Infringement Implied

I believe Dr. King gave up his weapon but not his right to own one. Unless we aspire to be spiritual leaders our guns are the last defense of our liberty, an important symbol of our freedom and an American heritage to be treasured and protected. My wish and prayerful desire is to never have to use it to defend my right to have it. My heritage is to do so when called upon.

Like the weather, we talk about hypocrisy but we never do anything about it, other than call people hypocrites and occasional epithets. I would bet the farm that as many Democrats and Republicans own guns as do Conservatives. Statistics bear me out. Diane Feinstein once bragged about her gunship and if Joe Biden doesn’t have a few pieces in his locker I’ll chew the scenery for dinner. Same goes for Hocus Harry and nasty Nancy. It is time to have a discussion about motives. It is time to expose these hypocrites and call their bluff. No governor in the union should accept federal gun or ammunition restrictions and no pro Second Amendment legislator should participate in debate unless the anti gun hypocrites turn in their weapons up front. Further, I would insist that anyone who claims they are interested in safety produce credentials that qualify them to speak on the subject; that includes Congressmen, Senators and White House sycophants. Before any discussion begins, all who want to add their two cents should publicly admit to the statistics on gun deaths in detail, just to prove they know what they are talking about and we get a sense of why they intend to pontificate at our expense. Targeting the size of a clip is about as useful or logical as banning big gulp sodas; unless we are talking about a combat situation. Then, having to reload would put us at a decided disadvantage. Think about it. Is Obama concerned about our effectiveness in combat? 

Without question there are many sincere citizens who believe in restricting gun ownership to some degree and even some who would like to see all guns taken off the streets. These good souls must be schooled in the realities and practicalities of human nature. People with bad intentions will do what they do and no amount of legislation or enforcement will have any effect on their decisions. Murderers will kill, robbers will rob and liars will lie; politicians have done all of the above but they also obfuscate and to a man (or woman) are perfectly at ease speaking pro or con on the same subject on any given day, depending on the needs of their political ambitions or debts. Consequences can always be denied or withheld until they leave office or they can simply, as is their custom, exempt themselves from onerous legislation or prosecution for crimes they are likely to commit…like owning a gun after the rest of us are denied the right. 

Here’s the skinny, just between us. Guns are way down the list as the weapon of choice when it comes to accidental deaths, murder or mayhem. Most insane perpetrators don’t have guns, most crimes of passion are spontaneous and show no preference for guns over any blunt object, sharp object or deadly ingestible. Drunk drivers do most of the damage among us and drunks with guns seldom hit what they aim at. Intruders with guns will not go where a gun is likely to interfere with their intentions and even children have been known to use a gun in self defense, in rare but dire situations; we call them heroes. 

If the hypocrites sipped a bit of truth serum they will readily admit that having a gun handy gives them, yes, even them, a sense of security no other weapon or protection affords them. The reason for that is no other method for self defense or protection of life and property comes close in effectiveness. Every single day of the year some sort of a perpetrator is shot or otherwise discouraged by an armed defender; every single day. Successful attempts to use guns to kill, rob or persuade are far less common. 

If we could only train policemen to anticipate crime and be on scene before crimes are committed the arguments against guns would have a bit more standing; just a bit. As it is, law enforcement is usually the clean up crew, picking up the scent and tracking the villains to present them to judge and jury for justice. The injustice is that some would like to set the scene so that crime has no opposition. 

If the anti gun hypocrites had that argument, weak as it is, what is their argument against an armed electorate for the purpose of protecting our form of government? We are unique in that need because we are the only society on earth that enjoys the concept of self government and so the responsibility to protect our rights ultimately lies with the people. You can’t call the Marines if an oppressor decides to bring about total transformation; by then they work for him. What part of Obama’s attempt to transform us exempts him and his administration from our need to keep him from completing that mission? None that I can see. He is providing precisely the dreaded scenario in attempting to dictate to us, that which the Second Amendment defends against. Who among us, with that statement in mind, would deny the people the weapons to discourage anyone from reversing the order of authority our Constitution guarantees? I submit that we know who and I plead with all Americans to demand that Obama be removed from the White House for high crimes, tried and punished. 

The Second Amendment is the lynch pin of our democracy. Without it we are helpless to defend the Constitution, the Republic or the American dream. Burn these words into your patriotic consciousness.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” All of this talk about new regulations is the intent to infringe on our rights, in direct opposition to the Second Amendment.

I demand, implore, advise and coerce all 535 Representatives to cease and desist; put the White House on notice that infringement will not be tolerated. Those of you who see fit to participate in the disarmament of the nation, stand down and leave our guns where they are. It is our sacred right.

End the revolution before it begins. Disarm Obama not the people.



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