With Malice Aforethought

How often have we (I and many others) begged America to pay critical attention to Obama’s actions and give measured value to his words? I’ll bet Obama’s hate speech was liberally sprinkled with the most pious and patriotic phrases he has yet uttered in four deceitful years. Hate speech is often coated with contradictory phrases which belie the meaning and ominous underlying message and Barak is a master at delivering his true agenda, masked by trickery and obfuscation. Very few Americans, especially those who continue to be enamored by the enemy that regales them with unkept promises, recognized the speech as one that contains the hatred for the Republic and all it stands for, as the post mortem pundits decipher and parse even the acrid breaths drawn between phrases.
To be honest I have a lump in my throat today, symbolic of the anger and symptomatic of the resentment growing in my heart. Yesterday’s inauguration was an abomination of all we stand for, the God given self determination and Judea Christian heritage America holds dear and the sacred liberty we offer to all arrivals with good will, who pledge allegiance to our flag and respect the Constitution.
The glowing words of patriotism, unity, dedication and all the platitudes that were no doubt interspersed with a dogmatic recitation of an ideological agenda, could not hide the fact that in plain view and within earshot of every American with an electronic device who cared to hear, we were cleverly deceived. No doubt an agenda that is contrary to everything we hold dear and everything we believe in was boldly presented in couched terms. You see, I did not watch the ceremonies nor did I listen to the speeches. But how many took notice or recognized the betrayal symbolized by an inauguration ceremony delivered by a lay person which intentionally omitted the words “under God” from the traditional oath? With that preparatory scenario the message could not possibly reflect the American value system or Constitutional system of government. You cannot deny that we are a nation under God without inferring a foreign belief system. Obama has paid undue homage to Islam and this act emboldens the Islamic Jihad sworn to our conversion, enslavement or destruction. Is that okay with any American, even Americans who profess not to believe in God? Islam does not exempt heretics, ignostics or atheists from the wrath of their ire.
You who have not yet accepted the undeniable facts of this man’s true identity possibly were subliminally comforted by the casual announcement that the Obamas went to church before coming to the “swearing in” ceremony; a ceremony that deleted reference to our Creator. Obama placed his left hand on two bibles; one used by Abraham Lincoln the other by Martin Luther King. Talk about swearing on a stack of bibles, the hypocrisy is thicker than three week old porridge simmering on a back burner while unhearing sycophants hang adoringly on dangling participles. If either of these two pillars of democracy, equality and human dignity could speak I’m sure they would be umbraged and embarrassed to have their legacies co opted for purposes antithetically opposed to all they lived and died for. I for one, hold Obama in contempt of our standards of decency and integrity.
Kool Ade is free and served with hypocrisy by an entitlement intoxicated dictator in waiting. Drink the Kool Ade because the well has been poisoned. The list of lies and squandering of capital, good faith and integrity fills volumes and the promise of “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” loses its impact and ominous portent in the glare of pomp and ceremony. None are so blind as those who will not check for themselves before defending the indefensible. Why is our country no longer a functional constitutional republic? Edicts, lies, czars and an ideological determination to bring about fundamental change and total transformation undermine our infrastructure and destroy our economy, that’s why. Liberals, you go to your graves staunchly defending the executioner.
If there is a modicum of respect for the legacy the founders created simply by recognizing that freedom and self determination are mankind’s natural, God given traits, rebel now. Call the Commander in Sheik to task and demand that no ideological philosophy be imposed on the people who inherited the mantle of freedom our forefathers bequeathed us.
End the revolution before it begins. Topple Obama.
God bless America,
Guido —
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