Proudly hiding behind our guns and religion

If you are on the fence when it comes to regulations on guns maybe this will help put your feet on the ground.

It may be unthinkable or too farfetched for you and others to imagine that one day Americans will have to take up arms against an invading army, thugs who may make your neighborhood their hangout and your houses their ATM machines, an oppressive government or, if you happen to live in a border state, the already unacceptable conditions of drug dealers, couriers and aliens making your back yard their super highway. How do we take up arms if our guns have been confiscated?

It may be unthinkable but in the case of our borders, would you live in some of these areas today and not own a few rifles, hand guns, shot guns or an “assault rifle, whatever the heck that is? Is Uncle Barak considering an exemption for these beset Americans or only for himself, his entourage and cadre of loyal supporters? (How many exemptions are there vis-a-vis the “health care” bill”?) How many Americans live in remote areas, miles from the nearest neighbor? How many of us live in areas where, if we need help in seconds, the police are just minutes away? All of us…that was a trick question.

As to the other potential circumstances mentioned, all of the above have come to pass historically in America. I’m not talking about the wild West either, I’m talking about urban America and some rural areas as well. I am not willing to let anyone tell me that they are impossible scenarios today. I accept the responsibility for my and my family’s protection because the harsh reality is that I am the first and last line of defense we have; unless the proponents for disarmament are prepared to provide 24 hour armed guards for every citizen just as they do for certain elected officials and dignitaries; certainly my life is worth as much as any dignitary and I hope you feel the same about your life: I do.

That brings us to the Second Amendment which doesn’t necessarily address all of the above. The Second Amendment was written specifically to discourage our government from making decisions that adversely affect our freedom and well being. We were advised repeatedly by the authors that the Amendment does not matter until the government decides to take our guns. Isn’t that precisely what we are witnessing today? No administration in the history of America has invested as much energy and political capital over an extended time for the sole purpose of disarmament. How effective is an armed electorate against an oppressive government or invading force? I am told that Japan considered invading the United States in World War Two but our Right to Bear Arms was the principle discouragement from that option. We know factually that mass murders of citizens in many countries occurred only after guns were confiscated and in most cases guns are demonized and removed to “protect” the people. Just what we are being told right? Aren’t we being told that we will be safer if we remove guns from our society? It makes no more sense than spending more money to get out of debt.

How naive can some of us be? Certainly if Barak Obama stated flatly that he intends to disarm us for the purpose of avoiding armed resistance to his draconian policies the objections would be unanimous. But is that what any potential dictator or even President, whose stated goal is to transform the country would do? Methinks he would do exactly what this Commander in Sheik is doing; cajole, understate, reason, make promises…just as Barak is doing.

I see no reason to make my ownership a matter of public record, which it is. So be it; as a law abiding citizen I accept those requirements. But the argument for gun control is filled with hypocrisy, misrepresentation and outright lies. If gun laws made sense in the United States they would present their argument openly and rationally and not wait for a catastrophe to gain sympathy for their political motives. The argument against gun control is presented with facts, experience and law. Ownership and possession of guns is not only the law of the land it is constitutionally mandated and proven in every instance to make us safer. The Constitution says further that our Right to Bear Arms shall not be infringed. Is the constitution a document to be dusted off and used only when it aids your case or is it indeed the law of the land? Stricter gun regulations result in higher crime rates without exception. Don’t lie to me. Don’t use the anguish and heartbreak of victims’ families to make your point. Don’t demonize me for stating fact and standing with the Constitution, you who use it as a convenience.

If I choose liberty over death it is because I am human and you offer me certain death.

God bless America.


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