination that is under attack, not merely the size and scope of government. Eliminate the concept of self government and we are subject to central rule, dictatorship or the whims of  despots.
It is inconceivable to me that anyone with honorable intentions would discard this form of government in favor of any other known to man; there is no equal. It is even more inconceivable that a nation of people so blessed would entertain the rantings of a madman who condemns 250 bountiful years that enhanced the lives and fortunes of people and nations in more than half the world in war and peace. We not only accepted the premise that we need to atone for our faith, independence and benevolence and apologize for our creativity and wealth, we measure our decline with jaundiced eye and attribute our failings illogically to all but the obvious orchestrator.
The democratic process can no longer be relied on to correct our course. If it was a reliable system still we would not have a cabal misappropriating our assets, denying our religious heritage, dividing our strength and weakening our core values. Today we lack the moral conviction and political intelligence to fight the enemy in our midst with conviction and purpose. Congress has been usurped by a few dominant figures with seniority who are either ideologically committed to the current administration or as Republicans are inured to negotiating from weakness, unaware that compromise is the most powerful tactic the left relies on to further their agenda. Compromise is the enabler of incremental politics which has slowly but surely made this country vulnerable to alternate ideas in stark contrast to the tenets and Judea Christian principles that guided the formation of our nation. Compromise should be judiciously considered and never allowed to infringe on our core values, but it is too late to apply that lesson.
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots”. Thomas Jefferson. It is unfortunate that any scenario we adopt to secure freedom from oppression entails the potential for violence. Dictators do not go peacefully and freedom is not a state of mind; it is hard fought and cherished beyond any other possession. Dictators and potential dictators know full well that a taste of freedom or a taste of slavery is all it takes to turn a peace loving citizen into a fierce combatant. There is no other reason on earth to disarm people. Only a government that has reason to fear its citizens has an imperative to remove their weapons. When that process begins no people on earth should remain complacent and trusting; you are about to be subjugated and resistance will be met with overwhelming force once we are unarmed. Now is the time, my fellow Americans to consider your fate. Will you live the life of a lion, willing to die for your cause or will you live a lifetime as sheep awaiting your turn to be sheared that others may rule to amass fortunes that could never be spent in five lifetimes? They have come for our guns and the end is imminent. Soon citizens will turn on each other hoping to curry favor with their captors. We are not yet divided to the point of turning on each other but isn’t that inevitable? Isn’t that what history teaches us? What proof do we need that isn’t already splayed before us contemptibly, challenging us to object in earnest, yet placating us and cajoling until they can longer deceive us or until we cannot defend ourselves.
It is not a fairy tale with the wolf vaguely disguised as a harmless grandmother. This is our lives, our country, our freedom and our heritage and we are fools if we continue to point out the wolf’s true characteristics and not end the pretense. I believe that waiting for violence to erupt will put us at a severe disadvantage. Revolutions never fare well for the patriots they simply create a vacuum of leadership and inevitably vacuums are filled without consent.
What is called for is a planned secession with like-minded states organized and prepared to deal with any contingency. The states have the legal and moral authority to reform the Republic and demand that the cabal stand down or suffer the consequences. I believe that this is the only option that minimizes the potential for bloodshed and if violence is called for will have the least casualty count with highest potential for success. The states that form the new union must take the necessary steps to make themselves self reliant, formidable and economically superior. It can be done. Cut off the head and the body will flounder. The reformed states will restore the Constitution as the blueprint for democracy and self determination and place our Judea Christian heritage at the core of our ethical existence.
If we awake to realize what is being torn from our existence, hearts and minds we will make choices. In the past our choices have been made for us despite the fact that our Constitution provides the opposite. In the future our choice may will be to accept the fate that befalls us or take control of our destiny; reject the concept of change, deny the forces that transform and return to our roots; one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Today’s decision is the lynch pin that makes those words a reality. The Second Amendment is a perfect statement and must not be tampered with or reinvented. They’re demanding our guns and they will come for us if we relent.
Obama saw fit to omit reference to God in the oath. That is reason enough to take stock of his values in contrast to ours and call for his removal.
God Bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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