Foiled Again

I thought you had to be a dead, devout Catholic to be canonized but evidently I was mistaken. Sister Teresa lived a life of sacrifice, charity and piety but she has nothing on Queen Saint Hilary, according to the milksops that “questioned” her this morning. Much more incisive and inquisitive than any clutch of Bishops and Cardinals, this investigative committee left no stone unturned to elevate Hilary to a state of grace and sanctimonious purity dedicated to sterling service never before achieved in the annals of American Secretaries of anything. Not even Barak can aspire to such heights of adoration and perfection, alive or dead, in office or out.

Evidently the “buck stops here” is only a term used by does in heat, during mating season in the woods.

If this feckless committee only had the Pope presiding over the sham I’m sure Hilary would have considered taking her own life right on the spot because no eulogy will ever surpass the plaudits and praises bestowed in her live presence by democrats and republicans alike. They don’t believe she puts her pants on one leg at a time. Perhaps when her time comes and her remains are on view in the rotunda someone will finally have the courage to speak the truth, though it may be considered in bad taste at that time. Well apparently nothing is in bad taste when it comes to turning a question and answer session into a hypocritical love fest, dishonoring the lives lost and the right of the families and the American people to have closure, if not to learn who was ultimately responsible for hanging those hapless poor souls out to dry as sacrificial lambs for some mysterious international accommodation no patriotic American would sanction or suffer.

Once again we have been misled. The “Oversight Committee” must be renamed the “Overlook” Committee, or the Committee That Put the Benghazi Facts Out of Reach for the American People Once and for All. With this administration in control of media, integrity of elected officials, foreign policy and ultimate decisions over who our allies and who our foes are, we are getting what the left bargained for. Make a pact with the devil and you become the devil. There will be no accountability, no transparency, no rational explanations. As long as we persist in expecting patriotic results from unpatriotic behavior by un-American principals we will be disappointed, rejected and disrespected.

One by one the committee members took turns regaling Hilary with accolades and bouquets saving her the embarrassment (as if she could be embarrassed) of issuing alibis, lies and denials. All Hilary had to do was join the chorus that reiterated the bravery and dedicated service of the deceased, the shortcomings of the system she had to deal with, the brilliant innovations she made as Secretary, her tireless commitment to duty logging more miles than any of her predecessors, (rivaling the flying marvel, Commander in Sheik), and Congress’ failure to provide the funds needed to properly defend our embassies. Congress came up short but Hilary overcompensated.

Barf to ease the congestion. Hilary will run in 2016. An educated electorate is our only defense but don’t count on the Republican Party to educate, inform or expose. Obama bowed to Middle East potentates, the Republican hierarchy bows to Obama. Somehow I sense that the Muslim Brotherhood benefited from our purposeful dereliction of duty and refusal to protect our interests or American lives in Benghazi and Cairo simultaneously.

There is far more than meets the eye or parts the lips of Hilary and the unnamed survivors who will never have to testify; just as Hilary was given a pass from testifying today.


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