treason among us

1 7 13 Folks,

Indoctrination has played a major role in creating a socialist mindset in America and one of the major obstacles we must overcome to restore this nation to its original principles.

The left experimented and prepared for many years to find the exact formula that would be most successful in dismantling our infrastructure. The term “left” is far too benign and nonthreatening to do justice to actuality. Those who would work to bring about fundamental change are our enemies; they are, in effect, treasonous. We have the added disadvantage of not having a central opposition think tank that can effectively combat their methodology and expose their mythologies, but we have God on our side.

Underlying all of their inroads however, is a failed ideology that ultimately creates dissatisfaction and hardship. Our road back will be long and arduous but our doctrine gains momentum when success is visible, whereas theirs loses popularity and support. We can win the long term battle but it is a 50 year proposition and we have not yet begun.

We send our children to college at great expense and personal sacrifice and they learn the fairness of socialism in a capitalist society. And what of our representatives? Don’t they attend the same institutions and universities? Why do we expect them to uphold our conservative principles and mean it when they swear to defend the Constitution, if their education instilled doubt in our heritage and traditional values? Is it any wonder that there is absolutely no indignation or repugnance over a shadowy figure in the presidency who embraces and endorses anti American ideologies?

Once a handful of farmers and shop keepers defeated the premier army and navy of their day with only the muskets they kept at their sides. A taste of freedom is contagious and viral and once instilled builds a wall of resentment against tyranny and oppression. It is like spontaneous combustion. Once the proper ingredients and conditions are present it is inevitable. The castle may be overrun but it is still our castle. No strategy to recapture what is rightfully ours can be overlooked. Obama has stated “if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun”. Well Barak we bring the guns…they are ours by virtue of a Constitution that upholds our freedom as a gift of creation and the Constitution is our deed to self government. You have taken much for granted and we the people will dictate the terms of your departure.

First we must believe; then we must act. Barak Obama is not only a product of Marxist indoctrination he was a proponent and teacher; now he is an activist. Demand that he be removed for cause; we have many.


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