Who will be the last know?

I’m sure that in the fall of the Roman Empire, the British Empire and the many seemingly immortal empires in history which eventually gave way to the forces of nature and human weaknesses, the citizens who populated the land mass each occupied were among the last to know that the end was near. The end is never one catastrophic event but a series of incremental changes that erode their foundations over centuries, accelerating as the final gasps of civilization try to amend their ways and correct the course; always too little too late. More the pity, there are always those who fight to the bitter end to defend the status quo, who believe that more of the same is the antidote to collapse. That works for immunology but not in business, government or lives gone astray. In these most important matters we either see the error of our ways and change course or meet the grim reaper, mouths agape in shock and dismay, bemoaning our unpredicted fate. If we fail to admit our mistakes or recognize our imperfections we can count ourselves among those who are part of destiny but not in control of it…the last to know.

In each of these civilizations there were countless voices demanding, pleading to be heard; voices ignored by the intelligentsia of the day who speak with authority and finality, discrediting voices of reason, in fear of losing prestige, fortune or political privilege. Religious ambiguity and human dignity is always at the center of controversy, stirring the coals of discontent, suppressing opposition, creating dependency, unwittingly sowing the seeds of dissolution, straining to tighten the grip of government.

And history has repeated itself, as predicted, for those who did not learn from history. That is written. Few humans sense impending doom. Even those who feel the uneasiness caused by various disturbances seldom listen to their inner voices. I wonder how many souls buried in the burning ashes of Pompeii felt an ominous breeze that fateful day, as they went about their daily routines, fetching water, stoking the coals that would cook their last meal.

What of this great country we live in? Are we immune to the laws of nature and the lessons of history? Can we survive or hope to restore our former glory if we continue to ignore the frantic warnings that abound without let up? In a world that has recorded history in far greater detail and myriad formats than any civilization before us, do we read solely for entertainment? From the great societies in antiquity to the urgent words of our own founders and the countless, ever increasing horde of modern day Paul Reveres and blatant examples among our closest relatives in Europe, the exotic Middle East and the mysterious Far East we are inundated with proof positive that our days are indeed numbered, as we emulate ever more closely their model for failure.

Can we change course? Do we have the conscience to listen to the warnings; warnings that are nothing short of ominous…do we have the competence to compare the course we are on with our neighbors across either ocean? Do we have the native intelligence to compare our national experience with ancient empires that were aware enough to give us an account of their decline until the bitter end? The comparisons are eerily similar even with the passage of time.

So what is the subject of choice that will allow me and the uncounted patriots who are trying to communicate their fears and their conclusions to make an impression on the unconvinced, the skeptical, and the righteous who accept fundamental changes in our society with no concern or care for the constitutional laws that prohibit those changes? We have been communicating in English, to no avail. We have referred to the history of mankind and current events that contradict the choices we make. We have given irrefutable mathematical evidence that our fiscal management is desperately and fatally flawed. We give rhyme and verse, proven statistics, accurate checkable facts of omission and facts of mal-intended dismaying results and we are told that we are radical, prejudiced, prevaricating, unkind, cruel, and thoughtless, you name the pejorative and we wear it like a scarlet letter when altruism is our stated intent.

Two thousand years ago a man walked the earth and asked us to follow Him to find salvation. Two hundred and fifty years ago a few men gathered and took the teachings of Christ and created a new country where men of good will are endowed by the Creator with self determination and are best served to be self governed. None of the ancient societies mentioned above or that have come to be since have achieved the level of civilization, brotherly love, charity, great wealth, humility and human dignity achieved by the United States of America. We are losing the principles and core values that brought us that success and the message of our decline is hard fought and repelled at every level of consciousness.

But I will not be dissuaded and the millions of American patriots who have the sense that all is not right with the country will not be denied. We have made all of the classic errors that brought down almost every great empire in the annals of mankind. We, unlike most, have a road map to recovery and it was given to us to have and live by. It is not the property of this or any other government, it is the people’s blue print for liberty and just government; it is the Constitution of the United States of America. Please do not allow it to be defiled any further.

Demand that Barak Obama be removed from office for cause. We have many. My flag will remain at half mast until the sun rises on a nation in recovery, forever committed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, once more a nation under God.

God bless America,



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