blame it in the bassa nova but don’t deny what is happening.

Make no mistake; the forces for change and transformation do not outnumber conservative traditionalists in America. They are better organized, more vocal and in charge, at least for the moment, but they are not the majority opinion in this country.

They are in charge because they have a plan to defeat us and the plan is well thought out and effective. Since we took our freedoms and benefits for granted, believed with our whole hearts that we are a nation blessed with exceptionalism, self determination, good will toward men and productivity with no limits, we had no plan to defend against scurrilous, anti American invasion forces. This enemy is determined to overwhelm our infrastructure and economic system and reverse the order of authority guaranteed under the Constitution and ordained by our Creator. We were overly complacent and self indulgent, accepting our comfort status with false pride. We overlooked or embraced diminishing moral and ethical values. We lost deference to the source of our bounty. As we became increasingly complacent our enemies’ plan to subjugate us fell into place. The liberal left became their best ally and sponsor, falling prey to bribes and promises of utopia, electing our enemy with total lack of suspicion, caution or judicious concern.

An American weakness that could be relied upon and exploited is our gullibility and short attention span. The cabal rightly determined that once their representatives gained popularity and acceptance, they could do no wrong. A compliant media will dis-inform according to plan. When accusations of corruption, malfeasance or infidelity rise they simply deny, assign blame and lie. If the questions persist, they create a diversion and focus on the next problem; the more problems or crises there are the less importance each is accorded. While diversions are working, they double down on the policies and programs that continue to weaken, demoralize and transform us. Socialism is the epitome of unfairness that preaches fairness to divide a nation, pitting the haves against the have-nots, cannibalizing the middle class to create an ever expanding dependency. Amid the chaos socialism gives way to Marxism and despots realize their ambitions. The welfare society soon learns that free lunch becomes short rations and opportunities exist only for the privileged class. It is always a minority that demands social justice across a broad spectrum, free and unfettered and the productive never fail to pay blackmail. Liberty, once lost becomes elusive and costly to regain, the price measured in the fresh blood of those willing to sacrifice for others.

Perhaps as the entitlement society expands to complete the transition constitutional conservatives will become a minority and our voices will finally be heard and our demands taken seriously. If at that time we have not allowed ourselves to be disarmed, a better organized, more vocal patriotic cadre will take charge, restore our core values and reestablish a Constitutional republic on this continent at the going rate.

The last order of business for an aspiring autocracy is the disarming of the population. The final blow cannot be dealt while to electorate is still armed. Joe Biden will make “recommendations” for gun legislation. His recommendations have been predetermined by the puppeteer who uses Biden’s willingness to be the Judas goat, to vilify guns and legally compliant gun owners. Joe will attempt to be the voice of reason to convince republicans that the least causes of death in America should be our greatest concern. A smart, aspiring dictator chooses an ambitious but not too smart loyalist as his second in command. Few chiefs see wisdom in hiring someone who has the ability to replace them. Joe actually believes you can spend your way out of debt. He actually believes he is a great humanitarian. He actually believes he is an effective legislator. He actually believes he is smarter than we are. If you don’t see the danger in that then life has sheltered you far beyond your best interest or ours.

This is our last stand. Do not believe anyone who tries to appear reasonable on the subject of gun control. The only reasonable position on the subject is the Second Amendment and the caution it contains is there for a reason. “Shall not be infringed” was our forefathers’ way of warning us that an incremental approach to gun control for safety, to protect our children, to reduce crime etc., are the lies of future despots currently planning to have their way with us. Do not be fooled.

End the revolution before it begins. Disarm Obama not the American people.



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