Saved in the Fiery Furnace

Growing fears and concerns are echoed roundly by conservative Americans all over America. In a divided country where the news is not only controlled but the liberal sympathizers have been taught to mistrust and hate any news sources or individuals that tell the truth, expressing patriotism, we remain disorganized and without a powerful leader. Maybe a Libertarian with a bad attitude and short temper is what we need; one that knows how to turn sand into glass and is willing to do so without a lot of discussion or sabre rattling; a guy that knows the Bible tells us to turn the other cheek but is aware we only have two. That was the posture that kept the peace and did not embolden and encourage our enemies.
The democratic process is no longer the simple answer since the forces for transformation have been successful at skewing results in favor of key Democrats and an Islamic Marxist. Even if a Republican or strong Conservative gets elected the country is so deep into entitlements and other social programs that not much would change in the long run. Our economy is manipulated by the Federal Reserve and even international influences. After accumulating massive amounts of gold, and watching us print paper money like confetti, there is a movement abroad to make gold the currency of international exchange. How convenient.
Between elections the Socialist/Democrats wait in the wings, working the system from behind the scenes until they are back in office and a new accelerated plunge leftward-ho picks up where they left off. That, either wittingly or unwittingly, is a sure path to Marxist rule.
America needs to cancel its debts and start over. We have crossed the threshold of peaceful transition; it can only be peaceful if we continue to allow the dismantling of our institutions, mediocritization and the shredding of the Constitution, unacceptable to an American who respects the Source and purpose of self determination. An organized secession of a significant group of states could be the answer.
On the plus side, some would have us believe that Conservatives are now a minority in America and I don’t believe that’s the case. However, ignorant, uninformed Conservatives are not capable of finding a moral or political position worth dying for. Unfortunately they will only join in the restoration of America when a movement or war gains momentum, not in the planning stages. Mind you the cabal is well aware of our dilemma and that spurs them to want our guns even more urgently, before we get organized. No plan works for a disarmed electorate.
Nobody seems to or wants to understand that clips that hold many rounds are indispensable in a war and not necessary to a mass murderer who has no opposition. The Second Amendment addresses our need to defend ourselves in time of war, against an oppressive government. Obama knows that, either intuitively or from intensive training and is focused on keeping the advantage on his side. His problem is the genius of simplicity of the Second Amendment which prohibits infringement. It is harder to chip away with that deterrent and conservative governors and politicians must focus on that clause and not as much on individual executive orders; they all infringe. Even Homeland Security ordering rounds of hollow point bullets is an infringement when you consider where they were delivered…to various government agencies that have no guns (that we know of), that accept this caliber bullet.
While we are involved in protecting the Bill of Rights we must never be distracted from other insurgent forces that remain committed to our submission to Islam and the destruction of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood does not sleep and Jihad does not rest. Our Judea Christian heritage is under constant assault and we must be aware of their tactics, intentions and presence. This political entity that uses religion as a wedge is gaining strength and acceptability world wide, in large part due to Obama’s treasonous assistance. If he will help them in the Middle East do not think for one second that he is not on their side and also using them in America. Resist any effort to diminish our religious heritage and the preeminence of Christian faith among us. There can be no true restoration without a return to our faith based moral and ethical principles. Perhaps a return to the ratios of reverends and lawyers at the birth of the nation would be a step in the right direction.
Stay alert, stand your ground and do your best to keep others aware and informed. That is our best strategy for the moment.
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