We Have The Power

we have the power

A card carrying socialist sits in the White House; when he’s not on an all expense paid vacation.

My dear friends. It is not enough to take back America. We must, in the process, find safeguards that will prevent anyone from ever again suggesting or attempting to transform her. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and others tried to provide those safe guards but reached an impasse in negotiations. Rather than chance losing what we now have they left the rest to us.

We were handed an awesome responsibility in 1776. One I fear few Americans have fully understood and as the population grew and we added states fewer still grasp the concept of self government. We were satisfied to have freedom. The fact that our freedom is interpreted as coming from our Maker and is called self determination has had little impact on our daily lives. Yet it is the single most important founding concept that separates Americans from every other people on earth. It is the defining tenet of the Constitution and the principle that our forefathers were willing die for.

It is the reason that Barak Obama, card carrying member of the New Socialist Party, cannot impose his entire agenda on us and declare himself King. He acts and talks like a king but he admitted early on that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were “problematic documents”, in that the order of authority is reversed. He meant of course, that authority should flow from government. That puts him in direct opposition to organized religion. That is why he promised to bring about total transformation. That is why he spoke of fundamental change. That is why his policies weaken the middle class society; the gun owning, wealth producing, wealth accumulating obstacle to change. We resist change. We distrust change and we oppose change. The middle class society of this nation is the heart and soul of the country. We are the church goers, military, police and firemen of the nation. Revolutions are the stuff of indigent, dissatisfied people. Organized opposition comes from a striving middle class who have hopes and dreams, families to protect and provide for, educations and skills to pass on, pride of accomplishment, home ownership…all the things that the American family cherishes and will not give up without a fight. Socialism is the tool that erodes their savings, robs them of success, reduces income, taxes their profits and lowers expectations to expand the entitlement class until the opposition is toothless and weary. Is it or is it not insanity to expect a card carrying Socialist to solve our fiscal problems, reduce our debt, lower unemployment and spend judiciously? His objectives require the exact opposite and every thing Obama has done, in contrast to what he says, has produced the Socialist model; everything.

Is it not equally insane for a country that is so structured as to produce entrepreneurship (from self determination), is the of mainstay Capitalism, thrives on free markets (self determination) and avers that our freedom (self determination) is endowed by our Creator, abandons its roots, denies its heritage and embarks on a path already proven to be the downfall of Europe and the individual nations that are falling as we speak like dominoes in a strong wind. American capitalism has been the inspiration and impetus for success the world over and as we diminish their fires are banked. Is that the model we should embrace? It is the only model, the ideology of one Barry Soetero aka Barak Hussein Obama who presides over our government. This is what Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin feared and warned us about. The solution is in the Constitution. It is time that the American electorate read the document and understand, perhaps for the first time in our history, what awesome power we do possess.

If you value freedom now is the time to stand and declare yourself. We have the power. Demand that Barak be removed from office by any and every legal means available to us. Honor the memory of our founders and the lives of the brave souls who perished for these principles by taking the power given us Constitutionally and use that power to preserve this nation for our children.

Take back America and rebuild stronger than ever.

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