I Need it Now

While Unions are using strong arm tactics and coercion to keep Wal Mart from building new stores in blighted areas, bringing respectability and a living wage to thousands in high unemployment districts, resurrecting neighborhoods going to ruin and generally contributing to our economy in a positive way, the Commander in Sheik presides over a demoralized, over-extended military, comforts our enemies, insults our allies and doubles down on deceitful, divisive and debt provocative politics. There isn’t one positive economic factor that can be attributed or linked even remotely to an Obama initiative and our economy is poised to show even poorer performance going forward.
Obama tacitly supports frantic union demonstrations with his refusal to comment on the negative impact these demonstrations have on our moral and national unity. The unions do the bidding of the Marxist and the Marxist gives the unions benefits and privileges accorded only to an elite class exempted from the punitive taxation and confiscatory policies inherent in the transformation of the nation. Case in point is a proposed Wal Mart in Newark New Jersey. The residents it would serve have no decent grocery stores to patronize and are therefore paying a premium for staples where they are forced to shop. Otherwise it is a taxi or bus ride to the nearest supermarket, adding to the expense of providing meals to their families. A super market within walking distance would be a God send to these people but the unions and Obama see it as an example of free market enterprise that makes them look like the anti democracy blood suckers they truly are.
How are we divided? We are divided along every line of demarcation imaginable but most notable this president has managed to pit takers against those they take from and the takers in this upside down, tumbling world of neo Fascist success-punitive transforming America are somehow offended; despite the fact that those who pay the freight have never begrudged those in need of a helping hand. It’s as though Obama is the great benefactor and not the oppressive redistributor.
While unions are willing to see entire industries fold and thousands of workers become unemployed, rather than cede any of the crushing benefits they have amassed. WAl Mart has pledged to hire every ex GI in need of a job on their discharge from active duty. We vilify Wal Mart for success, patriotism and generosity and sympathize with union employees and thugs who march to prevent a new Wal Mart from opening, providing new jobs and resurrecting a decaying neighborhood all in the name of maintaining a strong, Democrat supportive union.
The protectors of society and defenders of conservative principles, ethical standards and moral values are strongly contested in the media, in the political arena and in our courts, in favor of permissiveness, amorality and criminal tolerance. Liberals would rather perpetuate failed policy, reward mediocrity and punish success than admit failure or acknowledge successful conservative principles where applied. You hear no mention of satisfied employees only ludicrous claims that they are forced to work for reduced wages. No mention that the unions would force them to pay dues even if they choose not to join.
Wal Mart may be the biggest company we have but it is still only one example of how deep the tentacles of Socialism have penetrated our infrastructure. The Obama government is engaging in class warfare, race baiting, political cronyism and unwarranted, unchecked harassment of businesses large and small, even individuals that do not conform to the Socialist model or celebrate free market success. Government is no longer the representative of the people and it is laughable to think they might be the champion of the people. We the people are on our own and the sooner we get it the sooner we can do something about it. Do nothing and we condemn our children to a life of mediocrity and defacto slavery. The choice we have is difficult and the time to act is narrowing. Today, at this very moment, in countless ways, we are being transformed from a remarkable republic to a socialist democracy. Would any hero of wars gone by who gave his life for liberty and democracy not regret his fate if he could see what we have done with the opportunity we were given? 
End the revolution before it begins. Call for Obama’s removal by every and any means available to us. Remove his weapons not ours.
The first order of business for a regime intending to consolidate the three arms of government is to take our guns; the last act before declaring autocratic rule is to disarm the electorate.
Oppose change. Oppose spurious arguments that any law, edict or policy will make our children safer. Dismiss the notion that a particular gun model or class of ammunition should be banned simply because government decrees we have no practical use for it. Perhaps not at this moment, but like the Second Amendment itself it isn’t needed until government wants to remove it. The proposed changes put us all in further peril because the ultimate goal is to take our freedom.
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