Believe Your Lying Eyes

Believe Your Lying Eyes

It is not sixth sense, gut feelings or political animus; “connecting the dots” is like word association only more intuitive; and auto responsive. An accumulation of facts…events, words, phrases, policies, associations, documents, edicts; what have you. The sum total is a composite revelation of hidden agendas, true intentions, hoaxes and in general signals us when we are being bamboozled. Some call it street smarts, but it is more than that…We dot connectors are the accelerator pedal for the politicians, insiders and media denizens who carefully weigh each event independently, parsing sentences, putting things in context, fact checking, index fingers checking wind direction, politically correct to a fault while Rome burns. We are the canary in the coal mine for the casual political observer, more concerned with the demands of daily living, who reserve judgement until an edict is issued or a law is passed, too late to the ball. We are the sentinels with one nostril in Denmark and the other in the political stew pot, hoping our protestations and warnings will go viral and America can shake off the years of neglect and naiveté and reconnect with the spirit of our forefathers. We, the impulsive, impatient, irreverent, rash, conclusion-oriented observers of the political landscape are America’s best bet for early detection, treatment and remission of the cancer in our midst.

The dots are rambunctious and virulent…like a radiation detector beeping feverishly as the intensity increases; the warnings are unmistakable and rampant. They abound like whirling dervishes surrounding us with indignities, breaking our concentration; taxes, spending, guns, free speech, betrayal, lies, inconsistencies, inane suggestions, edicts that evade political protocol, religious affronts, health care, education radical appointments…which way to turn? How do we combat every irregularity when our priorities are constantly changing and the dialogue is controlled by the offenders? It is not as complicated as we make it.

Connect the dots. It is one issue, not a dozen or a hundred. Once we accept the fact that we are being led down the garden path, we have an ideological battle on our hands. A cabal that tells us we are a flawed society, that our core values are inconsistent with world opinion, that our founding documents are problematic, that we owe a debt to other nations because of our attitude…put another way, if we are told all of these things there is a cabal in our midst. We have been invaded. That’s what connecting the dots does. It removes doubt, cuts to the chase and seeks a solution. We are often chastened for making false accusations, when in fact we arrived at a conclusion based on the behavior of others. Should we be afraid to save America for the wrong reasons? If we believe a drowning man has a cramp and jump in to rescue him are we to be scorned because he didn’t have a cramp and was drowning simply because he didn’t know how to swim? America is drowning my friends and the most unqualified man in the history of the country is holding our heads down and turning the tap full open. How do I know? I connected the dots…four years ago and every blessed day since.

We were promised total transformation and fundamental change. Do we need more than that to declare our love of country and devotion to the faith of our choice? Not I. Every edict, proposed Bill, new law and decision made by this administration has been a direct assault on middle class Americans. We should see that and object strenuously. However the rhetoric from this administration would have us believe that they are jealously protecting the middle class. Believe the results. Believe the actions. Believe the ideology first of all. If an autocracy is in the making the middle class must be eliminated. Unemployment affects only the middle class; they are the worker bees. Low interest rates are a form of confiscation and the middle class are adversely affected; it is a form of confiscation…wealth transferable if you will. Think for a moment, if taxes and confiscation affects anyone but the middle class. The wealthy may moan a little but they will survive. They can even leave the country. The indigent on government assistance invented the phrase, “what, me worry”? As the economy worsens, and it will, middle class income suffers and as entitlements grow and expand there comes a time, around $50,000 for some, when it is more profitable to take the government dole than go to work.

So transformation becomes a fairly simple process as it gains momentum. Socialism worms its way into the fabric of society; it is never an option in a thriving economy. Even the Marxist/Socialist imperative to supplant core religious beliefs with agnostic atheism becomes self propagating in an arena of lowered expectations. Subliminal messages that call traditional religions to task have an effect on a society that accedes to hopelessness and questions their faith. Affluence is seldom the spawning place of religious fervor. So the newly impoverished and nouveaux riche are not likely impediments to Marxist theology; the religion of government. The Muslim Brotherhood has served as an inspiration to people like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Barak Hussein Obama shows every indication of following that footpath. There has been no sign of hesitation or reconsideration as we agree to send Fighter Jets and armored tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They will either use them against the Egyptian people or Israel or both. Who is Barak? Why couldn’t we call him Hussein until the swearing in ceremony? Why can’t we call him Barry? Connect the dots.

The chorus has been growing for four years but our song is muted. We have a press that will not publish our songs; no media that will play our music. America of old could feed its citizens and gave them the freedom to achieve their highest potential and never punished failure. We came to the aid of nations and never asked for compensation. We held our arms open to the masses who sought our culture to raise their families and we strove to correct our imperfections. We grew complacent. Our Achilles heel was our openness and acceptance of all who would pledge allegiance…but we never checked to see if they meant it. Our generosity has been tested to the breaking point and our democracy excluded no one. Who is Barak? The one who tells us our goodness is a sham our exceptionalism a fiction?

I have faith in Americans. I believe that our value system did not die in the election of 2008 or 2012. I believe that even with the new entitlement society and the years our enemies spent setting the stage for Socialism, the elections were a sham. Connect the dots.
Raise your voices. Lock arms and come to the aid of your country. Demand that Obama be held to task, prosecuted and removed from office, not necessarily in that order.

God blessed America and we must respect our founder’s wisdom in keeping His word in our national tenets. We can prevail and we will but not without the acknowledgement of our Faith in the process. A journey of a thousand miles should begin with a prayer and then the first step. Remove Obama for cause: We have many. Connect the dots.


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