To Hear or Not to Hear

For many Americans this inauguration is an ironic event that sees the loser crowned, the liar quoted, the thief rewarded. Irony is bitter vetch to those who believe that the impostor with a quick smile and gregarious persona should be the subject of deportation proceedings. Many would prefer a trial for high crimes, such as plotting the overthrow of the Republic and engaging in activities that weaken and sabotage our economic and military infrastructure, aiding and abetting the enemy and so forth.

The left thrives on illogical assertions, fabricated correlations and false assumptions. Their agenda is evident but they persist in telling us that their intentions are honorable. Printing money does not increase capital, spending doesn’t reduce debt and less protection does not save lives…even children’s lives; but that is the message the left persists on using to incur more spending and achieve unconstitutional gun controls.. And why not? Republicans seem more than willing to respond seriously to inanity and how better to lend credence to the opponent’s otherwise ludicrous exhortations?

All gun laws infringe on the Second Amendment. Sanity tests to decide competency in relation to gun ownership opens the door to infringement. There are lots of laws on the books already that address competence. Interpretation is not an option when discussing the Constitution and Bill of Rights; they are timeless, unambiguous reflections of the principles of self government; yet Republicans counter interpretations with interpretations of their own. Is it no wonder that the left controls the dialogue?

Official statistics that consistently contradict presumptuous, self-serving statements are well known to proponents for gun control but since they do not suit their agenda they opt for interpretation. Lo and behold upon closer inspection and proper interpretation we discover that the forefathers were wrong. We do not need to defend against an oppressive government after all. We can take the term “comprehensive” to mean that it is all encompassing but does not infringe on the Second Amendment. We can allow anti gunnners to cite statistics ad nauseum that the “majority” of Americans are for “sensible” gun restrictions, while we know in our hearts they mean to end America’s heritage of gun ownership. We can and do allow the argument to be shifted from the unambiguous, forthright language of the Second Amendment so that we no longer isolate and criticize the outright attempts and enactments that infringe on our rights and inevitably fall into the trap of arguing over what should or shouldn’t be banned simply because we don’t justify our need for that particular weapon or ammo clip.

Bill Clinton admonished George Bush Sr., correctly pointing out his failure to recognize the essence of the argument with “it’s the economy stupid.” There was a non sequitor that was truly a teaching moment and we learned nothing. How about “it’s the infringement stupid”…or simply, “it’s the government, stupid”…?

Why do we fail to have the courage of our convictions and not recognize Obama’s transparent dedication to stick to his? Obama told us what he intended to do. It was plainly framed as total transformation and fundamental change. He told us plainly where his religious convictions lay; “when push comes to shove I will side with Islam” or “the Muslim call to prayer is the prettiest sound on earth” or “McCain did not mention my Muslim faith”; and he presided over four Muslim feasts to break the Ramadan fast. He told us we are not a Christian country. He told us he has the courage of his convictions and he also told us we do not. He told us not to call him Hussein and not to call enemy combatants terrorists. He told us not to jump to conclusions when a Muslim yelled Allah Akbar while gunning down American servicemen on duty at Fort Hood…he told us it was simply work place violence. He told us our relations with Israel are the best they have ever been as he funded and enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to threaten and surround her.

The second inauguration took place with somewhat less pomp and ceremony than the first but let it mark the beginning of our awakening. The problems America is encountering can and should be laid at the feet of the man who told us who he is and then refused to produce written testimony. What would any conquering enemy do differently?

Demand Obama’s removal for cause. We have many. End the revolution before it begins; disarm Obama not me. Please God, not four more years.

God bless America.


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