How to take our country back

What’s going on, you say? Just to recap let me remind everyone that America is a Republic; a democratic, Constitutional Republic. It is the formula for self government that comprises this Republic and made this nation the most successful, richest, most powerful and influential nation in history, in the world. It is the inherent freedom to achieve your highest potential with no penalty for failure that caused millions of people from every nation in the world to come to America to live and raise their families. Millions more came here to experience self determination, even though some didn’t realize that is the magical, God given gift our form of government uniquely attributes to God and takes no hand in. Millions more came to attend the churches of their choosing with no risk of repercussions. These millions of humans who had the temerity to dare to succeed, to seek liberty at any cost, to abandon their homelands for a better life, many of whom were willing to sacrifice their lives for this freedom, are the force behind our individuality and American exceptionalism. We the People are descendant from this root stock.

What’s going on? We are passing through a phase in history when our failure to tend the garden that feeds us, our failure to understand the nuances of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and our failure to protect our children from indoctrination into a philosophy that is contradictory to everything we hold dear and took for granted, is coming home to roost. We paid extravagant tuition fees to provide our children with higher educations that perhaps we were not able to afford for ourselves, even children who had no aptitude for academic pursuits, and never realized we were sending them to hotbeds of communist and socialist indoctrination institutions. The product of this lapse in judgement  are today’s adults who listen to socialist propaganda beside us and hear a totally different message than we do. Without drawing back the curtain to see exactly who the Wizard is and what he believes in, his words sound reasonable and fair, in a progressive way. Without the historical perspective that we possess, defaming the nation is seen as an honest evaluation of our times and unfair influence on social and international relationships.

What’s going on? The puppeteer waited until the puppets were ready to accept the harsh tugs on their strings and the strings only pull in one direction; left. The puppet society sees social ills as the unfortunate byproduct of productivity and so accepts a government that punishes success and rewards the victims of greed. Not every product of our loins is academically or particularly astute and they are hard pressed to see an ulterior motive in a benevolent government that preaches equality through redistribution. Many of our generation, raised in a conservative era, don’t really grasp the idea that Socialism is not government; it is a tool used to control populations in order to introduce, however stealth, a more severe form of government, be it one man rule, Communism, Fascism, or as I believe is the case in this day, Islamic Fascism. That is the journey we are on; that, in a nutshell is what’s going on my fellow citizens.

It is now our duty, our Constitutional, Judea Christian responsibility, to inform and re-educate the lost generation. It is our honor bound destiny to convince a generation or two or three, that the permissiveness they have come to appreciate and wallow in is poisoning their souls and their intellect. We have to convince people whose personal experience with drugs is not all it is cracked (no pun intended) up to be. We have to try and convince smokers they can “just say no” when they have little or no incentive to quit. We have to convince the entitlement society that working for the things you want is preferable to taking less with no obligation to pay the piper.

 We have become an impatient society expecting results before we have set the wheels in motion. It took the progressive left, socialist mentality 50 years at least to position us for the their takeover. Their patience has paid huge dividends, at least apparently. But like a metamorphosis in progress the moth has not fully emerged and the cocoon must deal with the elements at its most critical time of development; half worm half moth. We, the older generation who will not relinquish our grip on the Constitutional Republic, are not easily dissuaded. The forces of evil are balancing their stealth invasion with lies and obfuscation in a desperate effort to counter the patriotic movement to end Socialist infringement and the enslavement of future generations. We have not lost this battle; not by a long shot. Truth and integrity are on our side. Our heritage of Judea Christian principles gives the lie to a government that is forced to tell us one thing while they do another. They must preach patriotism and religious freedom while their policies undermine those very principles. Even the young will take notice that their is a lack of accountability and a disrespect for time honored traditions, eventually. We need to speed up the recognition factor.

 So what is going on? We need first of all to convince ourselves that the forces of evil are indeed just that. We have to admit that our children have been indoctrinated, lied to and abused and spend our time and energy, whatever it takes, to make things right. Take our religiosity public, wear our patriotism on our sleeves and preach the virtues of Capitalism and free markets to all who will listen with honesty and enthusiasm so compelling that those who care not to listen will hear. We must be as patient as the enemy so that our message is omnipresent, incrementally absorbed and universally accepted as superior to the message of mediocrity and dependency being sold as an elixir to cure the ills of mankind; through enslavement.

God Bless America. Now apologize to your children and begin the process. We can’t lose with God on our side.


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